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The Quiet Omnipresence
Bodlák, Ondřej ; Dvořák, Vojtěch (referee) ; Mikyta, Svätopluk (advisor)
The work, entitled The Quiet Omnipresence, themes the metaphor of grid and line as representing the source elements necessary for the growth of whole forms. It relies on a study of landscape and urban scenery, its quiet ubiquitous mechanisms and processes. The jumble of lines creates a sensorially elusive monochromatic surface that the observer can encounter when looking at organic structures for longer periods, as well as industrially tuned urban compositions. It explores the relationship of order and chaos in its opposite but paradoxically mutually inexorable connotations. The work mostly relies on a specific and not uncommon type of space often right in the middle of cities – vague terrains, places forgotten and deliberately overlooked, in which banal biological processes slowly take the helm determining the direction of a seemingly random development.
The potential of land art for art education in relation to current environmental trends
Vlčková, Eliška ; Fremlová, Vendula (advisor) ; Vartecká, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the artistic movement land art and its potential in art education. The theoretical part introduces foreign and Czech representatives, their characteristic approach to land art and their position to environmental issues. The thesis further focuses on contemporary artists, active institutions, and selected exhibitions that directly work with environmental issues. In following chapters is covered environmental education, its goals, and the means that can be applied in art education. It includes child development from an environmental perspective, or ways to discuss climate change with children. The practical part defines didactic transformation and includes proposals for didactic transformations of land art activities. The proposals contain a general and adapted plan for the Kladno district.
Landscape of Memories
Gorbušinová, Anna ; Gajdošíková, Pavla (advisor) ; Tsikoliya, Lenka (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the theme of home and landscape painting from the perspective of the perception of childhood memories. In the theoretical part, concepts such as identity, emotional relationship to place and genius loci are analysed with reference to the important theorists Christian Norberg-Schulz and Geston Bachelard. The theoretical part of the thesis also examines the development of landscape painting and elaborates on the period from the 19th to the 20th century, when artists began to explore the depiction of feelings and inner emotions. In this part of the thesis, the author's grasp of the theme of her childhood home and its influence on her contemporary work. The practical part forms the focus of the bachelor's thesis - it is devoted to a painting cycle of nostalgic landscapes of childhood memories. It represents her own search for an artistic language and the testing of artistic techniques. It mentions both foreign and Czech painters whose themes and artistic language served as inspiration. The result is a set of paintings Landscapes of Memories, reflection on its creation and artistic treatment. In the didactic part, the author describes landscape painting in the school environment and the development of the perception of landscape through different age categories. In the...
Fragments of Landscape
Nováková, Kateřina ; Gajdošíková, Pavla (advisor) ; Sedlák, Michal (referee)
The master thesis Fragments of Landscape explores the meaning of landscape in contemporary Czech art, using an a/r/tographic approach focused on exploring artistic and pedagogical practice through artistic production. Emphasis is placed on the importance of connecting the roles of artist, researcher and teacher. The first part of the thesis introduces the method of a/r/tography, explores the definition of landscape and the characteristics associated with its value, and the contemporary artistic view of landscape within the contemporary Czech art scene. It analyses artistic approaches to landscape and classifies them into nine categories, reflecting the diverse artistic approaches, the author's view of landscape and their influence on the creation and understanding of landscape. The author's own artistic work focuses on the authorial process of landscape transformation and interpretation, based on art field research of the Jizera Mountains and the resulting creation of a network of landscape fragments. The categorization of artistic approaches is the key to understanding the complexity of the creative process. The categorisation implies that the landscape cannot be clearly framed and categorised. The thesis concludes by evaluating the importance of didactic tasks in the process of art education,...
Analysis of land use development in selected localities of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy
The aim of this thesis was to analyse the development of land use in two selected cadastral areas: the cadastral area of Holubov and Nová Ves u Brloha. The analysis was defined by three historical milestones. The monitored period started in 1827, followed by 1947 and ended in 2023. The underlying data were stable cadastre maps available as a full-area map layer from the Geoportal of the South Bohemian Region, a historical orthophoto map from the 1950s from the National Geoportal INSPIRE and then an orthophoto map from 2023 available as a WMS viewer service from the Czech Office of Surveying and Cadastre. The map output and vectorisation was created in ArcGIS Pro. The processing of data on the area of each type of land use and the creation of tables and graphs was carried out in Microsoft Excel. The basic types of land use were defined and described in detail in the practical part. Subsequently, the development in both areas was compared with each other. It was found that, with the exception of arable land, the trend in the development of the individual land use types in both areas was almost identical (with the exception of minor deviations). Thus, in both areas, forest is currently the most represented area, followed by permanent grassland and arable land.
