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The King of Sarcasm: Analysis of Chandler Bing's Humorous Utterances in the TV series Friends
Šilhanová, Anna ; Doležalová, Lucie (advisor) ; Češka, Jakub (referee)
This thesis is focused on the analysis of the humorous lines of Chandler Bing from the series Friends (1994-2004). Specifically, it aims to find out how defensible the comedic typification of this character as the "King of Sarcasm" is, i.e., whether sarcasm can really be considered the dominant strategy of Chandler's verbal humor. However, sarcasm is a concept with an ambiguous definition, and for any further investigation it is always necessary to specify how the researcher understands it. Therefore, the work first focuses on summarizing current research in the field of sarcasm, i.e. how different authors define it, especially in relation to irony. The output from the theoretical part of the work consists of two important points: in the discussion of irony, it is the adoption of the theory of contextual inappropriateness, as presented by American linguist Salvatore Attardo. When it comes to the definition of sarcasm, an approach that strictly separates pure sarcasm from irony is defended, following the texts of Polish linguists Marta Dynel and Anna Muszynska. Sarcasm as a category includes non-ironic utterances of a critical, offensive nature, which are at the same time characterized by a certain linguistic or conceptual ingenuity. The subsequent analysis of selected Chandler's humorous utterances...
How to wank princesses
Schättingerová, Nataly ; Houdek, Vladimír (referee) ; Homola, Ondřej (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis, entitled How to annoy princesses, deals with some aspects of tourism, as it manifests itself in crowded historical monuments. The personal experience of tour guide at Kost Castle offers me a perspective on the issue, with which I emphasize the common interest of the "mouflons" (i.e. castle visitors) for spectacle and sensations (fables, myths, Czech fairy tales, ghosts), which often wins over the interest in history itself. I capture the atmosphere of commercialized monuments in a grotesque way that is close to me. The goal of the work is to set a mirror to the public and ideally to stir up a debate about the decline of visitors' interest in the professional aspects of guiding or the state of the monuments themselves. The series of figurative medium-format oil paintings, supplemented by audio processing untrue facts, untrue stories and myths, indirectly follows on the book The Last Aristocrat written by Evžen Boček , which deals with a similar theme.
The Theme of Manipulation in George Orwell´s Nineteen Eighty-Four and Joseph Heller´s Catch-22
The goal of this diploma thesis is to analyse the motif of manipulation in the most renowned dystopian work of the 20th century, that is in the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by the British author George Orwell and in the anti-war satirical novel Catch-22 by America's Joseph Heller. The thesis opens with a chapter dealing with the theoretical matters of the work. This part briefly discusses the concepts related to the analysed novels. The next part of the thesis introduces the authors of the novels in question, their life journeys and development leading to the creation of their most famous novels. The final two chapters contain the analyses of the works with Orwell's novel coming in first place, followed by Catch-22. In conclusion, the author compares manipulation in both works. While analysing manipulation in the said works, the author focuses not solely on its societal impact, but also on the ways in which manipulation influences individuals in the universes created by Orwell and Heller.
The Ironic Picture of the Society in the Work of Geoffrey Chaucer and Graham Greene
LINDUŠKA, František
This diploma thesis deals with the ironic concept of the society in the texts of two great and important, yet historically very different figures, Geoffrey Chaucer and Graham Greene. Despite this historical difference, the thesis aims at the discovery of similarities in the expression of their personal attitudes towards the society in the particular period. In Chaucer's case we discuss the late-medieval English society, which stands on the edge of a new historical era and is a part of a great social change in the history of humankind. Greene's social picture is more oriented on the individual human being fighting with the modern world of the 20th century and experiencing the existential crisis caused by the two world wars. We try to follow the ironic voice that is reflected in the work of both authors and thus creates a significant character of their texts. The aim of this thesis is to find a common topic, which would mirror their ironic voice in the context of social criticism.
Possible Uses of Camp in Interpretation of Czech Contemporary Cultural Background
Proposed dissertation is focusing on specific eccentric aesthetics based on hyperboles, ambivalent meanings and ironic attitude, which in Anglo-American background is so called camp derived from French. Camp origin can be found on the court of Louis XIV, where we can notice passionate tries to cultivate affected court-style culminating in baroque metaphor of the world as a theatre. Due to impact of modernity and postmodernity, scope of the camp extended to various cultural spheres and phenomenon began to corelate through its eccentricity with common marginality, respectively with something what is different from "normality" and "genuineness" also settled schemes of perception or ways of historical reflection. Goal of proposed dissertation is based on theoretical-historical interpretations to trace mentions of camp (mainly in literature) with focus on Czech background, where its rich interpretational potential can clarify most of social-cultural tendencies.
