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Dependence of signal strangth on the radial distance and different types of magnets
Procházka, Pavel ; Voronova, Evgeniya ; Maturkanič, Dušan
The paper describes dependence of signal strength on the radial distance between the sensor and the measured object and dependence of signal strength on the different types of magnets. The measurements were performed in the laboratory of the rotational laser vibrometry originated at the Institute of Thermomechanics AS CR, v.v.i.
A laser beam in engineering
Šustr, Michal ; Kalivoda, Milan (referee) ; Osička, Karel (advisor)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the use of laser beam in the conditions of contemporary engineering, especially in cutting. Emphasis is put on the current technological possibilities of laser in industry, which are described in more detail. Cutting, welding, marking, surface cleaning and hardening, 3D metal printing and surfacing, all using laser beam, is mentioned in the bachelor thesis. The conclusion of the thesis is devoted to the productivity of work with the capacity of the laser together with the balance of operating and maintenance costs.
Economic and Financial Evaluation of Investment Project
Chalabala, Martin ; Bártů, Dominik (referee) ; Hromádka, Vít (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the economic and financial evaluation of an investment project. The work will identify financial and economic evaluation methods, which will be applied to a specific project to acquire a laser cutting center. The work compares the possibility of acquiring a machine by conventional methods using own and external resources with a variant of acquiring a machine with a subsidy for a small business.
Nekonvenční způsoby obrábění strojních součástí
Burian, Martin
The bachelor thesis deals with the summary and characteristics of the unconventional machining methods (used in the manufacture of machinery parts), such as chemical and electrochemical machining, electric discharge machining, ultrasonic machining, laser, plasma, or waterjet machining. The first section summarizes systematic distribution and characteristics of each methods. In each mentioned method, there is also a description of its machining principle and important conditions for the realization of the machining technology. The following section is devoted to their main advantages and disadvantages, including the typical fields of application of different unconventional technologies in technical practice. In the final chapter, there is a comparison of different methods depending on the surface quality - by achieved dimensional accuracy and surface roughness (Ra parameter).
Technika gravírování laserem v nábytkářském průmyslu
Podešvová, Barbora
This bachelor thesis contains short description of the technology of laser and the art of pyrography. The concept of this study is technical description of both technologies from available resources and their aplication in furniture industry. This work is focused on two types of technologies – cutting and engraving. Both of these technologies will be used during the process of making designed element for sitting. In conclusion of this work both techniques will be compared one to another and will be evaluated their efficiency in practise.
Svítidlo do interiéru vytvořené pomocí laserové CNC technologie
Fišerová, Barbora
The bachelor thesis deals with the design of a luminaire created using laser CNC technology. The thesis contains an example of contemporary design in lighting. It briefly informs about light sources and their parameters. It describes the effect of light on people and the lighting requirements. Furthermore are described laser cutting technology, history, principle and usable materials. The practical part describes the whole process of design and production. It includes a source of inspiration, sketches, models, visualizations and prototype.
Návrh a realizace nábytkového prvku z lepenky pro CNC výrobu
Zaplatílek, Ondřej
The thesis deals with the production of cardboard furniture using CNC machines. Overview of basic types of joints and constructions of furniture made of cardboard. Possibilities of suitable materials for CNC production with subsequent selection of possible cutting technology (plotter, laser). Another part of the work is the design and realization of the furniture element with respect to safety, simplicity and easy assembly.
Využití tavného svařování obalenou i netavící se elektrodou
Kameník, Tomáš
Bachelor thesis covered with unbreakable connection of metals using fussion arc welding and laser welding of iron alloys and other alloys. Here is made an analysis of welding methods MIG, MAG, TIG, coated electrode, laser welding and plasma wel-ding. The substances of these best known methods are described with their deployments in mechanical industries. In the last part of thesis is paid attention to addition products and their actions on the microstructure of weld. Illustrative pictures and metallographic cut complete this thesis.
Impact of the atmosphere on laser ablation of matters
Černá, Svatava ; Hrdlička, Aleš (referee) ; Pořízka, Pavel (advisor)
This thesis deals with a general overview of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy - ablation of material and plasma formation when a change of the surrounding environment occurs. The aim is to establish ideal conditions for improving detection, which is difficult for some elements when the measurement takes place in the ambient atmosphere. This is the reason why we change the ambient conditions, the gas (air, helium, argon) and its pressure. Buffer gases (helium, argon) influence the development of the material ablation and quality of generated plasma. That is why we inspect the changes in the signal according to particular atmospheres (signal change in buffer gases compared to the ambient atmosphere). The first part of the thesis presents the principle and physical nature of laser ablation with a brief search of experiments performed so far for similar purposes. Based on this search we determine conclusions about the influence of buffer gasses and pressure on the detection used gasses. In the second part of the work, the controlled experiment is presented, which consisted of the detection of spectral lines of fluorine and potassium, see chapter 5.6 and molecular transitions of calcium fluoride, see chapter 5.10. In a controlled experiment, we established two assumptions. The first assumption is the influence of the inert gas atmosphere, which should significantly improve the detection of fluorine and potassium compared to the air atmosphere. We confirmed this finding only for the argon atmosphere. In contrast, in the helium atmosphere, the detection of none of the elements improved. The second assumption is the effect of reducing the ambient pressure, which in combination with an inert gas should allow the detection of fluorine even at low concentrations in the sample. We consider the measured glass disk in chapter 5.7 to be such a sample. This assumption is not confirmed, as the increased intensity of the fluorine spectral line does not manifest itself in any way when the pressure in the vacuum chamber decreases. Finally, in chapter 7 from the results of individual parts of the experiment, the most suitable conditions for the future detection of the measured substances were proposed: fluorine, potassium and calcium fluoride molecules.
Technology of Laser Cutting
Strouhal, Lukáš ; Dobrocký, David (referee) ; Sedlák, Josef (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with laser cutting technology and application in the industry. The first part of the thesis describes principle of laser beam creation, division and application of lasers in industry. The Experimental part is focused on cutting the workpiece using a laser and water jet in company named SMR Plus s.r.o., sample preparation and examining the structure of workpiece. Surface structures are compared with workpieces from water jet at the end of thesis.

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