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Plant adaptation to climate change
Koláříková, Veronika ; Münzbergová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Sklenář, Petr (referee)
Climate change represents important selective force for plants. They have to deal with this change otherwise they are facing the risk of extinction. Understanding the mechanism which plants use to avoid the risk is essential for effective conservation of biodiversity. The climate change can exceed the tolerance of plants to abiotic factors. The plants can react to the changes by migration, phenotypic plasticity, evolutionary adaption or by a combination of these strategies. Phenotypic plasticity and evolutionary adaption are manifested by a change of physiology, morphology and/or phenology of plants. This work summarizes the findings of these ecological and evolutionary strategies and also presents methods used for studying species response to climate change. Powered by TCPDF (
The effect of temperature on plant growth: teaching protocols of model experiments
Máhrlová, Zuzana ; Albrechtová, Jana (advisor) ; Mourek, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the creation of model tasks (by means of an experiment) for the study of biology at secondary schools and concerns the effects of temperature on plant growth. The selected tasks utilize the new didactic approach by means of the so called inquiry based education. This method of teaching contributes to the development of individual deduction reasoning and encourages the students to actively think about the subject matter. The thesis provides the necessary theoretical background for the topic together with the description of methods and material needed for the conducting the experiments. Furthermore, the thesis describes the necessary instructions and procedures to conduct the experiment and its use in the secondary school teaching practice and presents the requisite methodical guidelines and worksheets for them. Simultaneously, the thesis verifies the didactic applicability of the experiment and the worked out materials through a questionnaire survey and monitored application of the model tasks at secondary schools. The main result of this diploma thesis is a modern, functional and verified method of teaching for high school about the effects of temperature on plant growth in accordance with modern approaches to education, which include own experiments, their...
Representation of the problem of climate change in the print media
Trunečková, Daniela ; Novák, Arnošt (advisor) ; Hájek, Roman (referee)
This diploma thesis on Representation of the problem of climate change in the print media is a content analysis of Czech quality daily newspapers, namely Hospodářské noviny, Lidové noviny, Mladá fronta DNES and Právo. It deals with the way the selected daily newspapers presented debate on global climate change in 2013-2014. The theoretical part informs readers about the basic concepts and definitions and introduces them to the problem. The empirical part answers the question of whether the media coverage of global climate change in Czech quality daily newspapers is consistent with scientific findings of the international climate discourse represented by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or whether it relies equally on opinions of the small group of so called climate skeptics who question the general consensus of the scientific comunity regarding the causes and consequences of climate change or the need of adequate measures. The results of research indicated that most of analyzed articles informed about climate change the same way as the main climatological research. The largest number of skeptical articles appeared in Lidové noviny. A considerable number of articles didn't comment on the causes of climate change, their seriousness or decisions regarding action.
Alpine glaciers retreat after little ice age and its relation to climate changes
Dutková, Alena ; Sládek, Ivan (advisor) ; Zelenka, Přemysl (referee)
This thesis deals with climatic changes and its influence on mountain glaciers in Alps since the little ice age to present. Knowledge published in domestic and foreign literature is applied to the example of Morteratsch glacier in swiss Alps and high elevation meteorological station Sonnblick in austrian Alps. Alpine mountain range is one of the most researched and the longest populated mountain ranges in the world. For this reasons we have for use long time period of meteorological and glaciological datasets.
Impact of volcanic activity on environment and climatic conditions during geological history of the České středohoří Mts.
Zajícová, Jana ; Kvaček, Zlatko (advisor) ; Teodoridis, Vasilis (referee)
The influence of volcanoes on climate is very often debated, not only in the scientific community. However, the question remains, how much may the volcanic activity contribute to the significant ganges, that could cause a response of environment, which lies in the immediate vicinity. These changes could arise as a response on prolonged exposure of the negative influence, which would last much longer than decades, like it is at present. From this reason the situation in the České středohoří Mountains, where the volcanic activity lasted for several million years during the Paleogene period, is studied. This area is extraordinally rich in deposits of so-called volcanic floras, which accompany the neovolcanic activity. The age of the localities are between late Eocene to late Oligocene and it is a long time enough for recognizing some changes in the floristic composition to help elucidate the given problem.
