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Autonomy of directors and teachers in the current Chinese educational system
Wagenknechtová, Radana ; Voda, Jan (advisor)
This thesis looks at the Chinese educational system and the autonomy that directors and teachers share in the decision making process. It not only examines the educational system as a whole but analyses different levels of the educational system, puts an emphasis on the autonomy of teachers and directors in a school environment, and introduces various school reforms in China since 1976. Consequently, it clarifies the current Chinese educational system with an emphasis on various organizational levels along with the power they have in the decision making process and the options for creating change. Through the study of key documents of the Chinese educational system, political system, and other foreign literature, the legislative processes and documents that are responsible for the Chinese educational policies are made apparent. The thesis compares the official Chinese educational system's documents and processes with the actual situation. Based on this research, the thesis determines the real level of autonomy that directors and teachers possess in the decision making process. Powered by TCPDF (
Recodification of private law from the perspective of the quality of legislation
Pola, Jan ; Wintr, Jan (advisor) ; Ondřejek, Pavel (referee)
1 Recodification of private law from the perspective of the quality of legislation Abstract: The key regulation of the recodification of private law is the Civil Code. Legislative work has insisted on it for many years, and as such, it represents a complete, internally interconnected whole. Since its approval in 2012, it has been gradually adopted by the professional and general public alike, yet when we read it, we always find something new in it that we didn't previously notice. This then leads us to various considerations on how to interpret a specific provision, and how to apply it in practice. The Civil Code is a legally precisely written set of laws, yet it contains certain ambiguities, or even inaccuracies. This thesis deals with proposals for amendments to the Civil Code, submitted to the Chamber of Deputies. There were already a total of thirty-one of these, and six of them have been successful so far. For the individual proposals, the second part of the thesis evaluates the reasons for which the changes are proposed, and also whether these changes are generally necessary, whether they are necessary to achieve the intended goal, whether a change in such a fundamental code as the Civil Code is really necessary, whether the change can be assessed as appropriate, i.e. whether its pros outweigh its...
Opportunities for corruption in the Public Procurement Act
Lejček, Kryštof ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee)
The thesis "Opportunities for corruption in the Public Procurement Act" deals with the identification of possible opportunities for corruption in public procurement under the current Act No. 134/2016 Coll., The Public Procurement Act and laws that dealt with public procurement after 1993. together with their amendments. The work is conceived as a case study according to Yin (Yin 1994) using the theory of networks of political actors, which is one of the most suitable for investigating cases of corruption (Potůček 2017). Furthermore, the concept of corruption is defined, including its development, and its types are known according to the academic literature. The aim of the thesis will be to find opportunities for corruption in the laws and also how these opportunities have changed over time, so the subject of the thesis is the period of public procurement from 1993 to the present (2020). The empirical part will analyze the laws and amendments for a given period of time in order to find corruption opportunities in public procurement laws. It will also be assessed whether the necessary changes have been achieved in relation to the reduction of corruption opportunities thanks to the amendment of public procurement laws. At the same time, a questionnaire survey is conducted among public procurement...
Principles of regulation of advertisin in historic city centres with regard to the visual identity of the city
Martin, Jakub ; Štoll, Martin (advisor) ; Lebedová, Veronika (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the principles of advertising regulation in historic city centers with respect to the visual identity of the city. The subject of the work was created in the spirit of the following idea: If we want to stop for a while in the city landscape andtake a moment to observe it, discover its interesting and valuable details, and not just pass through it so quickly, we encounter a lot of visual obstacles that make this impossible. Our senses become too exhausted and we soon feel tired as a result of all the messages we are trying to evaluate. That is why we often resort to fleeing to the safety of our homes instead of enjoying the atmosphere of the historic part of the city, for example. The primary goal of the work was to discover and clarify how the promotion of establishments is approached in general and what role municipalities themselves can playin this. First, however, it was necessary to define outdoor advertising and characterize itsbasic properties, even in the context of its historical development, because without it, the work could not be complete. Furthermore, the work should try to capture clearly enough and describe, in which forms of the public space of historic city centers advertising can occur. Then, as a matter of logic, one part of the work deals with the...
