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The impacts of parental divorce that occurred during childhood on the life of a young adult
Koberová, Daniela ; Cooke, Dana (advisor) ; Cimbál, Václav (referee)
The bachelor's thesis examines the impact of parental divorce experienced during childhood on young adults. Its aim was to determine whether young adults perceive the effects of their parents' divorce even with temporal distance into their early adulthood. If so, what are these effects and what do they believe causes them? The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part presents the theoretical framework, drawing from professional literature by both Czech and international authors. It focuses on family dynamics, divorce, children's reactions, and the influences to which they are subjected during marital dissolution. The second part focuses on the research methodology. It introduces the research objectives, main research questions, sample description, methods, research data, their summary, and comparison in the discussion. Given the theme of my bachelor's thesis, I chose a mixed research method that combines quantitative and qualitative approaches. During data collection, I utilized the Sequential Explanatory Design, where quantitative investigation is followed by qualitative elucidation. The research was conducted in two phases of data collection. In the first phase, respondents were sent a questionnaire to gather both research data and information about the respondents themselves....
International Sport Events and Regional Integration: Case study of World Football Championships in Republic of South Africa and Qatar
Křivský, Martin ; Riegl, Martin (advisor) ; Parízek, Michal (referee)
This thesis examines the impact of international sporting events on regional integration. The main aim of the thesis is to provide a new perspective on how top sporting events such as the World Cup affect international relations and cooperation between different countries and regions. The thesis focuses on the analysis of two specific cases: the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. These two countries present unique settings in terms of political, economic and social aspects, allowing for a comparison of impacts in different regional and geopolitical settings. The paper summarizes findings from relevant literature on mega-event theory and regional integration and, through a comparative analysis of two selected cases, shows whether and how international sporting events contribute to improved relations and integration at the regional level.
Birth injuries and their impact on women
KROTKÁ, Eliška
The bachelor thesis is focused on the topic of birth injuries and their impact on women. The thesis includes a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis describes the types of birth injuries, the reasons for their occurrence and preventive methods. Attention is also given to the diagnosis and treatment of birth injuries and the care of a midwife for birth injuries during the six-week postpartum period. At the end of the theoretical part are summarized the most common impacts on women related to birth injuries. For the practical part of the bachelor thesis were established three objectives and four hypotheses. The first objective was to determine the most common problems women face in relation to third and fourth degree perineal tears. For this objective were determined two hypotheses. H1: Women with third and fourth degreee perineal tears have problems in their sex life. H2: More than 75% of women with third and fourth degree perineal tears experience unwanted gas leakage. The second objective of the bachelor thesis was to map out the role of a midwife in caring for birth injuries. One hypothesis was established for this objective: H3: The role of a midwife in caring for birth injuries involves educating women in this area. The purpose of the third objective was to determine women's awareness in caring for their birth injuries. For this objective was chosen one hypothesis: H4: Women obtain information regarding the care of birth injuries more from midwives than from doctor. The goals were achieved through quantitative research using online questionnaires. The questionnaire contained 18 questions: six closed questions, eleven semi-closed questions where multiple answers could be selected, including an "other" option, and one open-ended question. Statistical processing of all questionnaires was done in Microsoft Excel. The research sample consisted of 620 women who gave birth between March 2019 and January 2024, and who had third and fourth degree perineal tears or an episiotomy during childbirth. Out of the total of 620 respondents, birth injuries had an impact on 446 respondents, while 174 respondents did not experience any problems related to birth injuries. The research revealed that birth injuries (episiotomy and third and fourth degree perineal tears) had an impact on more than 70% of respondents. It was also found that almost 35% of respondents were not educated on the care of birth injuries during hospitalization. Out of the four hypotheses, hypotheses H1, H3 and H4 were confirmed, while hypothesis H2 was not confirmed.
Impact of mobile phones on English
Smirnova, Ekaterina ; Froehling, Kenneth (referee) ; Sedláček, Pavel (advisor)
Tento semestrální projekt je zaměřen na zjištění všech důležitých aspektů, které odrážejí vliv mobilních telefonů na anglický jazyk. Práce ukáže všechny změny a příklady různých jevů, které způsobil tento objev, jenž byl vynalezen v 21. století a ovlivnil svět moderní komunikace.
Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics in Structural Dynamics
Hušek, Martin ; Králik,, Juraj (referee) ; Maňas,, Pavel (referee) ; Kala, Jiří (advisor)
The focus of the thesis is on the application of the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) method in structural dynamics with an emphasis on usage of quasi-brittle materials. The first part is focused on the introduction, history, and theoretical background of SPH. Numerical examples in which strengths and weaknesses of SPH are shown follow. In addition to pure SPH models, several coupling approaches with the Finite Element Method (FEM) are also discussed. After the introduction of SPH, the focus is on quasi-brittle materials and their reinforced variants. The numerical concept and mathematical background of the Continuous Surface Cap Model are outlined, several benchmarks are presented. Strain-rate effects and their impact on pure SPH and coupled SPH-FEM models are evaluated next. In this section, the author proposes a new approach for SPH models reinforcement with FEM beam elements. The coupling approach was named sublayer coupling and shows a potential in simulations while the SPH tensile instability is alleviated. Since concrete is often associated with heterogeneity and very specific material structure, a unique algorithm for concrete structure generation in combination with SPH is proposed in the next chapter. The concept is based on utilization of coherent noise functions which can bring a variability to numerical models. It has been proved that the algorithm is robust, stable, and easy to implement into the SPH framework. With regard to that, the so-called numerical heterogeneity, a concept of parameters variability implementation, is introduced together with examples. The last part of the thesis is dedicated to the application of SPH in real experiments. The first experiment focuses on a high velocity impact. The second experiment deals with an explosion in which the focus is on both the loaded specimen and charge. Since SPH simulates the explosive, detonation products, and the loaded specimen, it is a fully coupled fluid-structure interaction simulation.
The EU Enlargement in the Context of the Financial and Economic Crisis
Nguyen, Gary ; Malý, Martin (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the enlargement of the EU in the context of the impact of the financial and subsequent economic crisis. The thesis is divided into chapters. The first chapter introduces the causes and impacts of the crisis. The following chapter focuses on the performance history of the EU and the reasons for its expansion. The third section presents the current candidate and potential candidate countries in terms of their productivity and the development of relations with the EU. The last chapter identifies possible solutions proposed and attitudes towards expanding this unity. It is also analyzed the main objective of the work. The conclusion summarizes the findings of the thesis.
Strain and stress analysis of the car buffer zone under impact loading
Nedělka, Pavel ; Obdržálek, Vít (referee) ; Vrbka, Jan (advisor)
The master thesis deals with a stress-strain analysis of the front crash structure of a race car by using the finite element method. The structure is loaded by an impact loading. This type of analysis belongs to the transient analysis so the explicit formulation of the finite element method is used. The LS-DYNA software was used for calculations. The goal of this thesis is to express the influence of the crash structure to the change of the car's kinetic energy as well as the amount of absorbed energy in case of frontal impact.
Impact of Euro Implementation on Corporation Finance
Hrabec, Filip ; Trojan, Ladislav (referee) ; Breinek, Pavel (advisor)
This master's thesis analyzes the impact of euro implementation on corporation finance of a particular company. Czech Republic's accesion to the monetary union will entail positive and negative changes that will affect all entities in the economy. In this thesis, these impacts are analyzed and their expected net effect on the company is determined. The conclusion is focused on the evaluation of the impact of the single currency on the company, identification of the main risks associated with the necessary transformations and suggestion of the recommendations that will help the company to a successful transition to the euro.
Decision Risks Management Methods
Janošík, Petr ; Chudý, Peter (referee) ; Kreslíková, Jitka (advisor)
This thesis deals with the matter of risk managament in IT projects. It explains the importance of risk management in such projects and shows different ways and methods of managing and analyzing the risks. After explaining the basic concepts and the various phases of risk management the text focuses on two methods of risk analysis - the fault tree analysis of event tree analysis. Use of both methods is explained for both quantitative and qualitative analyses. The second half of the work includes the design of an application for the support of risk analysis employing the methods of fault tree analysis and event tree analysis. This is followed by a description of the implementation of the proposed system in a web environment using jQuery, Nette Framework and Dibi.

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