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Oxidation properties of complex concentrated alloys
Veverková, Eliška ; Minárik, Peter (advisor) ; Král, Robert (referee)
The thesis is focused on the oxidation characteristics of two complex con- centrated alloys - FeAlCrMo and FeAlCrV. Potentiodynamic polarisation tests were performed in order to characterize corrosion behavior of the alloys in two different corrosion media (aqueous solution of 3,5% NaCl and 0,5M H2SO4), in addition, high-temperature oxidation resistance was studied. All tests were perfor- med also for stainless steel used as a benchmark. An excellent corrosion resistance of both alloys was discovered, especially in the acidic solution, the studied alloys even surpassed reference stainless steel. On the contrary, poor resistance to high- temperature oxidation was observed. Particularly FeAlCrV exhibited catastrophic properties and resistance of FeAlCrMo is also inferior to stainless steel.
Monitoring of corrosion of refractory lining
Taraba, Vojtěch ; Ptáček, Petr (referee) ; Opravil, Tomáš (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis is focused on the monitoring of corrosion of refractory lining in the cement rotary kiln, chemical and mineralogical changes of the refractory and their influence on the lining properties. Magnesia-spinel refractories located in the lower transition zone are analyzed by X-ray diffraction, X-ray fluorescence, inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry and scanning electron microscopy.
Effect of humic acid on the corrosion of carbon steel
Horák, Tomáš ; Buchtík, Martin (referee) ; Doskočil, Leoš (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with influence of humic acids on corrosion of ČSN 12020 steel. For this purpose, potentiodynamic tests and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) in leaches of humic acids, isolated from South Moravian lignite were executed. Results suggest that corrosion is initially promoted by humic acids, but after a longer time (about 98 hours) an inhibitory effect is exerted due to the adsorption of humic acids on the corrosion products. Adsorption efficiency of humic acids on surface of corrosion products was about 30 %. Results also suggest that the presence of humic acids may influence the composition of corrosion products of the steel.
Technologie nanášení nátěrových hmot
Pala, Libor
This thesis is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the first section of the theoretical part are compiled and presented information from the structure of paints. The second section describes the various application of coating materials. The third and final section is devoted a comparison of selected coatings and detection their strengths and weaknesses. The practical part focused on the influence of coating technology for corrosion properties of the coating by experiment. On the test samples were used various methods applied anticorrosion coating. Then the samples Were Placed in a corrosive environment in salt chamber. After completion of the corrosion tests was visually evaluated the effect of coating methods for corrosion.
Akceptace výsledků měření adheze u nátěrových systémů
Ošťádal, Jiří
Ošťádal, J. The acceptability of paint adhesion testing results. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University, 2017. The presented thesis is dedicated to the acceptability of the measured values of adhesion of corrosion-resistant coatings that are performed by applying to con-struction surfaces modified on purpose. Prosthetic coatings are further verified by a standardized test that evaluates the adhesion strength (DIN EN ISO 4624, Pull-off test for adhesion). This thesis not only assesses the impact of internal (subjective) effects on the ob-tained test results but also makes the influence of external factors (objective ef-fects such as the temperature at which the results of the adhesive strength were obtained and which were subsequently used by a corrosion inspection technician) more visible. In conclusion, it is clearly demonstrated with reference to performed experiments in the professional literature that the effect of this factor is the most important in terms of adhesion evaluation, specifically for particular coatings.
Porovnání organických antikorozních nátěrových systémů
Chovanec, Michal
The bachelor thesis is aimed on anti-corrosion organic paint coats. In the thesis is described general comparison of synthetic and water-dilutable paint coats on the pretreated metal surface (used in mechanical engineering). In the beginning, there is definition of corrosion and it´s basic division to uniform and non-uniform corrosion. In the second part of the thesis is described pre-treatment of material before the application of the mechanical, chemical or electrochemical anti-corrosion protection. Each step of the pre-treatment is divided by the individual method. The next section includes characteristics of the synthetic and water-dilutable paint coats and different types of their usage. The final chapter is aimed on suitability of the specific paint coat, based on technical specification of coating, to the different environment.
Analýza vlastností materiálu po tepelném zpracování
Gajdošík, Miroslav
This master thesis Analysis of properties of the material after heat treatment, deals with the influence of heat treatment and corrosion degradation on mechanical properties of the material. In the introduction of the theoretical section are listed information regarding of the theory of heat treatment of steels. Literary research also describing diagram iron carbon, transformation diagrams IRA, ARA and dedicated to the main methods and principles of heat treatment of steels. Another part of the master thesis deals with the division and number labeling of steels. Practical part describes conducting experiments in which are compared the mechanical properties heat-treated and corrosion-treated of samples. The measurement is completed graphs of waveforms tensile tests, during which it was also made a record acoustic emissions.
Statistický monitoring pevnostních vlastností hliníku
Tymová, Jana
This diploma thesis deals with statistical monitoring of strength properties of aluminium. The theoretical part is focused on the description of mechanical properties of aluminium, the influence of corrosion on aluminium and its alloys, the use of aluminium in various industries. Furthermore, the theoretical part presents statistical monitoring with a focus on the Minitab program. In the practical part there is experimental measurment which includes the comparison of results, in which the tensile properties of aluminium not influenced by corrosion are compared with effects of the corrosion bath,with impacted samples that were in the corrosion chamber for 300, 500 and 700 hours. Furthermore, there are presented various statistical methods for evaluation of tensile test results.
Vznik korozního makročlánku u rozebíratelných i nerozebíratelných spojů
Daněk, Lukáš
This diploma thesis is focused on corrosion degradation of technical materials used for fire trucks production. It describes what is corrosion, corrosion environment and protection against effects of corrosion. Further, the thesis describes methods of joining materials in the production of fire tank trucks. In the experimental part the thesis deals with the examination of samples during mechanical and corrosion tests with subsequent evaluation. The examined samples are exposed to the effects of salt mist and then subjected to tensile testing. The most suitable method of joining materials for the construction of fire tank trucks is verified here.
Protikorozní ochrana hořčíkových slitin
Pala, Libor
This thesis is divided into theoretical and experimental part. Corrosion of metals and her distribution are described in theoretical part of this thesis. Detailed description of magnesium, its mechanical properties, methods of production and industrial use follows. Magnesium alloys, influence of alloying elements on their mechanical properties, their classification and industrial use are characterized after that. Methods of corrosion protection of magnesium alloys are defined at the end of theoretical part of this thesis. In the experimental part of this thesis protective anticorrosive coating was applied to tested samples. Two different methods of application were used. Tested samples were subjected to corrosion test in salt chamber. Material weight loss of tested samples was measured. Tensile test of tested samples was performed after that. Influence of anticorrosion coating application on protective properties of tested samples was evaluated in conclusion.

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