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Historical development of slalom discipline in alpine skiing
Vetešková, Viktória ; Jindra, Matouš (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
Title: Historical development of slalom discipline in alpine skiing. Objectives: The aim of this bachelore thesis is to write a general historical overview of the rules of slalom discipline from the beginning. Methodes: The work is a historical research, in which I used for getting informations chronological method and method of analysis. Results: A chronological summary of the slalom skiing rules, with coverade of evolution of skiing equipment and skiing technique. Keywords: history, rules, slalom, alpine skiing. technique
Cultural landscape
Plachký, Tomáš ; Kotzmannová,, Alena (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The thesis deals with current cultural landscape and reflection of individual social topics in Europe. The installation consists of three objects that solve the individual theme, using material experiments. Their reactions shift these topics further to certain associations.
The Holidays in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The theme of this thesis are the holidays of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Bachelor work consists of an introduction, the official documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan relating to holidays, 4 chapters, conclusion and bibliography. Each chapter begins with a brief description, and is divided into subchapters. The sub-chapters contain basic information about the holidays: history, traditions, features. The work is written in Russian language.
Euthanasia or assisted suicide? The Czech Terminology debate on the legalization of euthanasia.
My thesis deals with the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide. The aim of this paper is to highlight the differences between the two concepts and to contribute especially to workers in the helping professions, but also the wider public, the argumentative clarity in the public debate and eventual euthanasia and its legalization.
The development of the South Bohemian Medical operating center
BLÁHOVÁ, Barbora
This bachelor thesis is written in a theoretical form and its main topic lies in the describing of history of the Medical Operating Center of the South Bohemian Region, which is nowadays located in České Budějovice. Therefore, the bachelor thesis is especially focused on changes and development of the Medical Operating Center from the beginning of Emergency Medical Service in České Budějovice in the 19th century. Next aim of this thesis is also mapping the current approaches of receiving and evaluating the emergency calls by operators of this Medical Operating Center. To obtain the fundamental information about history of the Medical Operation Center of South Bohemian Region, many personal meetings with former, but also with current employees of the Emergency Medical Service of the South Bohemian Region were realized. These employees provided essential information for this thesis and thanks to these personal talks, the important and crucial events and changes of Emergency Medical Service of the South Bohemian Region could be written down. Additional information was primarily obtained from annual reports of the Emergency Medical Service of the South Bohemian Region, the State District Archives of České Budějovice and the available literature on this issue. Recapitulated, the final bachelor thesis includes the detailed describing of the history of Medical Operating Center of the South Bohemian Region since the end of 19th century to these days, summarizing of the current state, work approaches and upcoming changes of the Medical Operating Center of the South Bohemian Region. This thesis also contains evaluation of advantages and disadvantages of the centralization process of regional medical operating centres located in whole South Bohemian Region into the only one Regional Medical Operating Center in České Budějovice.
History, progress and possibilities of balneology in Czech Republic
The environment of our spa is manifest as a social phenomenon affecting many areas of human being. Thanks to its unique atmosphere, extraordinary reputation and seriousness in the social awareness, the spa does not intervene only in the area of tourism, but it is an integral part of the life of the citizens of spa resorts and spa visitors. The thesis, which mainly speaks about the history of balneology, also focuses on the current opportunities of using spa treatment in the Czech Republic and provides a comparison with world spa medicine. In this thesis I tried emphesize transformation of balneology, from history to present, with historical examples. It also deals with natural healing resources and their use, followed by more detailed elaboration in the stated spa. The areas of my attention ware the origins of the formation and development of three spa towns, which differ from the others by their services provided and the large amount of clients. I focused mainly on the spa Třeboň, Luhačovice and Karlovy Vary. To achieve this, I used the secondary data analysis method. On the basis of the collected data, I have compiled the current knowledge. The work could be used in the clinical practice of physiotherapists for acquiring orientation knowledge about balneotherapy and to serve as a informative material for the wider public who is going to visit the spa.
