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Entanglement - Community building as a form of art
Kony, Denisa ; Lungová, Barbora (referee) ; Klodová, Lenka (advisor)
For my bachelor's art piece, I present the results of my year-long research in the areas of relating, decolonization, and the creation of spaces. I have constructed a library space installation that projects my findings and experiences into crocheted objects, presents a collection of texts created in collectives in response to my manifesto, literature that supported the creation of the manifesto, and provides a place for rest, reflection, and education.
Biblioverse – Multifunctional building with library
Bílek, Jan ; Kratochvíl, Jan (referee) ; Bykov, Oleksii (advisor)
The aim of the project is to use the potential of the site, to create a pleasant space for work and study and to offer an alternative to the existing public libraries. The project responds to the current perception of the function of libraries as places to meet, work and study, and seeks to provide an environment adapted to the needs of the younger productive population and university students in Brno. The project emphasises the provision of quiet working spaces, interactive study rooms and relaxation zones to meet the needs of users at different levels of concentration and relaxation.
Malá Amerika in Brno
Kalmykova, Valeriia ; Bažant, Lukáš (referee) ; Novák, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the design proposal for a new multifunctional building called "Malá Amerika" in Brno, based on an architectural study conducted within the course BGA021 - Architectural Design Studio 2 - Public Buildings. The aim of this thesis was to prepare project documentation comprising documentation for building permits, construction documentation, and architectural detail design. The proposed building is in Brno near the historical industrial structure "Malá Amerika" and the Titania buildings, within the area bounded by the streets Úzká and Nové sady. The multifunctional building "Malá Amerika" includes offices, art galleries, a library, a restaurant, cafes, rooftop terraces, and spaces for events. The new construction respects the existing urban and architectural structure of the surrounding development. It consists of five standalone buildings interconnected by an underground parking lot. The massing is composed of several blocks at different height levels connected by accessible terraces. Streets and squares with many interesting perspectives emerge between the individual buildings. The building is connected to "Malá Amerika" by an accessible terrace and designed not to obstruct the historical structure. Towards the Titania buildings, the volumes of the individual building components increase. The project's intention was to create a multifunctional building that would not only be an introverted structure benefiting solely from its perfect location and existing urban infrastructure but also feature ground floors full of commerce and services accessible to passersby even after working hours.
Biblioverse – Multifunctional building with library
Knutelský, Samuel ; Kratochvíl, Jan (referee) ; Bykov, Oleksii (advisor)
In my project, I am proposing a new design for the library of Moravian gallery, which works as a place where world of exhibited art, books and creation collide. I work with the concept of the library as a studio where the passive visitor of the library and gallery becomes an active participant in the creation and development of art. The library space includes, in addition to a free selection of books, a repository, and a small gallery, also art studios that build on the activities of the Moravian Gallery. The proposal is situated on the border of the historic city center of Brno on a corner plot located directly in the park.
Biblioverse – Multifunctional building with library
Bláhová, Adéla ; Kaftan, Martin (referee) ; Bykov, Oleksii (advisor)
The library project is located in Brno on a plot of land at the corner of Štefánikova and Dřevařská streets. Through the theme "Biblioverse - a multifunctional building with a library", the aim was to find a new type of library. In my design, therefore, two components - conceptual and programmatic - are closely intertwined. The concept is based on the connection between antiquarian bookshops and a library whose contents are made up of discarded books. Programmatically, the two parts are then linked and intertwined vertically.My aim was to design a library that works on the basis of a kind of mutual cooperation. of the visitor and the library offer, or the visitor's contribution to the operation and content of the book collection. It would be an additional branch of public libraries. The form of the building is based on simple legibility and the allocation of the different parts to the functions, which are vertically interwoven into the other floors. Also, with the building itself, I tried to create continuity in the passage of the street line but at the same time creating smaller spaces in front of the given entrances to the different parts, serving as nooks and crannies in this corner. That is to say, to try to keep as much as possible the current quiet character of Dřevařská Street, but at the same time the varied and lively character of the mostly parterres on Štefánikova Street.
Biblioverse – Multifunctional building with library
Prokopová, Adéla ; Kaftan, Martin (referee) ; Bykov, Oleksii (advisor)
The concept of designing a public music library is closely connected to the Library of Jiří Mahen in Brno. Nowadays the library is facing problems regarding the lack of space for the development of its potential. There are also rigorous restrictions in place in relation to reconstruction due to the library's residence being in a rennaissance era Schrattenbach palace. Designing a partner institution, which could take on some functions of the library could provide necessary space to the existing library building. From the current amenities of the library, the music library has the biggest potential to fuction separately with additional functions focused on the creation and production of music. With audio media being the the focal point of a public library broadens the definition of a library beyond its traditional framework - now it can be seen as an institution where objects, information and activities are pulled from the private sphere into a public one.