The use of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) in paleolimnology
Aubrechtová, Martina ; Kulichová, Jana (advisor) ; Píšková, Anna (referee)
This thesis is a literature review summarizing methodology and the possibility of use of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) for paleoecological reconstructions of extinct lacustrine ecosystems. In addition, the theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to basic characteristics, evolutionary history and ecology of the group, lakes and the fossil record. In the practical part, two samples of sediments of a fossil lake that has been discovered and studied within the Morava Project in Strážnické Pomoraví are compared.
Winter teritoriality im passerines in relation to environmental and climatic conditions
Glückseligová, Pavla ; Musil, Petr (advisor) ; Reif, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is focused on winter territoriality of passerines. It summarizes general knowledge of territories, territorial behaviour and broader knowledge about winter territoriality. Winter social behaviour of individual species, their territoriality, migratory strategy and food preferences were summarized for Western Palearctic bird species. Furthermore, effect of climate change on passerines and their migratory behaviour, timing of breeding and their relationship to food abundance and conspecific competition. In the last chapter, there is discussed effect of climate change on species displaying wintering territoriality. Increasing temperature can affect food availability, competition for sources and consequently reproduction success.
Freshwater wetlands as a biogeochemical archive: Temporal changes in climate and environmental records
Zemanová, Leona ; Novák, Martin (advisor) ; Mihaljevič, Martin (referee) ; Hojdová, Marie (referee)
Worldwide, peatlands cover an area of 4.106 km2 . Plant primary production dominated over organic matter decomposition and enabled organic matter to accumulate during the last 11 000 years. Peatlands represent a reservoir of atmospheric carbon and they are a useful scientific tool for reconstructions of historical atmospheric pollution. The first part of the thesis focuses on peatlands as a dynamic carbon reservoir under predicted climate change that would influence carbon cycling and emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Three methodological approaches were used - a mesocosm laboratory incubation, a transplant experiment and in situ gas flux measurements. The laboratory incubation studied the response of peat samples from temperate (Velké Dářko, Czech Republic) and boreal (Stor Åmyran, Sweden) zone to a temperature increase, water table decrease and their combination. Today, the warmer site exhibits ~14 times higher CH4 production potential than the colder site (28 mg m-2 hr-1 at VD, and 2 mg m-2 hr-1 at SA). Both sites respond differently to temperature increases. Changes in methane production were up to 9 fold due to different temperatures. A gradual decrease of water table level from 2 to 14 cm below the peat surface had a much stronger effect, VD exhibited a decrease in methane...
Development of the mammal assemblages during Quaternary climatic changes
Havlová, Tereza ; Mazuch, Martin (advisor) ; Nývltová Fišáková, Miriam (referee)
During the Quaternary there was a cyclical alternation of warm and cold periods - interglacials and glacials. Over the past 2.5 million years there was eighteen or twenty these cycles. These climate changes influenced by, except other, Milankovic cycles caused at sea level, extent of glaciation or distribution of vegetation zones. All these factors affected the communities of mammals, their distribution, migration and extinction of some groups of mammals. Area of continental and mountain glaciers expanded as well as levels of the ocean decreased during the glacials. Many species of mammals penetrated into new territory with the emergence of land-bridges a mammals from isolated areas could interact during cold periods. There was a retreat of glaciers and sea level rise and the migration routes through the land bridges was interrupted during the interglacials. Many, mostly island, populations were isolated and they were often developed to new endemic species. Key words: glacial, interglacial, climate changes, distribution, migration, extinction
Success Factors and Barriers for Climate Protection Projects in the Selected Czech Cities
Hejralová, Eva ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Sutlovičová, Klára (referee)
Cities are important actors in global climate protection. Almost 80% of global CO2 emissions are produced in urban areas. At the same time cities are in a good position to bring out innovative solutions. Local initiatives in the Czech Republic often take an implicit form: they don't aim directly at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This paper analyses nine projects in the building sector, which have been implemented by Czech cities. It looks for factors that have contributed to the initiation of studied projects and facilitated or inhibited its implementation. Factors have been gathered throughout semi-structured interviews. The research have revealed two relevant barriers and twelve success factors, which have been classified according to the thematic categories: "Economics," "Livability," "Politics," "Institutions," and "Information." Most of them concern the category "Information," while none of them concerns the category "Livability." The research outcomes can serve as an inspiration for other cities and also for actors shaping conditions for local climate protection, in particular NGOs and central government.

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