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Discourse Analysis of Islamic Terrorist Propaganda on the Internet
Fuxa, Filip ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor)
Thesis Discourse Analysis of Islamic Terrorist Propaganda on the Internet uses the method of thematic discourse analysis to study jihadi discussion forums in the cyberspace. Since the beginning of the last decade of the 20th century the Internet has became one of the most powerful communication tools through which are jihadi terrorists able to reach thousands of Muslims worldwide. After the traditional Western media had intensively begun to filter terrorist messages shortly after 11/9/2001, jihadists found a perfect way how to draw attention of these media once more - not directly, but through the Internet communication which is widely used by traditional media as a source of their content. The first part of this thesis presents theoretical framework for the second, purely practical part. Firstly, this paper deals with propaganda as a form of communication, shows the Internet as a medium that has absorbed all other media, and analyses the terrorism spread through the Internet. The main part of this study focuses on the jihadi discourse, through which jihadists view the Islamic world as suffering under the oppression of the West to persuade passive Muslim audience to join the jihad. This paper deals not only with different types of propaganda, but also with intentions of propagandists and the means...
The Contemporary Form of the Bektashi Order in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia: Sources of Bektashi Spirituality
Korábečný, Martin ; de la Vega Nosek, Lukáš (advisor) ; Štampach, Ivan (referee)
- anglicky The focus of this thesis is folk spirituality of the bektashi order. A field research trip in Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia has been conducted to show the importance of the category of the Sacred. For this reason the first part of thesis deals with the category of the sacred and the category of spirituality, and contains application of the category of the Sacred on bektashiya. We use the model here proposed by Ninian Smart and Zdeněk Vojtíšek which allows for folk spirituality and individuality of spiritual experience be included within spirituality of subjective experience framework without putting a value on them or limiting them. We see them as part of a larger framework of spirituality where different dimensions can be determined, i.e. sacred presuppositions, rituals, experience, community, ethics, work of art and sacred stories. It is possible to feed human spirituality on different dimensions from various sources. During the field trip the conclusion has been reached that people who draw for their spirituality from bektashi tradition tend to choose certain aspects to include them in their personal spirituality as folk spirituality aspects. Second part of the thesis focuses on their source. Three sources had been determined - local culture, christianity and/or shamanism....
Muslim patient in Czech healthcare
FRAŇKOVÁ, Kristýna
This bachelor thesis is about a Muslim patient in the Czech healthcare system. The main aim of this thesis is to discover experiences of the Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system. The author of this thesis determined four research questions based on the main aim of this work. Question 1: Which are the specifics of a nursing care of the Muslim patients? Question 2: Which are the most common problems of the Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system? Question 3: In the perspective of nurses which are the problems in taking care of the Muslim patients? Question 4: What is the opinion of Muslim patients on the Czech healthcare system? Quality research was chosen for data collection. The author used semi-structured interviews. The research file consisted of Muslim patients with their own personal experiences with the Czech healthcare system and of nurses, who took care of a Muslim patient at least once in their career.The results showed that nurses are aware of the main specifics of a nursing care of the Muslim patients. Another research showed that Czech healthcare system enables the Muslim patients to keep practicing most of their customs, which are connected to their religion. This research also showed that the quality of the Czech healthcare system is on a very high level and that Czech nurses are well qualified. The results pointed out that the communication from the medical staff's side is affected by the language barrier. Nowadays it is common to meet patients from all around the world with different beliefs for example because of the migration. The Muslim patient has got a lot of specifics in ordinary life as well as in his/her healthcare needs. These specifics need to be respected. To be able to give a quality care with respect, it is good to know patients' opinions on the Czech healthcare system. Their experiences and opinions can help with the improvement of the Czech healthcare system. The results of the bachelor's thesis will show the biggest problems faced by Muslim patients in the Czech healthcare system, as well as the nurses themselves, who provide nursing care to Muslim patients.
The conception of human rights in Chechnya and neighbouring countries betwen 2009-2019
The Thesis is about compliance with human rights in Chechnya. It points out ethical and human rights approaches towards the selected topic. The Thesis also describes social work in the context of Muslim laws, where it's trying to connect social work and Muslim laws. It also points out ethical ties and some ethical theories that deal with, for example, honor killing and others. It also deals with religious and political topics that contribute to the explanation of the human rights concept in Chechnya. It's also focused on the explanation of basic concepts in the field of human rights and muslim religion which helps to explain the whole problematics. In the ethical processing part, it explains potential approaches towards the interpretation of human rights as a whole, using some theories. In conclusion, I outline and suggest my own proposals that could improve the situation related to social work in Chechnya. I also ponder about whether I've fulfilled the objective of the work and what new findings it can bring, especially in the field of social work.
