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Teaching-space paradigm
Belopotocký, Maroš ; Bureš, David (referee) ; Sládeček, Svatopluk (advisor)
The task of the bachelor's thesis is to design the completion of the Faculty of Architecture in the BUT campus in the Brno-centre district between Úvoz, Údolní and Tvrdého streets, due to the planned transfer of the faculty from the current premises on Poříčí Street. The issue of completion allows for the expansion of the faculty premises and the addition of capacities for which the current situation no longer has a place. The project also addresses the use of the original historic buildings and the connection of the Faculty of Architecture with the Faculty of Fine Arts within one area.
NTK as an academic library
Skenderija, Sasha ; Dibuszová, Eva
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Between the Landscape and the City
Synková, Veronika ; Kristek, Jan (referee) ; Mléčka, Jan (advisor)
I'm creating a new main entrance to the Holice area. I extend the current park and into the pedestrian street I place the square. Two different spaces are interconnected by an partly free groundfloor.
Y Soft Campus - the semi-abandoned shooting range area in Brno-Pisarky
Formánek, Jakub ; Dundáček, Josef (referee) ; Kratochvíl, Jan (advisor)
The main goal of the bachelor thesis was to design a campus for YSoft, software company, in the area of formal shooting range in Brno, Pisárky district. The design comprise urban solution of the area to make it a valuable part of the city with the YSoft headquarters as an icon of the area. Because of the terrain shape (very steep hill) the area is divided into three main hight levels. Each of them has its own public equipment and connected to each other. Area building comprise commercial opportunities, places for rest, administrative budildings or dwelling for example. There is a new motorway created to serve the needs of the neighborhood. Area is also reachable by bike of on foot from reopened bus station of the public transport system. Parking places are mostly situated under the ground. The YSoft building has two underground floors and nine more above the ground. All the parts of the comapny are situated in the best possible way to make communication and interaction easier and offer an opportunity to meet somewhere else than over the woring desk. The budilding is also equipped with game rooms, realx rooms, gym and a restaurant. Construction system is made from pillars made from reinforced concrete and supported by other parts. The facade is covered by aluminium pieces. Shading system is placed outside and it is supported by its own construction.
Creative Brno - Creative Kraví Hora
Chybík, Ondřej ; Suchánek, Radek (referee) ; Havliš, Karel (advisor)
Main topic of The Project VUT 2020+ is a strategy for Brno University of Technology with emphasis to kravi Hora hill.
The library - a catalyst for urban development
Juul, Helle
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Evaluation of the use of selected objects "brownfields" in the Usti Region
Jiránek, Kamil ; Krejčová, Nikola (advisor) ; Piecha, Marian (referee)
The aim of my work is to evaluate the use of multiple selected objects "brownfields" in the Usti Region, with emphasis on the real impacts on some aspects of regional development. Real consequences in particular means the impact on employment, economic development and environment.

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