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Development and implementation of information systems - copyright and related aspects
Cholasta, Roman ; Dobřichovský, Tomáš (advisor) ; Holcová, Irena (referee)
Development and implementation of information systems - copyright and related aspects Abstract This thesis "Development and implementation of information systems - copyright and related aspects" as indicated in its title focuses on copyright and related aspects which are relevant in information systems development and implementation projects. The thesis is divided into seven chapters. After the first chapter which is an introduction the second chapter follows in which the author provides the main definition of this thesis - information system as well as other terms which this thesis utilizes and legal definitions cannot be relied upon. Computer programs are focused on the most in this thesis but other parts of information systems are mentioned as well (particularly databases, graphic user interface and other parts). Chapter three follows with definitions of the most important parts of information systems and means of their protection by the law. One of the subchapters is dedicated to the topic of forms of computer program as the key part of an information system, limitations of author's rights as well as databases. The thesis also offers ideas concerning impact on copyright when using the modern machine learning technology. The fourth chapter describes relevant copyright aspects regarding development of...
Návrh a implementace webové aplikace pro autobazar
Slabý, David
This Bachelor thesis is focused on an analysis of company processes of a used car dealer and on design and implementation of a web application prototype. The application enables the user to keep a record of information about the cars and to print documents of desired structure. In the theoretical part the essential terms of information systems are clarified and the used technologies are described that are related to the UML modelling and modern web application development. The practical part is devoted to a design of a new system solution that is based on company processes analysis and on the specific requirements. Included is also the implementation of the application and its testing in operation.
Implementácia Identity Access Managementu v bankovom sektore
Dobrík, Jakub
This thesis documents the process of creating fully automated and autonomous robot, which will provide the creation of accesses to company's information systems and applications. The thesis contains the analysis of current state, which is the base for a design of a new solution that follows. The design is composed of creating new, as well as editing the current processes for creating accesses. Subsequently, the creation and configuration of an email server, as part of the solution, is described. Next follows the implementation of robot itself, using the tool BluePrism. The thesis is ended by testing the created solution and a discussion about using this solution in other companies.
Automatizácia spracovania auditorských dát
Papuláková, Petra
In my thesis I engage into automation of data in auditing firm. Theoretical part includes basics of audit in firms and Information Systems (IS). Furthermore, there are described more ways to grasp the issue of automation. I am comparing macros in MS Excel with modern method of robotic automation. In practical part I am comparing these alternatives and seeking ideal solution for auditing firm that I chose.
Implementácia inovácií a rozšírenie funkcionality systému Microsoft Dynamics NAV podľa aktuálnych trendov
Mudronček, Ivan
This master’s thesis focuses on design and creation of extensions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV information system. Thesis includes analysis of system’s internal structure, it’s objects, posibilities of extending this system and it’s distribution as a Docker container. Three versions of extension were created, based on previously mentioned methods and customer’s requests. Subsequently, the specific versions are evaluated with possibilities of their further development and deployment.
Systém pre podporu cateringovej spoločnosti
Mallo, Michal
System for Support of Catering Company, Bachelor Thesis, Brno 2018 The bachelor thesis deals with the field of information systems. It aims to increase efficiency in the production process to increase revenue, improving awareness and competitiveness of a com- pany’s ability to use a website on internet communication with customers. The information system will be developed for catering Panorama Club as a web app that will be split into a presentation and the administrative part.
Analýza a návrh informačního systému pro zubní ordinace
Fiala, Jiří
This bachelor thesis is interested about analysis and design of information system for dental surgery. For the creating analysis and design will be used object oriented approach. Based on the results of UML diagrams in CASE tools will be created a prototype of information system. Final solution will be implemented using by script language PHP, HTML, cascading style sheets and database system MySQL. A part of bachelor thesis gonna be an economic assessment of infor-mation system.
Návrh informačního systému traktoru s interaktivním ovládáním prostřednictvím HMI
Jukl, Michal
The dissertation thesis "Design of the Information System of Tractor with Interactive Control by HMI" focuses on the theory of ergonomics of the agricultural tractor cab in the context of the coexistence of standard tactile controls and innovative solutions with touch screen support. The thesis illustratively presents on model examples how an extensive set of information from different disciplines is necessary to meet the goal of synergy of anthropometric or biomechanical properties of the operator and working environment and conditions. This chapter introduces the next section, which details the integration of HMI in the tractor cab. Again, type solutions are demonstrated and there is created a knowledge base on the individual conceptual approaches of the manufacturers. The synthesis of information from the theoretical part of the thesis is projected into its experimental part, whose nature is mainly developmental and purpose-built within the project for the producers of Zetor Tractors, a.s. At first, there are defined solution attributes from various points of view, from which the design and implementation of hardware and software parts is coming out. The physical design of the terminal was carried out in a prototype solution by printing from a thermoplastic polymer. The chapter about terminal software also describes a solution that considers the chosen concept of the information system that is a part of mentioned project. Terminal will run Linux operating system and will work as a web services client. This chapter contains source code fragments to illustrate the selected concept. Due to the scope of the project and the focus of the work, certain parts of the technical solution are only outlined, but the description clearly shows the close connection between the development of the terminal and the central tractor system. It follows from the foregoing that simply verifying the functionality of the terminal is not sufficient for the experiment itself, therefore the whole prototype solution was tested for a specific task in the field of the hydraulic system of the tractor. In contrast to a conventional hydraulic regulator solution, attention was paid to the fuzzy regulator in this study, and the results of the experiment are listed in the relevant chapter. The conclusion of the thesis then focuses on the development of the system and its capabilities in the concept of Agriculture 4.0.
G Suite at Universities: Possible Benefits and Risks
Macek, Martin ; Haupt, Jaromír (referee) ; Ellederová, Eva (advisor)
Cílem této bakalářské práce je popsat a porovnat informační systémy čtyř českých univerzit, konkrétně Vysokého učení technického v Brně, Masarykovy univerzity, Univerzity Tomáš Bati ve Zlíně a Mendelovy univerzity v Brně. Práce se zaměřuje na celkový vzhled a design popsaných informačních systémů, se zaměřením na organizaci, přehlednost a navigaci mezi moduly a aplikacemi systémů. Navíc se bakalářská práce zaměřuje na konkrétní moduly informačních systémů, zejména na rozvrhy, emaily a zprávy, úložiště souborů a systémy řízení výuky – tyto moduly jsou analyzovány a hodnoceny studenty daných univerzit v praktické části práce. Dále práce analyzuje a popisuje Google Aplikace, jejich bezpečnost a soukromí a praktická část také zjišťuje užívání Google Aplikací v osobní a univerzitním životě. Práce rovněž diskutuje a soustředí se na synchronizaci a konverzi informačních systému s G Suite vyplývající z výsledků kvantitativního výzkumného šetření.
Business Process Analysis
Mička, David ; Burget, Radek (referee) ; Hruška, Tomáš (advisor)
The goal of this thesis is to design a method of business process analysis, with the focus on process optimalization by using Predictive Maintenance, creation of a suitable prototype for this method and evaluation of practical applicability. The basis of this thesis is the research of study group led by W.M.P. van der Aalst revolving around process mining and tools for his examination. The same study group also created the program ProM used in this thesis.

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