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Incremental Parsing for YARA Language
Dvořák, Vojtěch ; Kolář, Dušan (referee) ; Regéciová, Dominika (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to design and implement a program library that enables incremental static analysis of the YARA language. One of the main purposes of this new library is to integrate with the open-source Yara Language Server project developed by Avast. Compared to the existing solution, which uses a non-incremental approach to analysis, the machine time requirements should be reduced. In addition to information about the software solution, this thesis also includes a summary of the theory focusing on static analysis and its incremental variant, essential information about the YARA tool, and an introduction to the existing solution, the Yaramod-v3 library. The thesis also contains a comparison of the new library with the current solution, in which the achieved results are presented. The experiments performed showed that the new library is able to perform incremental analysis of a modified rule set approximately 20× – 2000× faster depending on the particular set.
Discourse analysis of language of tabloids
Gazdošová, Sára ; Walek, Agata (referee) ; Langerová, Petra (advisor)
Tato práce obsahuje popis jazykové analýzy textů z hlediska lexikálního, gramatického a stylistického. Dále jsou probírány termíny jako koheze, koherence a kontext. Tato práce je rozdělena do dvou částí. První část se zabývá teorií a obecnými informacemi o diskurzní analýze a obsahuje obecné příklady. Tyto informace jsou důležité pro pozdější pochopení analýzy jazyka bulváru. Je zde také zmíněna historie a základní typy masmédií. Druhá část se zabývá analýzou praktických příkladů z online verzí bulvárních deníků Daily Mail a The Sun. Je zde krátce popsán vzhled a rozložení stránek těchto deníků. Vybrané prvky analýzy jazyka jsou aplikovány na příklady z těchto bulvárních novin.
Syntaktický analyzátor zdrojových textů ve formátu ConTeXt
Hanuš, Adam
The theme of this thesis is syntax analysis of the source texts based on TeX. The work contains the summary of basic terms from the theory of formal languages, there is also explained the function of the translator in all the analytical phases of the translation and finally it contains the introduction of the Lua scripting language and the ConTeXt typesetting system. The aim of the thesis is implementation of the syntax analyser for the source texts in ConTEXt format. The implementation is accompanied by the description of the solution developement of the lexical analysis, syntax analysis, creating syntax diagrams and context-free grammar.
Advanced Parser Generators
Havranek, Daniel ; Kövári, Adam (referee) ; Křivka, Zbyněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with parser generation by tools that use advanced parsing techniques. These techniques are compared from both theoretical and practical point of view. The GNU Bison tool, which uses the LALR(1) method and Generalized LR method, and the ANTLR tool, which uses the more modern ALL(*) method, are examined in detail. To compare the effectiveness of these tools, a parser for a fictional programming language is implemented using them to demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. As the results, GNU Bison is much more powerful, but the ANTLR outweighs it in terms of implementation friendliness and functionality. The results of this thesis can help deciding which approach or tool to choose when implementing a parser.
Pattern matching in compilers
Bílka, Ondřej ; Hubička, Jan (advisor) ; Mareš, Martin (referee)
Title: Pattern matching in compilers Author: Ondřej Bílka Department: Department of Applied Mathematics Supervisor: Jan Hubička, Department of Applied Mathematics Abstract: In this thesis we develop tools for effective and flexible pattern matching. We introduce a new pattern matching system called amethyst. Amethyst is not only a generator of parsers of programming languages, but can also serve as an alternative to tools for matching regular expressions. Our framework also produces dynamic parsers. Its intended use is in the context of IDE (accurate syntax highlighting and error detection on the fly). Amethyst offers pattern matching of general data structures. This makes it a useful tool for implement- ing compiler optimizations such as constant folding, instruction scheduling, and dataflow analysis in general. The parsers produced are essentially top-down parsers. Linear time complexity is obtained by introducing the novel notion of structured grammars and reg- ularized regular expressions. Amethyst uses techniques known from compiler optimizations to produce effective parsers. Keywords: Packrat parsing, dynamic parsing, structured grammars, functional programming 1
Linguistic characteristics of the present comics
Hradečný, Aleš ; Palkosková, Olga (advisor) ; Chejnová, Pavla (referee)
The thesis is focused on comics and mainly its lingustic aspect. The first part introduces comics as a cultural phenomenon and its various definitions from which the best possible is chosen. After that it deals with brief history of comics and its development from different geographic points of view. The attention is given to the language of comics and mainly to its specific, unique cooperation between words and images. In the second part analysis of two comic books, Anča a Pepík from 1990 and Na odstřel from 2014, from Lucie Lomová is realized. The results are compared with each other and conclusions are drawn. The common features of comics language are introduced on the bacground of the analyses.
Grammatical and Lexical Analysis of the Chinese Textbook by N. A. Speshnev
Šmejkalová, Natalie ; Zádrapa, Lukáš (advisor) ; Pavlík, Štěpán (referee)
The major objective of this thesis is to conduct complex grammatical and lexical analysis of the Chinese language textbook by N. A. Speshnev Vvedenye v kitayskiy yazik. Results of the analysis are compared with textbook written by Oldrich Svarny Introduction to the Study of colloquial Chinese (Uvod do studia hovorove cinstiny) and A Frequency Dictionary of Modern Chinese. Analysis and comparison results serve as a basis for evaluating the coverage of basic vocabulary and grammar used in Speshnev's textbook and its suitability for first-year students of Sinology. The results of lexical analysis include a list of all lexical items used in the textbook, as well as the information on their grammatical function characteristics, meanings, usage and frequency. Grammatical analysis results provide an overview of all grammatical constructions and features that are present in the textbook. Important part of grammatical analysis is introduction of comprehensive view on individual grammar features and comparison of their various perceptions in different grammatical systems. In conclusion, the positives and negatives of Speshnev textbook are evaluated and new suggestions to its use in complex language teaching are presented. Key words Chinese, colloquial Chinese, Chinese grammar, grammatical analysis, lexical...
Prekladač jednoduchých algoritmov
Gonšenicová, Patrícia
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to create web application, which will be used for transformation of simple algorithms written in Pascal to another pro-gramming language. Purpose of this application is to improve learning process of course Algorithm Development, taught at Faculty of Business and Economics on Mendel University in Brno. Translation is implemented using lexer and parser generated by ANTLR from Pascal grammar. To complete transformation of the code, is applied Listener. Thesis is describing all parts of application development, such as theoretical basics, analysis of solution and existing alternatives of application, design and implementation, and testing of the application.

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