Woman as an opponent: manifestations of sexism in magazine Maxim
Viktorinová, Lucie ; Havelková, Hana (advisor) ; Kepplová, Zuzana (referee)
The central question of this diploma thesis is, whether sexisms is a commonplace phenomenon of our society, how does this phenomenon appears in our public discourse of present-day society and how can we identify it. The diploma thesis searches the answers for this question mainly in theories of radical feminism, which are part of the second feministic wave, in present theories concerning sexism and patriarchy, in present theories about mens` lifestyle magazines and in an empirical research. Radical feminism` theories specify the manifestations of sexism. The current theories unfold the strategies through which is sexism ventilated. The empirical research then includes an analysis of Czech lifestyle magazine for men Maxim, specifically the analysis of 23 articles selected from one complete volume of this magazine, specifically 2012. The method of coding according to Strauss and Corbin was chosen as the key method. Based on the scope of this method (the selective coding part) the central category was identified and named as Women as an opponent. Its characterization and dimensional scales (in form of variable strategies) were defined as well. Key words Sexism, gender, gender order, discourse, patriarchy, mens` lifestyle magazines, Maxim, irony, axial and selective coding.
Humour during the French classes
Hanzlíková, Dana ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Machleidtová, Silva (referee)
anglicky : Title of the thesis : Humour during the French classes Keywords : Comic, irony, humour, laughter, Henri Bergson, Louis Cazamian, gelotology, gélothérapie, sense of humour, French as a foreign language, school class, word play, joke, riddle, tongue twister, didactical sheet. Abstract : The thesis aims to provide a comprehensive description of possible use of humour in teaching the French language. In the theoretical section, it defines humour as a form of comic, deals with the influence of humour and laughter on health and describes the advantages and difficulties of integrating humour into school teaching. In the practical part, it analyses the humour in French textbooks, proposes a typology of humour in teaching materials and presents finally didactical sheets to teach French at all language levels. These exercises and activities are dedicated to all speech and language skills. They are focused on different themes to captivate the target age category and meet the requirements to be fun for students. The thesis should become aid and inspiration for those teachers, who decide to incorporate humour and laughter in the teaching of French.
Larra and the Generation of 98 in the Context of the Spanish Crisis
Dvořáková, Veronika ; Sánchez Fernández, Juan Antonio (advisor) ; Poláková, Dora (referee)
The Bachelor thesis of Spanish literature deals primarily with the relationship between the so-called Generation of 98 and the 19th century romantic writer Mariano José de Larra. Its aim is to analyse the chosen work on the basis of their common elements that are mentioned below. In the first part the given authors are presented as well as the period which each of them wrote in from the historical-political point of view and relevant literary evolution. In the second part, the three common topics are analysed. In the first place, it is the irony and the satire, then the romantic elements and finally the topic and the image of Spain. Keywords Larra, Generation of 98, romantism, Spain, irony, satire
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John
Kleňha, Petr ; Mravcová, Marie (advisor) ; Holý, Jiří (referee)
Metamorphoses of Narrator in Novels of Jaromír John This diploma paper focuses on the function of the narrator and his various forms in John's prosaic work. It deals with the issue of the construction of the fictional world and how the narrator influences the reader's understanding of the described events. Primarily, we try to compare the narrative categories of the main contemporary concepts as influenced by Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan, Franz Stanzel and Lubomír Doležel. It is our terminology base. Theoretical understanding of the narrator is the basis for the analysis of John's fiction from the aspect of narrative types applied to a selected sample of author's works: the anthology of the tales with war theme Večery na slamníku, novels Moudrý Engelbert, Výbušný zlotvor, Pampovánek, Honda Cibulků; marginally Estét and other works. Concurrently this work aims to describe construction methods that are typical for John's creative style - it is mainly the use of irony, the principle of collage and documentary elements. It shows that the author's work at that time belonged to the experimental stream of Czech prose. Also, we observe the relationship between author's prose work and his aesthetic concept. We hope that we were able to, at least partially, explain the literary style of Jaromir John. His importance and...

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