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Participle and participle contructions in Spanish with regard to the acquisition of structures (in Czech students)
WEISOVÁ, Ludmila
This bachelor thesis follows the Spanish participle, its functions and use by Czech students of the Spanish language. The work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part, there is explained the morphology and all the functions of the participle are explained. Each function of the participle is represented by examples. The practical part is focusing on analysis of language levels, and then on quantification and classification of errors that are present in the learners corpora of essays written by the students of the Faculty of Arts at the University of South Bohemia.
Infinitives and infinitive clauses in Spanish with regard to the acquisition of structures
This bachelor thesis is focused on the infinitive, its function in the sentence and the construction that the infinitive can form. The thesis is divided into two parts, firstly, the theoretical part, which builds the theoretical foundation for the practical part. The theoretical part aims to repeat impersonal forms in Spanish and specifically focuses on the infinitive and the constructions that are formed with the infinitive. In the practical part we summarize important points from the theoretical part and we are going to focus on the very goal of this bachelor thesis. The aim of this work is to design an annotation system for later use in the analysis of works in the student corpus, followed by its testing on several student works. The work is supplemented by a table with an overview of expected knowledge about the infinitive at different language levels according to the Plan Curricular de Instituto Cervantes (PCIC).
Comparative constructions in Spanish with regard to the acquisition of structures
This bachelor thesis focuses on comparative constructions in Spanish. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part explains the issue of gradation of adjectives and adverbs, distinguishes classes of comparation in Spanish (superior, inferior, and equal grade of quality) and presents the constructions in corresponding examples. The constructions are also discussed here from the semantic point of view, because in addition to the comparative meaning, they also have other secondary meanings. The practical part is analysing language levels and knowledge of comparations at individual levels. The analysis was performed using the study plan of the Cervantes Institute. According to the results of the analysis, a design of an annotation system for comparative constructions is created, as well as an annotation system of possible errors in the constructions.

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