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Dopady epidemie COVID-19 na cestovní ruch na Bali pohledem obyvatel České republiky žijících na ostrově
Čutová, Jana
The bachelor's thesis deals with the effects of Covid-19 on society and tourism on the island of Bali. Based on the literature, the basic concepts of tourism, the Covid-19 pandemic, the characteristics of the selected area are explained and then the impacts of Covid-19 on tourism are identified from the point of view of the residents of the Czech Republic living in Bali. The aim of the work was to outline how the situation affected tourism and how it affected life on the island. The presented work depicts a decrease in foreign tourists and a significant increase in unemployment. Furthermore, the impacts are analyzed in terms of qualitative data obtained based on the results of semistructured interviews with Czech-speaking residents of the island of Bali. The obtained results show that the situation has greatly affected life in Bali in terms of the established government regulations, which have restricted movement in public places, suspended international and domestic tourism and closed public spaces. The implemented measures subsequently led to the loss of employment and previous income. Based on the chosen method, it is evaluated that the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have significantly affected tourism and strongly affected the economic and socio-economic sphere.
Change of market value of foreign players in selected European competetions
Do, Thanh Tung ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: Changes in the size of market values of foreign players in selected European competitions. Objectives: The changes in the market values of foreign players will be observed in ten consecutive seasons starting from 2011/12. The top football competitions from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Poland and Hungary will be examined. Based on the results obtained, the best transfer station, or environment in which a player can prove his qualities and then move up in his career, will be determined. Method: The unit difference of all players in thousands of euros was calculated. Then the average changes of all players in each season were calculated for each country separately. The same procedure was repeated in percentages to determine the real change. For a better idea, both these values were graphically recorded. Results: The values achieved by the players in this competition were many times higher than in the other competitions. Compared to the Czech Republic on average across seasons, the result in unit terms is more than six times higher. In terms of percentage change across seasons, the measured values are more than three times higher. Poland recorded the second largest unit average growth across seasons. However, the Czech Republic is better in percentage growth across seasons. For the...

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