Pre-operational preparation in the context of historical development
The thesis "Preoperative Preparation in the Context of Historical Development" is a theoretical dissertation that deals with the history of not only the preoperative preparation but also with nursing and surgery dividing them into several time horizons. The preoperative preparation is an inseparable part of any surgery and based on it the nursing specifications are determined. This thesis is written as a detailed search of primary and secondary sources. The thesis is divided into four main chapters that deal with the history of the preoperative preparation in connection with nursing, nurse education and the preoperative preparation today. The preoperative preparation has undergone many changes during its development. It was influenced by the factors occurring at that time. Nurses had to adapt to the time to be able to respond to changes and to learn in terms of surgery. The aim of the thesis was to analyse the development of the preoperative preparation and point out the influence of the nursing care on the preoperative preparation from a historical perspective. Two research questions were chosen at the outset in connection with the objective: How did the preoperative preparation develop? How has the preoperative preparation changed over time? On the basis of a textual analysis, it emerged the greatest development occurred in the 19th century because that is the time when the preoperative preparation got its name. This dissertation describes it is written using an analytical method, and consequently it is elaborated as an interpretive text.
Past and present the Pisek radiological workplace
X-ray examination is one of the oldest and easiest imaging methods, still widely used today in medicine. X-ray is always performed as an initial examination, and after further consideration or ambiguity of the attending physician, more expensive and complicated examinations with higher radiation load can be taken. For example, X-rays lung tests, which are required to be preoperative, can be determined by a number of possible health indications. Therefore, lung examination can not be substituted for anything similar and will always remain among the most basic investigative methods. In this bachelor thesis I will focus on the history and development of the X-ray workplace in Písek. This will span from its public sector origins, as a department within the local hospital. Until it moved into the private sector, where it remains today. It is generally reported from sources (IHIS) that the number of X-rays performed is constantly increasing. A fact I followed at the Rentgen Písek s.r.o. In this thesis, using a twenty year period from 1997 to 2017, I will discover whether the number of X-ray examinations has changed, as a result of new screening methods such as CT and MR. A final task of my bachelor thesis is to investigate whether the exposure values used for the separation of the X-ray Clinic of the Písek for the given period of observation have reduced or increased.
The History of Physical Education and Sport in Příbram
This bachelor thesis is about the history and current situation of Physical education and sport in the city of Příbram. Primarily it is about the development of individual physical education associations during their activities from the beginning until now. In this thesis I deal with all important sport sections in Příbram. The development of sport is divided into sub-stages according to important facts of historical phases of our country. This work consists of four historical parts. The first part deals with the brief history of our city, the second one describes activities of the sport team Sokol and first sport teams from their foundation to the year 1945. The third part describes the period after the second world war to the year 1989, so called Velvet Revolution. This part is about beginning and continuing individual sport units, sports and organizations in Příbram. The fourth part focuses on the foundation and next progression of the most important sport teams between 1989 - 2018. The oldest facts are taken from preserved cronicles, archive materials of individual sport teams, literature and period articles. The information of the third and fourth parts also contain interesting dialogues with witnesses about the establishment of sport units and sectional sport events.
The history of scouting in Ledečsko in the first half of the twentieth century
This bachelor thesis deals with scouting in the surroundings of Ledeč nad Sázavou in the 1st half of the 20th century. Specifically, it focuses on the camp activity of the 2nd Prague troop, which was in this area under the leadership of the prominent Czech writer and educator Jaroslav Foglar, who significantly influenced the troop character by his personality. The first part deals with the foundation and development of scouting in the world and subsequently in the Czech lands in the 1st half of the 20th century. The second chapter focuses on the development of the town of Ledeč nad Sázavou, its cultural activity and, last but not least, on the later founded Ledeč scout movement. The following two chapters, forming the core of the work, deal with the activities of the particular camps held in 1925-1945 and their everyday life. The last part of the thesis is devoted to how the work of the 2nd Prague troop in Ledeč is remembered today.

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