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Electrocoagulation of Microalga Chlorella vulgaris.
Lucáková, Simona
This study is focused on harvesting of Chlorella vulgaris, well-known microalga with wide range of use in nutrition and health care. Harvesting (separation of cells from a culture medium) is an important part of the production process. It was estimated that approximately 30% of the production costs is the cost of biomass separation. Harvesting densities of photoautotrophic microalgae are relatively low (the final dry biomass concentrations usually vary in range 0.5–3 g/L). Centrifugation is the most frequently used method of harvesting, but it is economically inefficient due to its high process cost.
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Comparative Analysis of WebArchiv of the National Library of the Czech Republic and Foreign Projects
Kupcová, Pavla ; Římanová, Radka (advisor) ; Bratková, Eva (referee)
(in English) The topic of the diploma thesis is to compare the WebArchiv with selected foreign Web Archives, which are responsible for preserving the national cultural heritage. The introduction briefly explains the history of Web Archives and typology of harvesting. Next parts deal with the history, legal aspects of archiving, selected types of harvesting, Web resources, systems, accessing and evaluation the Czech (WebArchiv), Australian (Pandora) and British archive (United Kingdom Web Archive). The text continues with an evaluation of the selected archives that mentions strong and weak properties and possible solutions. In conclusion, outlines the problematic aspects of archiving, which must be addressed in the future. [Author's abstract]
The use of satellite navigation in fodder plants harvesting
Bachelor thesis deals with satellite navigation in agriculture with an emphasis on use in fodder plants harvesting. The thesis performs a brief theoretical overview of a current knowledge in the field of global satellite systems, focusing on GPS navigation system. The main part of the thesis is devoted to the use of satellite technology in agriculture, especially to continuity of operations in fodder plants harvesting and to optimizing of machines movement on the land.
Drying process of hop in table dryers
Kořen, Jiří ; Ciniburk, Václav ; Podsedník, Jan ; Rybka, Adolf ; Veselý, František
Metodika sušení chmele na komorových sušárnách upřesňuje parametry sušení chmele a jejich optimalizaci.
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Drying process of hop in belt dryers
Kořen, Jiří ; Ciniburk, Václav ; Podsedník, Jan ; Rybka, Adolf ; Veselý, František
Metodika sušení chmele na pásových sušárnách upřesňuje parametry sušení chmele a jejich optimalizaci.
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Monitoring system of hop harvest
Kořen, Jiří ; Ciniburk, Václav ; Podsedník, Jan ; Veselý, František
Metodika pro praxi prezentuje efektivní monitorovací systém sklizně chmele. Nasazení monitorovacího systému do sklizňové techniky přináší možnosti získávání důležitých podkladů pro zdokonalování organizace a zvyšování efektivnosti každého jednotlivého sklizňového střediska. Sklizňová technika doplněná o monitorovací systém bude snižovat dosavadní požadavky na praktickou zkušenost pracovníků, obsluhujících jednotlivé typy strojů.
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Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) MOENCH and its utilization possibilities in the condition of the Czech Republic
Hermuth, Jiří ; Janovská, Dagmar ; Strašil, Zdeněk ; Usťak, Sergej ; Hýsek, Josef
Sorghum is one of the oldest used crops. Presently, it is one of the five most cultivated cereals in the world for human nutrition. This methodology includes a comprehensive view of sorghum cultivation and presents the newest knowledge in range from botanical taxonomy to the possibilities of utilization. In this publication, there are included not only our own results but there are also results from the world scientific publications. There are characterized selected species of sorghum suitable for different climatic conditions of the Czech Republic. There are described all aspects and procedures, which can influence the final production of selected sorghum varieties including their quality from the point of view of biogas production.
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Preliminary study of effect of forest management on soil biological activity in Šumava National Park
This thesis is written as research project application. It is focused on an impact of forest management on soil biological activity in soil in Šumava National Park. This project is a part of a general study of overall impact of salvage logging on the soil - soil chemistry, microbial activity, soil animals, vegetation cover, temperature and humidity.

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