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Growing up in dysfunctional family
The diploma's thesis focuses on the topic of growing up in dysfunctional families with a focus on aggressive and auto-aggressive behavior. The thesis' aim is to describe the dysfunctional family and problem behavior based on professional sources and then to find out the impact of growing up in a dysfunctional family on an individual's life (especially in the area of problem behavior) with the help of research. The thesis introduces the basic concepts related to the family and the dysfunctional family, mentions the functions and types of the family, the importance of the development of the attachment and further defines problem behavior. The practical part focuses on the description of growing up in a dysfunctional family by individual respondents. In the practical part, qualitative research is used. A semi-structured interview is used for data collection. The data is processed using the thematic coding method.
Influence of family environment on adolescents´lifestyle
ZEZULOVÁ, Dominika
The diploma thesis entitled The influence of the family environment on the adolescents´ lifestyle focuses on the extent to which and how the family climate, parent´s hobbies, their employment and way of spending free time are reflected in the lifestyle and way of spending free time of their adolescents aged from 15 up to 19 years, i.e. children studying high school or vocational school. The work defines the concept of adolescence and the changes and pitfalls that a person goes through at this age. It also deals with the concept of family, its functions, its form in the traditional sense and its form at present. The most important part of the work is the chapter called Influence of the family environment, where the fundamental aspects of family events that affect the child and thus shape his or her personality and lifestyle are discussed in detail. The empirical part of the thesis aims to answer the following questions: How does the family climate affect the time spent by an adolescent child with the family? How do parents´ employment and leisure time affect their teenage lifestyle? How do family eating habits affect an adolescent´s lifestyle? Six semi-structured interviews with students aged 15 to 19 were made for the research.
Prevention methodology of addictive substances at secondary school
This Bachelor's Thesis deals with methodology of addictive substance prevention at secondary school. The intention of the Thesis is to gain information about prevention programme at particular secondary school, how the programme works and what they do to make it successful and functional. The Thesis is made into two comprehensive parts. In the theoretic part you will find classification and kinds of addictive substances, issues of the addiction, characteristic of the pupil's personality at secondary school, specification of concept and issues of prevention. The starting point for this Thesis was to study literature, websites and other materials which deal with drug issues. The practical part of the Thesis deals with methodology of addictive substance prevention at particular secondary school. It is an interview with the methodology specialist about prevention programme at particular secondary school she works in. In the end, you will find an evaluation of the given interview.
Specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view
Tučková, Věra ; Mužáková, Monika (advisor) ; Zemková, Jaroslava (referee)
Title of bachelor work: The specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view Abstract The bachelor thesis called The specifics of adolescence of the children with Down syndrome from their parents view deals with the term Down syndrome, its origin and forms. The thesis concentrates in the behavior of the teen age children with Down syndrome. The thesis also touch the problem of sexual abuse of the mentally handicapped children, e.g. also children with the Down syndrome and the problem of the becoming independent of these children. The practical demonstrations show the worries of mothers of the children with Down syndrome and how the worries grow up with children age.
Eating disorders among pupils of upper primary school
Šnáblová, Soňa ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (referee)
This thesis deals with the eating disorders, focusing on two basic and currently the most important diseases - anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. The theoretical part summarizes findings about the eating disorders. I give basic information about anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, I devote the attention to their causes , symptoms and consequences. I also write about a prevention of the eating disorders in primary school. Based on the theoretical background, a questionnaire survey was conducted among elementary schools, which aim was to determine the level of knowledge of these issues, satisfaction with one's body and appearance and their relationship to the diet trends.
The Catcher in the Rye and A Perfect Day for Bananafish - Motif analysis
Hancinová, Sabína ; Češka, Jakub (advisor) ; Charvát, Martin (referee)
The thesis Catcher in the Rye and A Perfect Day for Bananafish - Motif analysis deals with motif analysis of these two literary works by J. D. Salinger. Analysis of the basic motifs of these works reveals the symbolism of Salinger's literary world, where the main themes are childhood, growing up and alienation. Essential role when presenting motifs goes to the main characters, who in these works are very distinctive, therefore they also need to be analyzed. In question of theory, the thesis is based on Boris Tomashevskyˈs concept of motif and narratological perspective of Tomáš Kubíček or Lubomír Doležel. Apart of the analysis itself the theses deals with questions of the relevance in the genre classification of the novel Catcher in the Rye as a Bildungsroman and whether Salinger idealizes childhood in his works or not.
Analysis of online adolescent users behavior and its impact to real life
Hrubý, Martin ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Šmejkalová, Jiřina (referee)
The diploma thesis analyses the impact of online behaviour on a real life. It is divided into a theoretical (chapters 1 to 3) and practical part (chapters 4 to 7). The first chapter introduces the current trends and generally the topic of social networks, the internet, online communication and relationships. The second chapter describes main forms of cyber antisocial behaviour. The third chapter is focused on the process of socialization and growing up from the point of view of developmental psychology. It also shows individual mental and behavioural frames of the cyber reality which penetrates the real world. The practical part deals in four chapters with different forms of a research which aim was to verify outlined hypotheses and facts mentioned in the theoretical part. The selected methods are quantitative research among high school students distributed through questionnaires, the qualitative interviews among high school teachers and the quantitative analysis of the educational journal. The fourth chapter describes theoretically the methodology of the research. The last three chapters document each part of the research, partially verify the outlined hypothesis and interpret the results.

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