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Horizon and Alterity in Husserl
Lünser, Julian Alexander ; Novotný, Karel (advisor) ; Brudzinska, Jagna (referee)
Julian Lünser Master's Thesis Master Erasmus Mundus: Europhilosophie Charles University, Prague 5th May 2023 Abstract Horizon and Alterity in Husserl The problem of alterity was not thematised frontally by Husserl, in contrast to the work of later phenomenologists. Notwithstanding, following the thesis that is defended here, it is possible to conceive of an implicit conception of alterity in Husserl's writings. Such a conception shows itself in a more precise analysis of Husserl's concept of the horizon which stands in an ambivalent relation to alterity: On the one hand, the horizon structure refers to a non-given excess, and thus opens up alterity; on the other hand, this excess is always already, at least minimally, prescribed and hence withdraws the otherness from the alterity. This ambivalent relation is described in the course of this master's thesis on different levels. This allows to distinguish between the alterity of the immediately appearing, exemplified by things and the own self, and the alterity of the mediately appearing, such as the other person. While it is possible to directly explicate and hence test the horizons of the immediatly appearing, such a possibility is not given for the apperception of the mediately appearing. In addition, the temporal structure of the appearance of alterity is...
Piece of heaven
Schulz, Jan ; Dvořák, Filip (referee) ; Chamonikolasová, Kaliopi (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis A Piece of Heaven deals with the theme of the effort exerted in order to achieve an illusory goal. I depict the space of primary desire in the work through ultramarine landscapes with hills. The only thing that man has in this landscape is curiosity, which constantly pushes him to move forward and try to acquire new experiences that are extremely precious for our lives.
Boundary and relationship to its surroundings
Linhart, Tomáš ; Bláha, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fulková, Marie (referee)
Linhart, T: The borderline and the relationship to its surroundings. [Diploma thesis] Praha 2015 Charles University, Faculty of Education, Department of Art Education, 71 p. (Attachments on CD: 2 illustration attachments). The diploma thesis features a theoretical study on the background of the author's own artwork. The text interprets the borderline as a horizon that would emerge and vanish. It presents the author's own artistic grasp of the theme in context of selected trends in fine arts. Author seeks to define the boundary of fine arts and art education to establish a foundation to his own pedagogic determination. He shows what theoretical frameworks take part on shaping his own professional direction. The didactic part looks at select situations from the author's teaching practice that already took place and reflects them in context of author's other pedagogic experience. The accomplishment and utility of the work lie in a description and interpretation of select situations from practice of a fledgling teacher and an educational complex, field tested, intended for gymnasium students.
Body and its manifestation
Havlanová, Michaela ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Hauser, Michael (referee)
Resumé (En) Key words: Body, soma, sarx, pexis, horizon, aesthesis, corporate scheme, body art, body modifications. This thesis deals with body and its manifestation. The body is conceived as philosophic, anthropologic and psychic phenomenon. Philosophic part determinates body as soma, sarx and pexis. The phenomenon as corporate scheme, horizon, motion and aesthesis are used for better understanding as well. Next part deals with body as anthropologic phenomenon. Body modifications, suspensions and their history are showed here. The research makes clear minds and reasons of extremely modificated persons. The last part is psychological. Problems related with wrong corporate scheme are described, as well as evolution of body's perception.
Horáčková, Alena ; Kornatovský, Jiří (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
In the first part conceivable interpretation of the term, which is written more serious and argumentative tone, we view the horizon in several stops, which are based primarily on theories of art and Philosophy and carry the wave of post-modern methodology in style Umberto Eco. Didactic of DP indicates possible use as a theme for the term hours of art education, two of these ideas were implemented at Red Hill Primary School and are further detailed. In the end I tried to enter into a theoretical problem and evaluate show some benefits for my work. The practical part of the thesis is a series of paintings and drawings incurred in the last five years, and bear in themselves the poetic approach horitontu on a line that clearly separates our sometimes mundane lived world and spirituality, and sometimes disappear again behind a tangle of "objects" in which the But still somehow present.
Philosophy and community
Timingeriu, Filip ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Blažková, Miloslava (referee)
Master's thesis "Philosophy and community" looks into the origin of ancient greek term "polis" and inception of its citizen. It looks into it as specifical means of being of world and human. The correlation of polis and citizen is most apparent in philosophy of Plato. With an emphasis on his privilegy of spoken word over written one, he shows possible sources of philosophical hermeneutics. By understanding the situation, which leads to the decline of the reciprocal relationship between human and world, author would like to express that in Platos way of thinking are still unreflected possibilities of solution for the present day. Intention of this work is to contribute - by sketching and explication of the principles of political thinking - to the discussion - and not only to that of the political philosophy and political science.
Properties of the extreme charged black hole near horizon
Hejda, Filip ; Krtouš, Pavel (advisor) ; Svítek, Otakar (referee)
It is known, that there exists a limiting correspondence between certain part (including the horizon) of extremal case of Reissner-Nordström space-time and Robinson-Bertotti space-time and that different generalisations of this near-horizon limit are possible. The aim of the presented work is to examine some of the properties of such limiting transitions. Firstly it is stressed how the global structure is reflected in the limit and secondly which properties of the space-time do provide that physical distances are preserved in the limit. Besides the extremal case the subextremal and hyperextremal generalisations are studied. As a complementary topic, the global extremal limit is stated. That means a transition from a generalised (non-symmetrical) conformal diagram of the subextremal case to the conformal diagram of the extremal case of Reissner-Nordström solution.
Obtaining data from the deep horizons of the Rožná mine - realization project of work
Švagera, O. ; Bukovská, Z. ; Souček, Kamil ; Vavro, Martin ; Waclawik, Petr ; Sosna, K. ; Havlová, V. ; Zuna, M. ; Jankovský, F. ; Filipský, D. ; Chabr, T. ; Navrátil, P. ; Mixa, P. ; Soejono, I. ; Laufek, F. ; Kříbek, B. ; Leichmann, J. ; Zeman, J.
Realization project summarizes the planned work, its progress and continuity within the environment of Rožná I mine in the extent of the procurement „Získání dat z hlubokých horizontů dolu Rožná“ which is being compiled by Hluboké hluboké horizonty Rožná group. The final goal is to clarify the significance and spatial influence of major tectonic fault on surrounding rock mass. The results will help to clarify localization and safety issues of the potential deep underground repository, especially with respect to the Kraví hora locality.

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