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Production of corner cover
Hrdina, Vojtěch ; Ohnišťová, Petra (referee) ; Žák, Ladislav (advisor)
The project elaborated design of injection mould for production of corner cover, which serves to protect a reprobox from mechanical damage. The production possibilities were considered at the beginning. The injection molding technology was chosen from available technologies. The first part of the thesis is theoretic, plastics and injection molding are investigated. The choice of suitable polymer and the entire draft of mold is in the second part of thesis. The final mold is two-cavity with cold runner system. The technical and economic assessment of the proposal is carried out in the last part of thesis.
Optimization of technological parameters of injection plastic parts
Ulrich, Josef ; Kebrle, Ondřej (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This thesis describes the optimalization of technological parameters during commissioning of injection mold manufacturing. In the introduction, there is general literary studies of plastics, injection molds, injection holding machine, injection holding technology and their effect on quality. The practical part includes an analysis of current state, calculation of injection parameters, moldflow analysis and sampling on the machine. Finally, there is choice of optimal injection holding parameters, design of workplace and technical-economic evaluation.
Design of manufacturing technology for plastic mount carbon
Fojtík, Jakub ; Mořkovský, Václav (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design of injection moulding technology for plastic holder of carbon brushes made of polycarbonate labelled Lexan 945A. The injection is performed into injection mould with hot runner system. Initially there is general study related to plastics and injection moulding technology. Further the study continues with injection moulds with hot runners and ends with computer analysis of injection moulding process. The designed injection mould for production of plastic holders is three-plate, double cavity mould with four hot nozzles and one parting plane, where one of the plates serves for mounting of the hot runner system inside the mould. This work contains part of the drawing documentation and item list of the injection mould. The selected injection moulding machine is Arburg Allrounder 370 U labelled 700-290 according to EUROMAP.
Design of manufacturing technology for car carpet
Kavan, David ; Žák, Ladislav (referee) ; Kandus, Bohumil (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is design of a manufacturing technology for car carpet made from a thermoplastic elastomer. Car carpet will be produced by injection molding with a hot runner system in a series of 42 000 units per year. At first there is an analysis of the current technologies, enclosed with a summary of reasons for the changes in manufacturing technology. Then following is a general review of the literature relating to plastic materials and injection molding technology. In the practical part a suitable material is chosen, injection molding machine is chosen according to calculated technological parameters and a conceptual design of an injection mold for car carpet is executed. The last part is a technical and economical evaluation comparing the current production technology with the newly proposed technology.