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Výskyt a hodnocení zdravotního stavu hlavních edifikátorů lesních porostů v oblasti Přírodní lesní oblasti č.16 Českomoravská vrchovina
Krajíčková, Dominika
In 2021, the representation of European beech (Fagus sylvatica) in the Czech Republic was 9.3 %, of maples 1.6 % and oaks 7.6 %. These values are slowly increasing, and the representation of European beech has increased by 3.3 % of the total area of arable land over the last five years (Zelená zpráva 2021). This work discusses the life manifestations of European beech (Fagus sylvatica), Norway maple (Acer platanoides), Sycamore maple (Acer pseudoplatanus) and Pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) in selected small protected areas in the Natural Forest Area No. 16 of the Czech-Moravian Highlands. The aim of this work is to evaluate the life manifestations of the above-mentioned tree species. Three small protected areas were selected, of which two localities are located in the 5th forest vegetation tier and one partially in the 5th and 4th forest vegetation tier, and endometrial measurements were performed here. The result was a comparison of the obtained data between individual sets of forest types and individual tree species on the set of forest types 5J. The diameter of the trunk and the height of the beech crown deployment were lower at 5K. The Norway maple reached smaller thicknesses at 5J compared to the other trees, on the contrary, the Sycamore maple and Pedunculate oak reached greater heights.
Relation of student's performance of the Department of Physical Education at the Charles University - Faculty of Education in the admission procedure and fulfillment of study obligations in athletics and swimming in the period 2020-22
Kosatíková, Tereza ; Chrástková, Martina (advisor) ; Dlouhý, Martin (referee)
Submitted bachelor's thesis deals with comparing of the results of entrance exams and credits. It applies between three classes, some of them was affected by COVID-19 and some of them was not. The main aim of this thesis is thorough comparation of the performances between classes. Partial goal is to compare improvements or deteriorations of the credit requirements in athletics and swimming compared to entrance exams results performered by 3rd class. The research includes results of students of the Department of Physical Education and Sport at the Faculty of Education, Charles University. Students between the age of 19 to 25, both men and women. I took a use of archived documents and informations which were provided to me in cooperation with the teachers. Using Microsoft Excel program the data were evaluated. The differences values were calculated in percentages for better clarity. The results showed that students doing the entrance exams during the pandemic performed worse than students who did the entrance exams without any restrictions. Furthermore it was shown that students admitted without entrance exams performer worse in athletics credit requirement, which was 100 m run, than students admitted based on their performances in entrance exams. In the last aspect we were interested in was...
Využití termografie v chovu koní
The use of infrared thermography in horses is on the rise, mainly because of its noncontact and high sensitivity to temperature changes. Due to these characteristics, it is used in a number of sectors, such as equestrian sports, physiotherapy, reproduction and equine veterinary medicine itself. The aim of this thesis was to provide an overview of the current scientific and practical knowledge concerning the use of thermography in equine breeding. In the next part, the aim was the actual observation in the operating conditions of the stable and the subsequent verification of the methodology of the use of thermography in horse breeding. The complexity of the implementation, the quality of the outputs and the possibility of use in breeding practice were evaluated. Thermographic measurements were carried out on a family farm using a Flir E5- XT thermal imager. Thermograms of the distal parts of the limbs were taken in 8 horses, the individuals ranged in age from 4 to 29 years. The thermographic images were evaluated qualitatively. The temperature difference between symmetrical limb regions was compared and the results were related to the horses' health records. If there was a difference in temperature between collateral limbs greater than 2 °C, this difference was considered a signal of a health problem. The thermal imaging confirmed the hind limb advance in the gelding Santys, here the temperature difference between the hind limbs was 4 °C. Furthermore, thermography showed high tendon temperatures (42.3 °C) in the mare Sunnamy, who was diagnosed with chronic tendon disease of the forelegs. In Libia, the areas of elevated temperature suggested the effects of treatment with leeches. However, in the Hipster gelding, the 2.9 °C difference in foreleg tendon temperature was probably due to incorrect thermographic measurement methodology. Specifically, it involved brushing the forelegs just prior to the examination. The average temperature of the hoof crown was found to be 31 +- 1,6 °C in the animals examined. The use of thermography is very useful in horse breeding, but it is important to take into account environmental factors, information about the health of the horse and the technical parameters of the thermal imager. Equally important is the training of the person taking the measurements and the subsequent evaluation of the thermograms.