Enviromental centre in Vyškov
Rybníček, Maxmilián ; Plášil, Jiří (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Design of an environmental center focused on traditional trees in Hanáck and Moravia with environmental education for mainly school-aged children from the surrounding area. The center will be complemented by the nearby zoo and Hanáck farm, which focus on traditional animals and the life of people in Hanáck. It will also include a new scout base for local scout groups in a more convenient location. Furthermore, the center will have exhibition spaces focused mainly on orchards and a cafe. In addition, the center has new facilities for packaging-free shops and an eco-advice for the public with small libraly. Various associations from Vyškov also have the option of renting space in the center. It mainly counts with the association Zelený Vyškov. Together with the construction, the revitalization of the woodshed and its new planting will take place. The original division of the garden by paths will be partially restored, as it is in the sketch from the 18th century.
Contemporary city
Zámečník, Kristián ; Joja, Milan (referee) ; Františák, Luboš (advisor)
To limit urban sprawl into the surrounding countryside, densification of development and use of neglected areas is necessary. In this thesis, I seek to address this by finding an ideal balance between density, open spaces and a diversity of functions that support the further development of the current area. The result should be a city that is viable, resilient and adaptable, delivering a quality living environment for its residents and supporting sustainable growth. A city that works as a whole with its new neighbourhood but is not overrun by it.
Contribution to the Leisure Studies
The thesis deals with the profession of librarian from the perspective of leisure time pedagogy. In the first part it introduces the job of librarians, presents the form of libraries and points out the issue of reading in society. It then goes on to compare librarians to leisure educators, their motivation for employment and introduces library organisations and associations. The second part of the thesis involves analysing four in-depth interviews conducted as part of qualitative research. The research conducted introduces the profession of librarianship and their perceptions of leisure issues from the position of the librarian themselves. The whole thesis will then conclude with a chapter focusing on the image of the ideal librarian.
Revitalization Program of Floral Garden in Kromeriz
Koželouhová, Anna ; Vojtová, Lea (referee) ; Hrabec, Josef (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is the design of the revitalization of the foreground of the Květná garden in Kroměříž and of the service building for visitors. When solving the project, the first ideas were initiated by its strong social context. The garden art has always been a reflection of its own period. The founders of gardens – the aristocracy, monarchs or clergy – have used gardens as a means to represent their social status. They have tried to point out the things that have been conceived as artistically and technically (and later socially) progressive and correct. The main ideal concept of my project results from these facts and considerations. I seek to represent today’s era and society – within the meaning of the good, what they could and according to my opinion should bring to each other. And what they perhaps do… That is why I apply knowledge of today’s technique and ecology in my project – in terms of the use of local natural materials and renewable energy resources. At the same time I try to take advantage of and to give support to the frankness of today’s society and to create a project with a social and human overlap. I incorporate a function of a temporary sheltered housing into the area and support integration of people into the society through garden works and therapies. Last but not least – I would like to open the gardens to the broadest scope of the laic public and to create not only an esthetic function, but an educational as well. From the architectural point of view, I tried to bring contemporary components into the garden, which, however, respect the historical evolution and the temporary situation and connect to them. In the Holandská garden I placed the visitors centre into the ground plan – a path of the former “casino”. It closes up this lengthwise space, it creates a notion of continuance of the colonnade of the Květná garden (and transcription of the arcade on its façade), and it balances the dimension of the tropical glasshouse on the other side of the garden. Regarding the solution of the garden space, I respect the cross axes of the Květná garden as well as the main longitudinal axe of the foreground. I create a simple composition of larger sheets with two new “piazzas” – at the place of the renewed Neptune’s fountain and in front of the visitor’s center. By creating the elevated sheets I add the third dimension to the parcel. In the southern part of the foreground I compose functionally different spaces along the longitudinal axe. Hence, visitor’s attention is non-violently drawn to the aviary. Crosswise, the garden is divided into several parts – the representational one (by the cold glasshouse), the agricultural and educational one (but no less attractive) with the garden centre, and the leisure area of the aviary and the so called “rabbit hill”.

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