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Construction technology study stage of realization vegetation roof of residential house Avidol in Bratislava
Huková, Martina ; Nečasová, Barbora (referee) ; Diaz, Yvetta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis solves the building technology solution of the vegetation roof, which creates a green atrium and a relaxation zone in the residential complex Avidol in Bratislava. The subject of the bachelor thesis is the realization of a flat vegetation roof. The work includes a engineering report, budget, bill of quantities, time schedule, technical prescription, machine design, check and test plan, and other attachments by input..
Analysis of Suitable Methods and Procedures for the Valuation of a Sports Complex
Šmičková, Marika ; Tesařová, Zdeňka (referee) ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (advisor)
The theme of the thesis is to evaluate two sports arenas. The aim of the work is to determine or estimate the costs associated with the operation of specific objects, analyze the possible revenues and specify aspects affecting the profitability of sports facilities. Evaluation of objects is done according to the current valuation rules. For the evaluation of specific objects was necessary to obtain the supporting documents relevant to the economic and technical documentation. The obtained data shows, that both sports complexes underwent the major renovation which contributed to the improvement of the economic situation and the overall improvement of the stabilization of sports facilities standard. The above mentioned objects are owned and managed by the city of Vyškov. An integral part of the work is a systematic summary of the collected and calculated data, on the basis of which it was proposed optimal solutions to economic profitability of both objects which significantly affect their price. An important aspect for the purpose of this work is the profitability of both sports arenas and criteria which significantly affect the profitability. It was examined what is eligibility of assessment by means of the cost price, time price, revenue rate and reproductive value.
Design of settlement structure of contemporary city in historical context.
Suchanek, Tomáš ; Obrtlík,, Jan (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
The topic of this master‘s thesis was to create a settlement structure on the territory of the cadastral territory of the town of Náměšť nad Oslavou. Specifically in the southwestern part of the town, in the places of today's agricultural areas. The main goal of the thesis is to create a quality residential structure for the entire area, which will connect to the surrounding development, to create a center with urban amenities for this newly designed neighborhood. A key aspect of the design is the transport connection to the existing road network of the city and overcoming the barrier formed by the railway line. The proposed development responds to the current and future anticipated needs of the city. Taking into account the size, the proposed area is divided into three parts with regard to the time sequence and the nature of the development. From an urban point of view, the first phase builds on the existing network of streets and creates a transition between the original and the proposed development and proposes transport connections to the area. In the second and third phase, the remaining area of the proposed area is resolved, by a system of regular streets designed in places with a small slope of the terrain, connected by short streets with a higher slope. The master‘s thesis addresses the connection between the city and greenery, increases the attractiveness of the area by designing public facilities and services and works with visual axes from the existing housing and commercial development to the proposed location.
Building permission procedure of landscape works and its relation to valuation regulations
Maňásek, Petr ; Pertl, Marek (referee) ; Tesařová, Zdeňka (advisor)
This thesis deals with landscaping issues from the legal standpoint and evaluates the influence of landcaping on the price of estate according to legislative assessment and standard price in the Stare Mesto region.
Roman spa and sauna world
Olšáková, Pavla ; Velička, Jaroslav (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor)
The specified location for the design is located in the street Hády near the former quarries -Hády and Růženin lom. The place is surrounded by suburban recreational greenery and has sufficient accessibility. On a dedicated site is considered new and existing applications. The new use of the buildings includes a water park and Roman bath and the sauna world. The building of the Roman bath and sauna world will contain, in addition to the main operations also ancillary services and hydrotherapy treatments. The object is oriented at the southern edge of the land between the parking lot and the building of the Aqua Park. The object is designed as a three-storey with basement (1S), 1st floor (1NP) and 2nd floor (2NP). Mass solution is the arc plan. The input section is designed as a contiguous solid mass. The rear part is then designed as two separate halls. From the perspective of the construction is a reinforced concrete skeleton. Surface materials are plaster with metallic paint, glass and wood.