Comparison care of for seniors in home environment and residential facilities
The diploma thesis is focused on comparing the care of the elderly in the home environment with the residential care, especially in the Home for the Elderly in Benešov. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the theoretical basis for the research that was made mainly in the Home for the Elderly in Benešov. The theoretical chapters about ageing, kinds of care, and examples of offered services for the elderly are complemented by a practical part. The practical part of the diploma thesis is based on the experience of the seniors with whom there were made half-structured interviews. The interviews were focused on the factors that are the autonomy of the individuals, their relationships with others and their families, and also their health conditions. All these factors fundamentally affect the seniors' satisfaction with the place where they have to spend their elderly years.
Pohybová aktivita a přežvykování dojnic ve vztahu k jejich skupinové rutině životních projevů a vybraným fyziologickým funkcím
RŮŽKOVÁ, Michaela
This diploma thesis was focused on monitoring physical activity, rumination and changes in the routine behavior of dairy cows in relation to their health, milk yield and reproduction. Two herds of dairy cows in the company Zemědělské obchodní družstvo Mrákov, in the farms Tlumačov and Starý Klíčov, were selected to monitor the rumination and physical activity. The SCR Heatime ? PRO device was used to monitor these activities. Dairy cows were monitored from June 2019 to February 2020. The obtained data were processed in terms of mutual relations between individual indicators, taking into account changes in microclimatic conditions during the year.
Vyhodnocení vztahu stájového mikroklimatu, užitkovosti a úhynu z vybraného chovu prasat
KOPIC, Pavel
The diploma thesis consists of a literature review specializing in pig breeding from a legislative, but also a physical view of the stable microclimate with its effects on the performance and health status of pigs for fattening. In the company Mavela Dynín a.s. with the operation in Mazelov, these data were gradually ascertained in the hall divided into two parts (by the pond, by the road). Ammonia concentrations, relative humidity, temperature and their effect on pig death. From the measured data, arithmetic averages of ammonia concentration and air flow were calculated, which determined the mass flows of the pollutant in mg.s-1 in and out of the stable. Neither side exceeded the emission limit, which is 3.6 kg NH3 ks-1 rok-1. In the first stop at the pond, the average temperature was 19.2 ° C, the average humidity was 58.5 % and the average ammonia concentration was 3.9337 mg.m-3. The total mortality under these conditions was 122 pieces. On the side of the road, the average temperature was 19.8 ° C, the average relative humidity was 61.3 % and the average ammonia concentration was 3.4398 mg.m-3. Under these conditions, the death of 148 pigs was found. In the second stop, the average temperature on the side of the pond was 20.3 ° C, the average relative humidity was 66.88 % and the average ammonia concentration was 3.8057 mg.m-3. The total death on the side of the pond was 64 pigs. On the road side, the average temperature was 20.9 ° C, the average relative humidity was 67.62 % and the average ammonia concentration was 3.3196 mg.m-3. The total death on the side of the road was 94 pigs. The results show that pigs in breeding thrive more in the summer months (second stop) in the part of the pond. This is most likely due to the higher temperature around 20.5 ° C and the relative humidity around 67 %. In the second stop, the mortality is 59 % lower than in conditions with lower temperature and relative humidity. The company should take from these data that a wetter and warmer environment is more favorable for pig farming. With respect to this knowledge, he will have more than half as efficient breeding. The specific production of ammonia and the concentration of ammonia in the air are very burdensome for the environment, and therefore limit values are issued, according to which every company should follow. In the case of the Mazelov plant, these values were not exceeded.
