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Teacher under pupils'view at a primary school
Pávová, Michaela ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Uhlířová, Jana (referee)
DIPLOMOVÁ PRÁCE Učitel očima žáků na 1. stupni základní školy A teachear from the view of students of a primary school Michaela Pávová ABSTRACT The presented theses is focused on topics, which are connected with teaching styles or more precisely with the image of the techear from the view of students (of forth and fifth grade of primary school education). Theoretical part describes techear as a personality, his professional skills and teaching styles (approaches to students). Empirical part describes process and conclusions of research, in which students of forth and fifth grade of primary education czech system describe their ideal teacher. Children opinions are expressed by words and images as well. The results were processed by designed criterions KEYWORDS ideal teacher, teaching styles, pupil, teacher's skills, teacher's personality
Personality of a Teacher in Students' Perception
Svobodová, Ludmila ; Janošová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Vágnerová, Marie (referee)
The Master thesis with the name "Personality of a Teacher in Students' Perception" is divided into two parts - a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part is divided into four chapters. The first chapter focuses on the personality of a teacher. It describes some typologies of a teacher's personality, individual stages of the teaching profession and selected factors influencing the teacher's personality. The second chapter describes the role of a teacher, the content of his work, and the occupational load which is connected to the teaching profession. Further, it addresses teachers dealing with the burnout syndrome. The third chapter briefly presents the topic of pedagogical communication and the Pygmalion effect. The fourth chapter examines the student - teacher relationship. It aims to describe the characteristics and the significance of this relationship, by which factors it is influenced and what a pedagogue can do for a good relationship. In the second, empirical part, this thesis presents the findings' summary of a quantitative research, which was carried out among students in the form of questionnaires. The aim of this research thesis is to find out how students perceive the teacher's personality, what they value the most about teachers, what they find important about the...
The idea of a female and male teacher in the perspective of students at lower secondary schools
Procházková, Martina ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Jarkovská, Lucie (referee)
This thesis is looking into problematics of children's view of teachers from gender perspective. It compares idea of typical male and female teacher, idea of ideal male and female teacher and also characteristics of actual male and female teachers. Main subject of this research is, if and how much is an ideal model of a teacher and children's real life experience influenced by a gender stereotype. Several researches have proven, that pedagogical personality and the way it is received has a major impact on studying effectiveness and attitudes towards school. These particular research uses quantitative methodology. Specifically a questionnaire survey. Several students of elementary school filled three questionnaires. First focused on imagine of typical male and female teacher, seconds focused on imagine of ideal model of a male and female teacher and third focused on description of a real-life teacher. The analysis will present a comparison of typical, ideal and real-life teachers and if gender has an impact on those three categories (typical, ideal and real-life teacher). This research is based and is expanding research of typical teacher published fifteen years ago (Moravcová-Smetáčková, 2003) and will be comparing the outcomes. Key words: gender, gender stereotypes, pedagogical personality,...
Interaction style of novice teachers in the process of establishing their authority
Pecoldová, Veronika ; Šaroch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Bendl, Stanislav (referee)
This diploma thesis is concerned with authority of a novice teacher based on their usage of his or her interaction style in a classroom. The aim of this thesis is to find out how teachers and their pupils perceive particular interaction styles of a teacher with regard to establishing and using their authority. The theoretical part of this thesis consists of three chapters. The first chapter deals with the terms authority and teacher's authority, emphasizing pupils' point of view and in connection with this introduces its classification of authority types. The next chapter inquires into interpersonal behaviour of a teacher, definition of their interaction style and ways of its detection in practise. The third chapter is concerned with the issues of novice teacher emphasizing their problems in interaction with their pupils which can appear at the beginning of their professional career. Practical part is primarily based on a quantitative inquiry implemented with the help of modified standardized questionnaires QTI investigating the interaction style of a teacher. Their task was to give feedback to the teachers who participated in the inquiry and discover how the interaction models of novice teachers differ from their pupils' versions, alternatively among particular classes. The questionnaires were...
The ideal teacher through the eyes of children at first grade of primary school
Černá, Dominika ; Pavlas Martanová, Veronika (advisor) ; Mašková, Anna (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is focused on discovery of possible "perfect teacher for elementary school children" based on results from qualitative research. Theoretical part of thesis is focused on, among others, the teacher as a person, his appearance and demeanor, teaching as a profession and teacher's authority. It's also covering topics such as specific pedagogic methods and skills, relationship between teacher and pupils, their evaluation and inappropriate behavior of teachers towards them. In this thesis, I'm working with children from younger school age, definition and further characteristics of this term is also part of the thesis. As well as some teacher's typologies. Empirical part on the other hand provides analysis and comparison of results from group activities of elementary school students. Research was conducted on two different elementary schools in Prague, where pupils (divided into two groups) were tasked with paining their visualization of perfect and worst possible teacher. After the painting was done, further discussion regarding specific remarks and reasoning took a place. Qualitative research was conducted by grounded theory method, specifically with painting and discussion. The final objective of this thesis is to find out, who is the best, and the worst, possible teacher for...
The ideal teacher in the accordance with the pupils of the elementary school.
The diploma thesis is focusing on the topic of the ideal teacher and its viewing by students. The thesis is tracking the differences between pupils' perception and the theory basis; there are also described differences between girls and boys and their perception. The goal of the thesis is finding out how students imagine the ideal teacher. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the requirements for the teacher's job and then there are competences of teachers that are necessary for this job and are the important for reaching the state of the ideal teacher. The theoretical basis is fundamental for the following comparison with outputs of the practical part of the thesis. The practical part of the thesis presents the data that were gained by the questionnaire that was distributed in two primary schools on their upper level. The questionnaire shows preferences of pupils about the issue of the ideal teacher and his or her characteristics.

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