Modern Art Gallery Brno
Manclová, Miroslava ; Fišer, Jiří (referee) ; Odvárka, Antonín (advisor) ; Štěpánek, Ladislav (advisor)
The theme of the project was to create a new gallery of modern art. The gallery will be used by the residents of all age groups from Brno and its surroundings. The land is located on the territory of Brno-Kraví hora. It is delimited by the street Kraví hora, adjacent park with astronomical observatory and planetarium and the allotments. The plot is in the sloping terrain and is currently located with 21 objects serving business entities. The plot is largely surrounded by the greenery of the gardens and adjacent park. The nearest building is an observatory and planetarium. In the vicinity there is also a sports centre and swimming pool. In its proposal, I therefore created another park in which the objects of gallery are integrated and which continuously builds on an already existing park. The Gallery is divided into three buildings, which are connected by an underground communication object. It is also designe dan object with a café and a lecture hall and object with the studios. In the northern corner of the plot is designed parking place, arrival is secured after the street Kraví hora. In the south-western boundary of the plot is terraced slope adapted for leisure activities. My intention was to design a smaller amounts, which may be easier to integrate into a park environment. Objects have only one floor. Gallery objects have another underground floor, which is to ensure the communication between them. Plans have a simple trapezoid shape, which is expanding away from the center of the square, around which are arranged. Roofs are standard with a different slant. Object with the studios has a different height levels.
River regulation with regard to the flood protection and revitalization
Rychlý, Patrik ; Pospíšilík, Šimon (referee) ; Duchan, David (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis is focused on the design of a suitable variant for the millrace revitalization of the Chrudimka river and the construction of a flood protection park in the urban area of the town of Chrudim. Within the thesis, first the current state of the solved locality is described, then three variants of a possible solution are proposed with regard to the limits of the given area. From the proposed variants the most suitable one is selected, which, with its processing, follows on from the already revitalized stream in the adjacent park. The selected variant for the given area is elaborated in more detail. As part of the processing, a 1D hydraulic model is created, which is compared with the hydraulic model of the current state. The thesis can serve as a basis for a possible realization of such project.
Vyhotovení účelové mapy pro projekt krajinných úprav v katastrálním území Svatoslav u Třebíče
Novotná, Karolína
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is creating a thematic map for a landscaping project in the cadastral territory of Svatoslav u Třebíče. The theoretical part is focused on an overview of coordinate systems and their description, division of maps with a more detailed focus on the thematic map. An overview of GNSS is also mentioned, including the principle of geolocation. The practical part deals with the geodetic surveying of the determined locality in the cadastral territory of Svatoslav u Třebíče. The measurement is carried out by working with a GNSS receiver using RTK method and a total station using the method of tacheometric surveying. The results of the measurements are processed in programs Groma and Kokeš. The final result is the thematic map at a scale of 1 : 300. The map will be used as a basis for landscaping in the area.
Vliv antropogenních aktivit na krajinné prostředí
Doležalová, Pavla
This bachelor thesis „Effect of anthropogenic activities on landscape environments“ was created after literary research. It contains summary of theoretical knowledge aimed on the effect of agricultural activities on environment and the possibility of reducing negative impacts caused by agriculture. Next part of my thesis contains evalution of agricultural company Agrosumak a.s. based in Moravian-Silesian region in Suchdol nad Ordou. Afield research of chosen lands larger than 30 ha has been conducted. The main topic of this thesis is proposition of optimization of these lands by putting antierosive and landscaping elements into the landscape. The result of this thesis is improvement of landscape structure and acreage reduction of these lands so that they correspond to a government regulation about cultivating a monoculture on a land smaller than 30 ha.
Survey works in the selected cadastral territory as the basis for land consolidation projects
MAREŠOVÁ, Kateřina
This work is focused on the design of land improvements in the Czech Republic. The work is divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, the intention is to get an overview of the historical development of land use in the Czech Republic, their importance, types of their forms, the subject of land use, the perimeter of land use, their objectives and results, their financing and finally the protection of agricultural land resources. Overall, this section summarizes a substantial introduction to this topic. The practical part is focused on one stage of land readjustment, which is an analysis of the current situation. The cadastral area of Trhonín was chosen for this stage. A field survey is carried out in this locality and all available data are collected, and an analysis of the current situation is made on the basis of these documents. The cadastral area of Trhonín is characterized in many respects.

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