Vyhodnocení růstu a zdravotního stavu telat v závislosti na různých chovatelských podmínkách
The goal of every livestock farmer should be a viable, well-growing healthy calf that passes on its genetic information to future generations. This thesis deals with the impact of growth and health of calves depending on the selected breeding technology in chosen farm of Holstein cattle. The aim was to compare various ways of housing calves in operating conditions. The chosen hypothesis predicts to achieve better results of calves housed in an individual system (VIB) compared to a group system (VSB). In 2020 a group of calves (n 41), divided evenly into various housing systems (individual /group), was monitored in the selected farm. The experiment lasted from the birth to the 85th day. Based on the results of the experiment, the calves of both observed groups received quality colostrum (average value of 26.17 % Brix) in the sufficient amount (average amount at the first drink 3.45 l). Calves are not weighed at birth in this farm (calves are assigned a value of 30 kg, regardless of sex). The average measured birth weight was 38.4 kg. It would be good to adjust this value in the in-house system to reflect reality better. On the basis of the results of observations, the original hypothesis can be rejected. There was no statistically significant difference between the two groups of calves when compared. It is not possible to confirm / exclude the degree of susceptibility of individual groups of calves to infectious pressures and diseases objectively (statistically) due to a small number of observations. Diarrheal diseases were more serious problem. These diseases occurred most in calves up to one month of their age, with a disease prevalence of 25 % and an average mortality of 7,4 %. No statistically significant difference was found when weight gains were compared. Weaned calves of the VIB housing system showed higher profitability, on average CZK 313 per calf, CZK 2.92 per kg of weight gain. From the point of view of animal welfare, there were problems with scraped backs of the calves housed in plastic sheds (Calf - Tel) because of their height at the shoulder. These sheds had a low entryway (95 cm). In the farm, the milk fed calves are fed from free surface; the teats are not used here. It would be worth considering and testing whether a change of a calf feeding method had a positive effect on the prevalence of diarrheal diseases. This could lead not only to a reduction in costs of potential veterinary care and medicine, but also to an increase in weight gain and thus to higher economic yields.
Use of yoga for children with hearing impairmentat the age of 8 to 15.
This thesis is focused on the use of yoga for children with hearing impairment at the age of 8-15 years. The theoretical framework summarizes the current knowledge about the hearing system including its function and anatomy, and yoga, its history and the influence of yoga on human body functional systems. A special chapter is dedicated to hearing impairment, its etiology, classification, and types. In the practical part, the effect of suitable physical activity on the probands of institution for the hearing-impaired children in České Budějovice has been examined. For this purpose, the exercise pole test and PedsQL pediatric quality of life questionnaire survey were performed. In the exercise pole test, the average time to complete the exercise set decreased from 45.2 to 36.6 seconds. In the PedsQL questionnaire survey, the average score was increased in all the monitored dimensions and the average total score increased by 12%. The obtained results and their comparison with the results of the control group indicate that the interventional movement program had a positive effect on children.
Elderly Suicide Rates in the Helping Professionals' Point of View - District Karlovy Vary
Puchálková, Michala ; Havránková, Olga (advisor) ; Dragomirecká, Eva (referee)
The author in her diploma theses deals with the problem of elderly suicide rates in the helping professionals' point of view in the district of Karlovy Vary. Her two key focus areas are personal experiences of the helping professionals with this particular topic and their knowledgeableness of it. Furthermore, the author validates whether the helping professionals are supported adequately enough to be able to deal with this phenomenon appropriately. In the theoretical part of the study the author presents basic introduction into the issue of suicide itself - briefly outlines the history of suicide rate and the most common motive, causes and forms of suicidal behavior. Moreover, she sketches the specifics of suicide rate among seniors and ways of working with this particular target group. Last but not least she drafts possible preventive techniques of suicide behavior among seniors. In the empirical part of the study the author explains the research methodology and briefly describes the district of Karlovy Vary. Most importantly the author presents findings concerning experience and knowledgeability of suicide rate among seniors by helping professionals gathered by research consisting of semi-structured interviews. She also thoroughly examines the professionals' point of view on individual elements...

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