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Marketingová studie spokojenosti uživatelů dřevostaveb na území Kralovehradeckého kraje
Pařízek, Dominik
The Bachelor thesis deals with a survey of satisfaction of people living in wooden stuctures in Královehradský region. The objecive is to properly evaluate the motives for acquisition, user's experiences, advantages and disadvantages of these wooden structures and to make connections why it is so in this region. The author also dedicated one part of this thesis for description of the users themselves or their buildings. The results of this study can be further used in marketing, as a recommendations for companies or as an indicators for public.
Constitutional quarantees of territorial self-government
Borovička, Roman ; Hřebejk, Jiří (advisor) ; Mlsna, Petr (referee)
Constitutional guarantees of territorial self-government Abstract The aim of this diploma thesis is to present selected institutes of constitutional and administrative law, which are connected with territorial self-government and which guarantee territorial self-governing units their existence and functioning, analysis and evaluation of application of these institutes in practice, warning of their potential difficulties, or proposal their modifications or improvements so as to provide sufficient legal guarantees for independent activities and the existence of local self-government in the Czech Republic. The method of selective literary research is applied in the diploma thesis. Materials related to its topic are used for the elaboration of the work, mainly works from the branches of constitutional law, administrative or municipal law, corresponding legal acts and comments. The method of observation was also used, in which the author tries to find out how the individual institutes, which are in any way connected with the issue of constitutional guarantees of local government, behave in reality, approach their main purpose and also analyse their real effectiveness thanks to elements of the analytical method. in particular through the broad case law of the Constitutional Court. The author of the thesis adds...
Grófová, Martina ; Kalfiřtová, Eva (advisor) ; Machleidtová, Silva (referee)
The thesis discourses on the French region Languedoc-Roussillon situated in south of the country. The first part is focused on the region itself and defines its characteristics. Afterwards, other specifications of the local tourist trade and most attractive places are described. The very main part of the thesis is based on cultural anthropology, aiming at disclosing those distinctions, which make Languedoc-Roussillon so special.
Structure and Development of Criminality in the Administrative Regions of the Czech Republic
Bejbl, Martin ; Gřivna, Tomáš (advisor) ; Tlapák Navrátilová, Jana (referee)
This thesis is focused on the structure and development of crime in the single administrative regions of the Czech Republic over the period from year 2000 when these new administrative units were established until year 2012. The main aim of the thesis is to map and describe the structure and development of crime in the different parts of the Czech Republic, the profile of typical offenders and crime typical for the given region and last but not least the detection rate of crime committed in the analyzed areas. The text also explains the key terms such as criminology and crime and its structure and development and presents the main sources of data used for the hereabove described analysis. The difference between latent and registered crime is also discussed therein.
Regional differentiation of induced abortion rate in the Czech republic
Chválová, Martina ; Rychtaříková, Jitka (advisor) ; Kocourková, Jiřina (referee)
Regional differentiation of induced abortion rate in the Czech republic Abstract The goal of the work is to address the issue of induced abortion in the Czech Republic in 2011. The abortion definition and its types, necessary for exact delimitation of the topic, are introduced. Then actual legislation and data gathering of induced abortion are provided. The work focuses on the analysis of regional differentiation of induced abortions in the Czech Republic. The work includes graphs of some statistical indicators of induced abortions in the Czech Republic in 2011. It mainly focuses on pattems of induced abortions in individual regions, according to number of previous live-born babies to mothers who underwent the induced abortion, marital status and education level of these women. Methods of demographic analysis and statistical methods are used (induced abortions to live birth ratios, total induced abortions rate, women's average age at induced abortion). Working hypotheses are presented and consequently verified. Cluster analysis on the regional scale was applied to make the induced abortion patterns more transparent and easier to interpret. The analysis showed that the biggest number of induced abortions is in Central-Bohemia region and in Prague. The highest induced abortion ratio and total induced abortion...
The powers of municipalities and regions
Konradová, Jana ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
1 Resume The thesis is divided into two large units, on a theoretical and practical part. Follow the practical part of the work is to be divided on an assessment of selected aspects that are covered by municipal and provincial governments at the European level and in this context, then followed by a separate section on comparative evaluation of the scope of local government in selected European countries. I will focus first on the theoretical part. The issue of regions and municipalities evaluate first in the context of Czech legislation and then subsequently focus on each selected legislation relating to European legislation related to issues of regions and municipalities. Choice of thesis topic was selected based on an appropriate combination of administrative law issues and focus on the broader context of legislation within the EU, which focuses mainly practical part. With regard to the comparison of the Czech legislation and issues of European legislation, so we can get a rich variety of assumptions and considerations, which could be formulated in the context of the considerations de lege fedenda at the level of regions and municipalities. The main concept of the theoretical part is the local authority. Can we talk about the fact that public administration is carried out at its lowest possible level,...
Application of the Theory of Coalitions in the Formation of Regional Councils in the Czech Republic after Elections in 2008 and 2012
Vymyslický, Jaromír ; Švec, Kamil (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis "Application of the theory of the process of forming coalitions of regional councils in the Czech Republic after the elections in 2008 and 2012" discusses the process of establishing regional coalitions in the region of the South Moravian and the Central Bohemia. The aim is to answer the question of what form of the regional coalitions formed during the regional elections. Furthermore, I was describe how did the process of establishing regional coalitions and what were the key factors, that decide the outcome of negotiations. For these reasons, this thesis analyzed the official declaration of election programs, performances by regional politicians in political or public debate. The intention of this thesis is through the use of a theoretical framework and analysis of documents, describe in detail the development process, which was formed coalition and identify possible strategies of individual actors. The paper used discourse analysis. Keywords coalition, county, election, negotiation, council, political party

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