Grape vine
Lubovská, Karolína ; Písaříková, Jana (referee) ; Korbička, Pavel (advisor)
The work Grape Vine explores the theme of the South Moravian wine landscape and the elements that are associated with it and most characteristic of it. The work highlights the practices by which this landscape is altered and cultivated for human use, in this case for the cultivation of grapes and the wine production. It focuses on the approach to the landscape and the specific ways in which different parts of it are approached through cultivation, selection and growth control in order to achieve the highest yields using the practices determined by the tradition of agriculture in this specific area.
Motif of landscape in the work of J. M. W. Turner
The bachelor's thesis entitled landscape motif in the work of J. W. M. Turner is divided into a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part deals with the personalities of J. W. M. Turner in the context of the time, especially the influence of his work on the artistic events of English landscape architecture. Attention is also focused on Turner's plein air artwork and the popular technique that became watercolor. This part also focuses on J. M. W. Turner's contemporaries who were creating at this time. The practical part is devoted to and inspired by J. W. M. Turner's artistic work. The aim of the practical part is watercolor paintings, sketch material and preparatory sketches from plein air.
Landscape painting by Julius Mařák and the legacy of his work (theoretical-practical thesis)
HRUBÁ, Alžběta
The theoretical part of this qualification thesis describes landscape painting and the work of Julius Mařák. The first part describes the development of the depiction of landscape motifs in the history of art and the development of landscape painting in the 19th century. Readers are also introduced to the life of the artist Julius Mařák and his legacy. The practical part is inspired by the work of Julius Mařák and focuses on paintings of forest interiors.
Black.(Selected cases of phenomena in visual arts, culture and their possibilities in education)
Pfeiffer, Jan ; Fulková, Marie (advisor) ; Havlík, Vladimír (referee) ; Vartecká, Anna (referee)
Univerzita Karlova Pedagogická fakulta DISERTAČNÍ PRÁCE Černá. (Vybrané případy fenoménu ve výtvarném umění, kultuře a jejich možnosti v edukaci) MgA. Jan Pfeiffer 2023 Charles University, Faculty of Education DISSERTATION Black. (Selected cases of phenomena in visual arts, culture and their possibilities in education) MgA. Jan Pfeiffer 2023 Abstract The subject of this work is black, or the designation for color. But it is also an artistic concept and means of expression. The subject of my interest are selected cases of the black phenomenon in visual arts, culture, and their possibilities in education. I understand black as a phenomenon that I explore through my own creative work. In the course of it, I ask myself questions, such as: what stimuli, for example, black gives us and how it is connected with our socio-cultural background and its perception. I also ask contemporary artists working consciously or unconsciously with black, what black enables them in their work, and how it supports them, whether it is crucial for them. My intention is to open new perspectives on the subject of black and its connection with daily life, the ability to treat this phenomenon as a conscious gesture, an opinion - distinguishing different uses of black context. I also examine the possibilities of reasoning verified in...
Zoos as socially constructed institutions in changing social and territorial contexts
Nekolný, Lukáš ; Fialová, Dana (advisor) ; Šantrůčková, Markéta (referee) ; Boltižiar, Martin (referee)
This dissertation deals with research of the zoo as a social construct, which in its history and form represents the development of the relationship between society and nature, or man and animals. At the same time, it is a specific cultural landscape reflecting other changes in paradigms and needs in society. The current form of zoos has always reflected various economic, political, environmental and cultural aspects, or opinion and spatial changes of society. This work is a contribution to the discussion of the application of thematization typical of contemporary experience-oriented society. The aim of the thesis is to characterize the development of zoos and their current form in Europe, where this concept originated at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, and to discuss regional differences regarding the different geographical context of the post-socialist space. From the geographical point of view, this is a topic rarely addressed so far, both from a theoretical (the zoo as an example of the specific landscape) as well as a regional approach. The first part provides a theoretical framework by means of a discussion of scientific literature and formulating the starting points of the research based on selected concepts and paradigms (social constructivism, the relationship between man and...

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