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Raw materials for beer production - history and present and their benefits for human health
NOHEJL, Vlastimil
This bachelor's thesis outlines the evolution of brewing from its outset to the present time. The aspects of production, processing, division, and composition of raw brewing materials are described in detail as well as the possibility of using alternative plant components to create non-traditional beers. The next chapter outlines the process of beer production with the emphasis on the individual technological operations and the importance of mashing temperatures. Since beer is a natural, nutritionally rich, fermented beverage, the final part of the thesis examines its health benefits.
Processing and utilization of by-products of brewery operations for energy purposes
Foltis, Marek ; Malaťák, Jan (advisor) ; Bradna, Jiří (referee)
The diploma thesis called Processing and using of co-products from brewery for energetic purposes. The thesis concerns it self with analysis current situation on field of processing waste from brewery industry. The thesis is focused on possibility of using brewery waste for energetic purposes. The thesis is divided in to two parts. First part features literature research of the topic, using all available resources. Second part features real data from element analysis done on samples of brewery waste and calculation of main characteristics of brewery waste. All calculations concerns them self in using brewery waste like substitution for fossil fuel. Goal of second part of thesis also is evaluate possibility of using brewery waste to make brewing more efficient.
Využití odpadů z pivovarského provozu pro přikrmování zvěře
Petrželka, Zdeněk
The aim of the bachelor thesis is the evaluation of the usage of waste from brewing and malting operations for feeding the wild animals. The most important waste materials include fresh brewer's grains, malt sprouts, as well as yeast and sludge. These materials are a big source of nutrients that are used for feeding the wild animals. The bachelor thesis provides basic information about the brewery waste, methods of preservation as a possibility of preserving the essential nutrients and hygienic quality. The thesis further indicates feeding requirements of the wild animals and the possibility of feeding them by the waste from brewing and malting operations.
The evaluation of horse nutrition with chosen preparats in sommer and winter season
ABSTRACT The aim of this work was to provide a detailed breakdown of horse nutrition, to mention the importance of dietary supplements. The main part deals with the basics of horse nutrition, the bare necessities of nutrients, the proportion of maintenance rations and the technique of feeding. Afterwards, I outline the properties and effects of varied herbal plants such as garlic, hemp, hyssop, white horehound, coltsfoot and oats. Flaxseed, biotin, zinc, yeast and probiotics are dietary supplements improving the quality of fur, horsehair and hoofs. The feed will be analysed by standard methods. As far as horse excrement is concerned, we are going to observe its shape, colour, consistency, pH value and smell. The assessment of horse excrement will serve as a judgement about the activity of digestive system. The ethology observations will provide information on daily activity of a horse, on particular activities, to which the horse gives its attention during a day, and the amount of time it dedicates to them. As far as horses with respiratory disorders are concerned, we will observe the signs of their health problems and the rate of these problems occurring both at rest and in action. The information will be completed by the measurement of body proportions useful to body weight calculation. The statistical and economic methods will be selected in terms of the results accomplished during the research.

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