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Collection of exercises from financial mathematics for secondary schools of economics
The aim of this bachelor's thesis was to compile a collection of solved examples from financial mathematics for high schools with economic specialization. The solved examples are focused on wages, financial household management and investment products (specifically on savings accounts, time deposits, a construction loan and supplementary pension savings). The starting point for the formation of tasks were Curriculum frameworks for business schools. In the process of creating exercises, emphasis was put on the development of crucial competencies with the Curriculum frameworks for business schools in the process of tasks.
Management of a contributory organization
The aim of this diploma thesis was to develop a proposal for improved use of funds in a contributory school facility. The work consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part tries to briefly explain the topics related to the management of the contributory organization and the basic concepts used in financial analysis, non-profit sector and school facilities. The practical part is focused on the analysis of the finances of the contributory organization and the financial analysis was used. Sources of funding, school expenditures and financial results are mapped for the period 2016-2020. At the end of the work is an evaluation and recommendations for improved financial management.
Fixed Assets in a Selected Municipality
KOPICOVÁ, Veronika
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of fixed assets in a selected municipality. The aim of the thesis is to analyse fixed assets in the selected municipality and, on the basis of the facts identified, to propose possible ideas leading to improvement of the existing state of assets and management. It focuses on the position of the selected municipality in property issues. It also analyses the composition of the municipality's assets using vertical and horizontal analysis and specifies the most important components of the property. In addition, the responsibility associated with the management of assets, the management and analysis of the internal organization directive of fixed assets are analysed. The outcome of the thesis is to evaluate the situation of the municipality and to suggest options to improve the current situation.
Model solution for rainwater management in selected types of residential buildings
Šoustal, Michal ; Rajnochová, Markéta (referee) ; Ručka, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis contains a model solution for rainwater management, where certain measures are proposed for selected types of residential buildings. Its aim is to propose the economic use of precipitation for the benefit of the population and the environment. The introductory part is acquainted with water supply networks, rainwater quality and legal legislation. The theoretical part describes the individual infiltration and retention devices that are used today. The following are mathematical methods and procedures that have been applied in the research. The theoretical part also describes possible subsidy programs for the use of financial support for rainwater capture. The research began with a survey and then an analysis of the public and private space in which the buildings are located and the remaining data were performed from ČSN standards. In the practical part, hydrometeorological calculations were performed, then according to the identified legal requirements, measures were subsequently proposed for implementation. The indicative budget of the proposed measures was prepared by calculating aggregated RTS prices. Followed by subsidy contributions, which may cover part of the costs of the measures created.
Evaluation of Economy of Selected Non Profit Organization
Moudrá, Anna ; Durdová, Vladimíra (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the economy of allowance organization, which is the Elementary School Hodějice. The first part contains the theoretical knowledge on the selected topic. The second part analysis the assessment of economics. The conclusion of the bachelor thesis are own proposals and measures leading to the improvement of the elementary school.
Economic Literacy of Headmaster
Blažková, Vlasta ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Krutská, Dagmar (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with examining the economic literacy of a headmaster. The topic has been chosen because of the belief that a good financial management is important for the development of a school. Another reason for the choice is the fact that there is virtually no set of unambiguously defined responsibilities and no set of suggested knowledge in the economic area which would provide guidance for headmaster in his work. The aim of the theoretical part is to find the necessary information, to define the key terms and to place the economics of the school management into the legislative framework. The practical (research) part examines the actual state of knowledge and the activity of headmasters in the financial management of the school. The difficulty, the risk of financial management in relation to other managerial activities and the comparability of different types and sizes of schools are also examined here. The outcome of this thesis is to give the definition and the content of the economic and financial literacy of a headmaster. It is also to determine the level of the financial literacy of the interviewed headmasters. KEYWORDS: Headmaster, economic literacy, financial literacy, decision-making authority, responsibilities of the headmaster, delegation of responsibilities, financial...
Media Market in the Czech Republic in the Context of Contemporary Economic Development
Machková, Marta ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The work focuses on mapping the current situation in the media market in the Czech Republic. It examines in particular the impact of current economic situation in the media organizations. Media behave in the marketplace as commercial enterprises (except public Czech Television and Czech Radio - for comparison are also included in the work), their main objective is to generate profit. Media organizations derive revenue primarily from advertising specified, are therefore dependent on the financial system as a whole. If advertisers due to unfavorable economic situation restricts the publication of advertisements in the media, media organizations will automatically drop revenues, resulting in running the organization. The work investigates how the specific effects of the decline in economic activity in media organizations. For an overall analysis of the main characters in particular those such as revenue from principal activities of the organization, the total profit or changes in staffing. The work describes in detail the operations in 2008 and 2009 for companies Borgis, Economia, Ringier, Barrandov TV Studio, První zpravodajská, Lagardere Active ČR, Mafra, CET 21, Česká televize (Czech Television) and Český rozhlas (Czech Radio). The analysis is complemented by theoretical texts, which approximates the...
Headmaster of School with Legal personality, Economics of Educational institutions and Management of Educational Process
Zachová, Marie ; Marková, Jana (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The work of the headmaster of the primary school, which founder is village, is very exacting due to its variety. The headmaster's rule is to be a manager, teacher and state administrator all at once. He must have the basic knowledge of economy, law, human resources management, upbringing and education. The main intention of this dissertation is to notice headmaster's competences and responsibilities and to clarify the management process of the education, the process of the school economy, the procedure of the administration. This dissertation is focused on the comparison of the time percentage that headmaster must dedicate to the education management, economy management, administration and additional organization managerial activity.
Legal regulation of economic management including book-keeping of the association of unit owners
Šmejkalová, Veronika ; Zahradníčková, Marie (advisor) ; Horáček, Tomáš (referee)
- Legal regulation of economic management including book- keeping of the association of unit owners The thesis aims to provide summary of legal rules regulating the economic management of the association of unit owners (hereinafter referred to as "association"). Economic management, the key term, is treated in a very broad sense, i.e. including legal regulations addressing related areas of accounting, salaries and taxes. Comparison of former and current legal regulation lies in the focus of the thesis, also included is an assessment of practical impacts of changes induced by recent private law recodification. The thesis also brings quite a few practical examples, showing application of both former and current legal regulation. The thesis comprises seven chapters. The first, prologue chapter, presents the object and goal of the thesis. The second chapter presents definitions of general legal terms used in the area of joint ownership of dwellings. The general term economic management of the association is also presented here as comprising two separate areas, those areas being assets management and cash management. The third chapter deals with association's assets management, focusing on administration of entrusted assets, i.e. of the land plots and common elements of the building. Also presented in...
Public law aspects of municipal waste management
Chmelík, Václav ; Kopecký, Martin (advisor) ; Millerová, Ivana (referee)
The thesis called Public law aspects of municipal property management deals with the topic of property management of the territorial self-governing units. The basic units are municipalities and the higher-level territorial administrative units are regions. Municipalities and regions have a legal personality and are public corporations which may have their own property and manage their own budget. Management and disposal of the self-governing units own property and it is one of the fundamental aspects of local government in the Czech Republic. The aim of this thesis is to provide an analysis of the main public law aspects disposition of the property of self-governing units. The thesis is composed of the three sections. The first two sections are focused on the general terms and principles, without which it would be impossible to comprehend more details the disposal of municipal property itself which is discussed in the third section. The first section describes the definition of territorial self-governing units, especially its position as a subject of property rights. There is also described the definition of property and division of property according to the different criteria. The second section deals with the management of municipal property. There are described basic obligations of the...

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