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Thermal baths Yverdon, five senses in architecture
Dvořák, Dalibor ; Křikavová, Iva (referee) ; Koleček, Ivan (advisor)
Object of the thermes is located in a compact cube surrounded by water, which is located in the park. Baths are divided vertically into five levels according to function. Public baths, wellness, rehabilitation, physiotherapy.
Architecture in Landscape - Winery
Koláček, Petr ; Boleslavská, Yvona (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (advisor)
The beautiful landscape arises winery that blends in with the surrounding landscape. The building is situated on the west side of Strachotín, Zadní láty, the place for me very attractive. The edge of the field are receding and there is the corner into which I placed the winery. There are two routes to the winery, one paved road through vines for the production and cars of visitors from the north and one from the cycle path along the waterfront reservoir Věstonická rises the footbridge to the winery. The building using the terrain configuration and working with it. For example, there is the possibility easiest way down the hill to the waterfront and cycle path.
Korňa – place in the landscape
Bělica, Ondřej ; Šipulová, Janica (referee) ; Ponešová, Barbora (advisor)
The ambition of the diploma thesis is to create an impulse, which is able to reconnect people with the landscape through the architecture in my homeland. Small interventions in landscape with the participation of residence is a chance for activation of this environment and the habitant's minds. The main point is free interpretation of traditional wooden architecture.
The use watercourses and waterbodies within an urbanised countryside area
Šímová, Jana ; Kročová,, Šárka (referee) ; Polešáková, Marie (referee) ; Urbášková, Hana (referee) ; Kopáčik, Gabriel (advisor)
Water is an integral part of our life and waterways and areas were and still are an essential part of the public space of our cities and municipalities. We can find public space in every seat and we meet with the water on many of them. The water in public spaces appears in a different form. Whether these are minor elements, such as fountains, drinking water features, or larger water flows and water area. The water in the public space has its indispensable role. It is well known that its presence has a great impact on the well-being of man. Despite the fact that water is really important in the Interior of human settlements, over the years, water has disappeared on many places from public spaces, due to the technical development and development of settlements. The development of human settlements and public spaces takes place constantly from the time they were established. In recent years, the viewpoint of their importance is significantly changing and lot of the seats are aware of their value. The public space is like a living room of the city, thus a representative place. That´s why, the reconstructions of public space are quite often in recent years with use of water elements. The phenomenon of water surfaces is a factor which affecting the sustainable development and quality of life. Public space is not only an important functional element in the big cities. It has a great importance for smaller municipalities too. And just on them the thesis is focused. Their public space is often neglected. As well as water features in the surrounding area, which are uncared-for or extinct. Water in the form of water courses or water bodies have a great potential, in which a lot of possibilities is hidden, with which you can work in the urbanized areas. The goal of this thesis is to find a new role for the watercourses and water areas to be integrated into public space and public space, thanks to this, become a representative and functional part of the village once again.
Building in the landscape – Wineries
Šašinka, Jaromír ; Boleslavská, Yvona (referee) ; Žalmanová, Petra (advisor)
Winery Resort on Zerotin hill near the town Straznice
Památné a senescentní stromy - management péče
Slámová, Veronika
This work deals with the issue of care management of heritage and senescent trees. In the theoretical part, the author focuses on the collection, evaluation, and organization of information from relevant literary resources, the results of research carried out by the author in the archives of the National Agricultural Museum in Prague are also presented. Subsequently the work engages in further development of this issue The following part focuses on the application of theories in practice, specifically in field activities carried out by the author. It describes the process of physical findings and evaluation of a collection of heritage and senescent trees issued in the publication ´Care of old trees´ (Ošetření starých stromů) 1953, by Jan Frič. The work also contains a summary of gained information, proposed cultivating technology, and detailed photo-documentation. In the conclusion, the obtained results are divided into logical units in appendices.
Methodology for the design of planting measures in stands of trees for the needs of monument care
Borusík, Pavel ; Bulíř, Pavel ; Šimek, Pavel
The methodology includes both a description of decision-making processes in the direction of care of the vegetation component, and a set of information on technological principles and procedures of care solutions. In addition to this information, the methodology defines a verified structure of successive steps of the decision-making process in the phase of discussing and approving the proposed cultivation care.
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Methodology of flower bed restoration
Kuťková, Tatiana ; Uher, Jiří ; Klasová, Kristýna
Flower beds are an important detail of garden art monuments. The work is focused on the recommendation of working procedures for the restoration of flower beds in landscape architecture objects with significant cultural and historical value in the Czech Republic, which may be the subject of interest for monument care. It provides instructions for evaluating the current state of flower beds, approaches to their design and planning while maintaining a high degree of their authenticity. Emphasis is also placed on the authenticity of historical assortments of flowers.
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Methodology of tree stands evaluation for the needs of monument care
Borusík, Pavel ; Martinek, Jiří ; Šimek, Pavel
Tree stands represent a structurally complex grouping of woody vegetation elements in close connection with the functional, operational and compositional essence of the garden art monument. The methodology of tree stand evaluation includes both a description of the current state and perspective of the vegetation component, as well as a set of information on the functional, operational and compositional state of the evaluated stand.
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