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Modeling the impacts of combined climatic events on the growth, development and yield parameters of field thermophilic vegetables and oilseed rape in the decision support system in the field of agrotechnology transfer - DSSAT
Potopová, Vera ; Muntean, N. ; Chawdhery, M. ; Trifan, T. ; Zehnálek, P. ; Soukup, J. ; Potop, I. ; Zahradníček, Pavel ; Možný, Martin
Modeling the impacts of combined climate events on the growth, development and yield parameters of field thermophilic vegetables and oilseed rape in a decision support system in the field of agrotechnology transfer - DSSAT. This book will introduce you to the latest information technologies and their applications in agriculture, including decision support systems, crop simulation models and other computer tools. It should also help you to solve problems at the regional level on issues related to crop production and other issues related to agriculture, natural resource management and cropping systems and food security, as well as issues related to climate change and variability. This professional book offers users the appropriate supplementary material to enable them to continuously meet the demands of a changing climate. The book is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part summarizes basic information about simulations of crop production, water and nutrient management, climate risks and environmental sustainability. In the practical part, the procedures for working in the DSSAT program (Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer) are presented.
Analysis of efficiency and risk of investment options in a selected company.
KARAS, Stanislav
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the current situation of the law office and to select the most appropriate approach to the implementation of acquisitions from the perspective of individual options. The thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical and practical. Within the theoretical part we present important professional information from the investment environment, specifically dealing with approaches to investing, the investment process, financing options, the theory of investment evaluation and other aspects. In the second part, i.e. the practical part, we focus on the actual introduction of the selected law office, the calculation of its financial health, the presentation of individual acquisition options, the calculation of individual financial ratios and we also deal with the substantiation of these results through professional trends within the legal field. All calculations are based on successive calculations of statistics drawing on the data of the selected law office and subsequent adherence to industry trends. In the conclusion of the thesis, recommendations for the implementation of a specific investment opportunity are presented, as well as the results and opinions of the author.
In the process
Volková, Markéta ; Velická, Erika (referee) ; Korbička, Pavel (advisor)
My bachelor's thesis is an object responding to the space that surrounds it. It points out the contradiction between organic and austere form. In my work, I materialize abstract experiences through metonymically selected building elements related to the places in which I have these experiences. As an extraction of elements appearing in the architecture of the Southern Mediterranean, a form of ornament appears in the work, which is understood by a figurative comparison to the experience of travelling on holiday. Another element, representing a figurative experience of returning "to reality", are the lux spheres. Their character is linked to the architecture of Central Europe. I explore the relationship between the different types of buildings, which I then freely develop. My perception of reality enhances the recognition of the new with the already known. I let the objects represent and capture these two opposing perceptions with implications and emphasis on their differences. In this way, I come to find in my work a similarity between geometric austerity, which signifies perfectionism, and the intuitive unfolding of ornament, which inserts the theme of organicity into the object. An important aspect of the thesis is processuality. I understand my work as a border between conceptual and intuitive process.
Induction and potential use of monosex populations of pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) in intensive farming
The aim of this study was to induce monosex populations of pikeperch using the method of direct masculinization and direct feminization in order to change sex and evaluate the production parameters and body indices of the treated groups of pikeperch. For direct masculinization, 17 -methyltestosterone was used at a dose of 30 or 50 for 30 or 60 days. For direct feminization, 17 -estradiol was used at a dose of 30 feed for 30 days. Individuals of pikeperch with TL = 51.52 +- 4.19 mm and W = 1.23 +- 0.26 g, FC = 0.9 +- 0.3 were used for the experiment. In the experiment, direct feminization achieved a sex ratio 98.3 % of females and 1.7 % of males. This is the first record of an almost all-female population induced with 17 -estradiol. The highest level of masculinization of the tested individuals was achieved in the group exposed to 17 -methyltestosterone at a dose of 30 feed for 60 days. In this population, 75 % of individuals with male genital tissue were found, of which 21.7 % were individuals whose testicular sperm could be used to produce an all-female population. In groups treated with 17 -methyltestosterone for 60 days, the presence of "neomales" and intersex (hermaphrodite) individuals was observed. The experiment revealed that the use of the hormones 17 -methyltestosterone and 17 -estradiol can temporarily cause growth suppression, particularly during and shortly after exposure of individuals to these hormones. However, it does not have a lethal effect on individuals in the doses we applied. The higher growth rate of pikeperch females was not confirmed in the test. Females treated with 17 -estradiol did not show higher weight gains compared to the control group. A significant difference in the achieved final weight was not observed between both sexes in the control group at the end of the experiment.