The conception of the transcendent in the workings of Shihab al-Din Yahya Suhrawardi
KUČERA, Václav
This work deals with the transcendent in the cosmogonal conception of persian mystic and philosopher Shihab al-Din al-Suhrawardi. In short it discusses his life, works and historicla-cultural context of the arab world in the 12th century. More broadly it deals with the genesis in the philosophy of illumination, the school of ideas of al-Suhrawardi. It analyses the hierarchy of creation from the transcendent creator through the celestial spheres and angelic beings down to the elemental world of matter. It clarifies that the whole process is a continuum and that the Light of lights has even despite his transcendency a direct relationship with everything it creates. Further it contains a few rules given by al-Suhrawardi as a guide to the successful life. At the end of the work is a short treatise about the history of the philosophy of illumination in between the death of al-Suhrawardi and present days.
Effectiveness of Countering Violent Extremism and De-radicalisation Strategy: A comparative analysis between the United States and the United Kingdom
Islam, Md Badrul ; Fitzgerald, James (advisor) ; Kaczmarski, Marcin (referee) ; Bureš, Oldřich (referee)
Different states have taken a significant number of countering violent extremism and de-radicalisation strategies all over the world. However, the effectiveness of these policies does not discuss so much. Sometimes governments claim success regarding their strategies. Nevertheless, these claims are questionable because of the lack of empirical evidence. The literature on CVE significantly highlights the importance of CVE campaigns with different programmes: de-radicalisation, disengagement, rehabilitation, and reintegration. However, the research on the evaluation of CVE and de- radicalisation programme around the world is limited. Therefore, this research has tried to contribute to this issue. This research has used the comparative case study method and selected the cases of the CVE and de-radicalisation strategies of the United States and the United Kingdom. This research finds that both US and UK CVE strategies predominantly focus on the Muslim, which stigmatised the Muslim community and reinforced Islamic stereotypes. Therefore, it creates 'Muslim' as a 'suspect community' that is alienating Muslims. For the US case, the right-wing extremism is increasing especially against Muslim and Jewish religious figures and institutions, but the government are giving less attention to this issue. The...
Political satire in Charlie Hebdo in relation to religion
Kaletová, Anna ; Matějka, Ondřej (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
The topic of the bachelor's thesis is the political satire in Charlie Hebdo in relation to religion. In today's France political satire is represented by several newspapers, one of which is the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. The magazine, whose origins date back to 1970, specializes in news and cartoons regarding current world affairs, religion, politics and culture. The cartoons published in Charlie Hebdo soon became a rather controversial topic. For that reason, the authors of the magazine have had a number of conflicts with representatives of the muslim community over the years, with cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad becoming especially problematic. The difficulties manifested themselves both in the form of threatening letters, the burning of the Charlie Hebdo editorial office, and a terrorist assassination in 2015. The bachelor's thesis maps the history of political satire in France, the history of the magazine Charlie Hebdo and its conflicts with Islam. The aim of the paper is to find out whether the Charlie Hebdo cartoons depicting Islam are in any way specific compared to the images mocking the other two major religious groups, Christianity and Judaism. Using ethnographic content analysis, analysis of selected cartoons published in 2014 and their subsequent comparison, research...
Rap as a form of political protest: the case of Muslim rappers in France
Babková, Markéta ; Bauer, Paul (advisor) ; Šindelář, Jakub (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of the interconnection between the spheres of politics and religion in contemporary secular France. The case of three Muslim performers of the rap conscient music genre was chosen for research in this area. The thesis first focuses on the more general question of the circumstances under which politics and religion are linked in contemporary secular France. It soon becomes clear that music plays a key role in this interconnection. Furthermore, the thesis seeks to establish whether accusations of proselytism and Islamic fundamentalism against selected rappers by right-wing and radical-right parties are justified. It attempts to achieve this finding by using the method of qualitative content analysis of the motifs that appear in the lyrics of the songs, focusing on the motif of Islam. Following this analysis, and supporting it with research into deeper context, the thesis concludes that although the motif of Islam is present in the song lyrics, it is only in the form of fighting Islamophobia. Rather, the fight against discrimination in general plays a major role in the work of the selected rappers. The controversy was therefore most often caused by a misinterpretation of these lyrics.
Exclusivity of God's revelation according to the Bible and the relationship to other world religions, namely Buddhism and Islam
Stanko, Ivan ; Liguš, Ján (advisor) ; Bravená, Noemi (referee)
Diploma work "The exclusivity of God's revelation according to the Bible and the relationship to other world religions namely Islam and Buddhism" is about comparison between the Biblical revelation and the basic faith statements of others religions particularly Islam and Buddhism. The work also tries to answer the question if the Bible expresses the exclusivity by itself and in which area the exclusivity is the most significant for the life of believers. The aim of this work is also to look for spiritual principles that could be common with other religions as well as the principles that lead to disconnection between these religions. In the end, the work is concerning the possible ways of inter religion discussion in the context of world religion systems.

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