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Tracked vehicle for transport of the pallets
Blažek, Martin ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design of a remotely controlled tracked vehicle for the transport of pallets on unstable ground. The aim of the work is to make a short research of similar tracked transport machines and to design concept including choice of vehicle drive, design of pallet lifting equipment and strength calculations of sub-parts.
Undercarriage of the tracked excavators and dozers
Hampl, Pavel ; Škopán, Miroslav (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the tracked undercarriage of excavators and dozers. The first part defines basic information about the tracked excavators and dozers. The second part is devoted to the analysis of the current concept of the tracked undercarriage of excavators and dozers. The third part compares the used drive systems and mechanisms with regard to efficiency and economy.
Drive systems wheeling mechanisms of mobile working machines
Voburka, Tomáš ; Hloušek, David (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
ABSTRACT This bachelor thesis is describing current conceptual solutions of drive systems wheeling mechanisms of mobile working machines. It compares the different types of torque transmission from combustion engine to wheels in terms of efficiency, type of chassis and way of driving. It also focuses on the anticipated developmental trends of drive system.
Mixed-flow submersible water pump driven by hydrostatic motor
Para, Marcel ; Ranuša, Matúš (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
Bachelor thesis solves the problem of a submersible, diagonal hydrostatic pump. This study describes the basic principles of hydraulics and equipment. The possibility of engaging the hydrostatic system as an amphibious vehicle is investigated in the Bachelor thesis. The work is written in cooperation with the sponsor of HYDRAULIC RESEARCH CENTRE, spol. S.r.o., which is part of SPL Holding., Inc.
Hydrostatic drive of multi-purpose loader DAPPER
Vydra, Tomáš ; Merenda, Lukáš (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with design of hydrostatic drive for multipurpose loader and tool carrier DAPPER. At the beginning is research of different basic concepts and modern solutions to the problem, aided by a detailed description of competitive machine in the same performance category. Extensive comparison with other producers is included in the annexes to this thesis. Furthermore, a theoretical driving characteristic and its appropriateness is examined further on the basis of two model situations. The calculations of the individual components of the hydraulic circuit precedes drive kinematics analysis of articulated machine frame, on it final conception of hydrostatic drive is chosen. Firstly hydromotors and hydogenerator are chosen on the grounds of calculations then hydraulic hoses, filters and flow divider. Next chapters are aimed to calculations of hydraulic losses and thermal calculation of hydraulic circuit. Final part deals with introduction the final characteristics of drive. The practical parts of the work are assembly drawings with main power components and hydraulic schematic of drive.
Determination of efficiency of hydraulic drive with recuperation
Kobza, Michal ; Robenek, Dětřich (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
In the first part of the thesis is determined efficacy criterion for the individual operating modes of the experimental stand with energy recovery and subsequently are evaluated the records of individual measurements. Energy savings are calculated with using energy recovery. The second part describes the process of digitizing relative fuel consumption map of the engine. Results are confronted with a real application engine in the road roller Ammann AP 240 H. In addition, the master thesis describes the creation of hydrostatic converter block in the program MATLAB/Simulink 2012b. Creating block can be used in the development of simulation models.
Test bench for analysis of energy recovery in experimental vehicle
Indruch, Jiří ; Čermák, Jan (referee) ; Nevrlý, Josef (advisor)
The diploma thesis deals with design of an experimental test bench for recovery energy simulation at machines with hydrostatic energy transmission. This work describes choice of connection and selection of hydrostatic and other components. A first part of the thesis deals with calculation and design of the flywheel whose is its rotational kinetic energy corresponds in a certain scale to translational kinetic energy of the experimental vehicle. The thesis outlines the efficiency of transformation of rotational kinetic energy to pressure energy its accumulation and subsequent conversion back to rotational kinetic energy. Precise determination of the effectiveness of hydrostatic recovery is one of the objectives of experiments that will be implemented at the test bench. The task of the measurement and physical-technical analysis to be conducted at the manufactured test bench is primarily to obtain data at for the precise control of the hydrostatic energy recovery system to maximize its efficiency.
Drive systems wheeling mechanisms of mobile working machines
Koukal, Vít ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Škopán, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor theses is focused on possibilities of wheeling mechanisms of mobile working machines. Part of the theses is dedicated to categorization of transfer torque from combustion engine to wheels with emphasis to efficiency and suitability of all conception for specific use.

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