Relationship between the age of freshwater pearl mussel and the number of increments in shell section
The aim of this thesis was to determine the relationship between the age of dead individuals of the freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) and the number of incremental lines on the shell section. A total of 124 pearl mussel shells of known age were collected from several Czech, German and Finnish localities. There was a statistically significant difference between the actual age and the age according to the number of incremental lines on shell section. On average, the age determined by increment lines was higher than the actual age by 2.6 years, which is 42 ? 25% (? S.D.). Thus, the increment lines on the section of the pearl mussel shell do not correspond to the annual increments. It was confirmed that increment lines count on the shell surface or estimating age from shell size are less reliable approaches to determine the true age of individuals.
Porovnání shrnovačů píce Pöttinger TOP 342 a Krone Swadro TC 640
VOKÁČ, Martin
The diploma thesis is focused on the decision-making process when purchasing a new rake related to the size of the company. The decision process is between the machines Krone Swadro TC 640 and Pöttinger TOP 342. The work will compare factors related to surface performance, fuel consumption and economic aspects. The decision-making process will be simulated for five types of businesses with areas of 21.33, 100, 200, 500 and 2,000 hectares, from which the costs of 1 ton od materiál will be calculate.
Structuralism for the 21st Century
Vojtíšek, Martin ; Štojdl, Václav (referee) ; Rozwalka, Szymon (advisor)
Nomos is partly a theoretical project that explores differences between Dutch Structuralism and Japanese Metabolism and tries to find a contemporary architectural system, that is intended as a contemporary interpretation of these movements. The project emphasizes an underutilization of the changeability of our environment and tries to incorporate it into the design of the system so that the user can customize it. It explores ways to combine the benefits of organic growth and modular design through the simulation of a reaction-diffusion. The application of the system shows a possible solution in a specific context with the design of a fragment.
Vliv smíšení porostu na dynamiku růstu borovice lesní (Pinus sylvestris L.) ve Finsku
Vyčítalová, Hana
Mixed stands excel in their species richness and they theoretically have a better precondition for coping with disturbances than monocultures. On the other hand, there is interspecies competition, which may result in the oppression of individual species in the ecosystem. A total of 12 research plots in the province of North Karelia (Finland) were selected to approximate the effect of forest mixing on the growth of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.). In growing season 2018, stem volume changes and drought stress responses were observed in monocultures and with the admixture of one or both of the species Norway spruce (Picea abies L.) and Silver birch (Betula pendula Roth.). The measurement of volume changes was performed using point dendrometers installed on individual pines, the temperature and soil moisture were monitored by a TMS-4 sensor located in the soil in the middle of each research area. It was found that in all cases, Scots pine grew only in dependence on rainwater, not groundwater. It was discovered that individuals in monoculture grew up to twice as much as in both types of mixed stands. They also showed a better ability to saturate the tissues with water after it had been spent for transpiration during the July drought. In August, however, the response to drought stress was comparable in monocultures and mixed stands. The measured results show that interspecific competition may have a negative effect on the growth and drought tolerance of Scots pine in the short term. However, at a time of escalating extreme climate events around the world, this issue needs to be further explored in order to create optimal conditions for the growth of future forests.
Porovnání užitkových vlastností mezi plemeny králíků velký světlý stříbřitý a kalifornský
Sysel, Zdeněk
In the literary part, the bachelor thesis deals with the history of rabbit breed-ing and their quantity in the Czech Republic. It is also mentioned classification of breeds based on their weight and the technology used in small-scale and farm breeding. Next part deal with performance, such as growth rate and car-cass yield. In connection with the performance characteristics, rabbit meat and fur production are characterized. The experimental part describes the comparison of performance character-istics of Californian and Great Light Silver breeds in small-scale breeding. Ob-served animals were weighed regularly from 6 weeks old and slaughtered at 18 weeks old. The Great Light Silver breed achieved better daily growth, on aver-age 35.84 g before weaning and 22.25 g after weaning. The highest growth rates in both breeds were observed in the 7-11 weeks of age. After slaughter, the carcass yield was calculated and the carcasses of both breeds were com-pared again. The average slaughter weight of the California breed was 2262 g and the carcass yield was 54%. The Great Light Silver breed was weighed an average slaughter weight of 2777 g and the carcass yield was calculated to be 56%. The Californian breed excelled in the weight balance of individuals regard-less of gender, the VSS breeds females had better growth ability than males.

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