Regulation of new psychoactive substances
Kozová, Johana ; Fidesová, Hana (advisor) ; Grohmannová, Kateřina (referee)
Backround: New psychoactive substances are substances that are not controlled by existing legislation and are created to replace already banned addictive substances, from which they are often derived. New substances are created by changing chemical structure of already banned addictive substances, then they are no longer substances on the lists of controlled substances and thus they are not subject to legislative measures. After the change of the structure, their exact mechanism of action and effects on the organism is not known. This can pose a risk to users and therefore to society. Aim: The aim of this work is to describe the current legislative approaches to new psychoactive substances in the European Union and in the Czech Republic and to suggest possible legislative solutions for the future and appropriate addictological interventions for new psychoactive substances. Methods: To create this thesis, The analysis of available information on legislative approaches and expert articles was used to create the work. Subsequently, according to the information obtained, the future possible legislative solution of the NSS was proposed. Results: The analysis of the available information shows that a 3 step approach has been created within the European Union, which enables a relatively quick response to...
Position of the School Prevention Methodist and Changes in His Agenda
Kubovčiaková, Helena ; Richterová, Magdalena (advisor) ; Linková, Marie (referee)
School prevention methodist plays a key role in the successful elimination of risky behavior in the school environment. His function has undergone changes since its establishment, as has the context of its operation. This thesis is focused on the process of generating the position of a prevention methodist and the changes that have affected his current position. It also outlines current issues related to the performance of the function of school preventionist. The theoretical part presents the current legislative framework in which the school prevention methodist operates, as well as earlier legislation, and draws attention to the possible pitfalls of some legal norms. It also places the person of the ŠMP in the intra-ministerial system of school prevention and more broadly in the inter-ministerial organization of prevention. For a better understanding of the current situation, the theoretical part of the work opens a look into the history of prevention in the Czech Republic, or ČSFR, respectively. It characterizes the basic concepts associated with the person of the school prevention methodist, ie primary prevention, risk behavior, etc. The essential part is devoted to a broader understanding of the role of school prevention methodist through a look at the development of his function and the...
The other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic
Gruber, Vojtěch ; Fiala, Miloš (advisor) ; Vilášek, Josef (referee)
Title: The other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic Objectives: The aim of this work is summary information about other armed safety corps IRS in the Czech Republic. Methods: For the elaboration of this work was used the search for study sources, their analysis and resulting recherche of these study sources, there were used. Results: The result of this work is a document that provides summary informations and overview about other armed security corps IRS in the Czech Republic and include information about their history, legislation, structure and current working. Keywords: Legislation, threat, help, liquidation, corps, IRS
Emerging pollutants issues in waters
Pohan, Tomáš ; Hrkal, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Rozman, David (referee)
Emerging pollutants (EPs) is the name for a very heterogenous group of many pollutants that have appeared in surface and groundwaters in the last few years. As this is a relatively new and extensive issue, there are problems with the lack of data, from which we could clearly assess their long-term behavior, environmental impact in the environmentand, last but not least, the long-term impact on human health. The purpose of this work is to comprehend the view of EPs and summarize the existing knowledge about their behavior in the aquatic environment, the impact on human health, monitoring methods, technological water treating methods and applicable legislation of the European Union and the Czech Republic.
Legislativní podmínky pro použití upravených kalů na zemědělské půdě
Andrlová, Veronika ; Horáková, Eva
Tento článek prezentuje současné legislativní aspekty týkající se nakládání s kaly z čistíren odpadních vod. Český zákon o odpadech definoval typy subjektů, které mohou určitým způsobem pracovat s kaly. Vyhláška obsahuje technické podmínky pro použití upravených kalů na zemědělské půdě, například že všechny kaly, které budou takto použity musí být nejdříve upraveny zákonem definovaných zařízeních. Jsou zde popsány evidenční povinnosti, které mají provozovatelé zařízení na použití upravených kalů do půdy.
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Environmental Management in Wine Natural Domin & Kusicky
Fehér, Tibor ; Kušický, David (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on environmental management of the system in a selected company. The company uses HACCP as the only risk management and protection system. In the analysis I will describe and evaluate the economic side of the company. The conclusion of the thesis is to propose the ISO 14001 standard to improve the current situation and eliminate the shortcomings in the company.

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