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Geocomposite drainage for the purpose of drainage on transport infrastructure objects
Macan, Tomáš ; Zedník, Petr ; Stryk, Josef ; Vodáček, Ondřej ; Kašpar, Martin ; Hubík, Petr
This methodology describes in detail the design, dimensioning and application of geocomposite drainage for the purpose of drainage on transport infrastructure objects. In addition to conventional systems, such as drainage layers made up of unbound, permeable materials, geocomposites are increasingly encountered on construction sites. Drainage geocomposite is a geosynthetic with drainage function, able to drain water in the plane in which it is installed for this purpose due to its composite structure. It consists of a drainage core and core protection. Very little space is devoted to drainage geocomposites in Czech standards and technical regulations. Therefore, this methodology deals in more detail with the design and application of drainage geocomposites, summarizes knowledge and procedures from various, mainly foreign, sources and is intended to help their wider and technically correct use in practice. It gives details, sample sheets and specific examples of implementation that supplement the information given in the technical regulations for drainage. The methodology was prepared within project TE01020168 - Centre for Effective and Sustainable Transport Infrastructure (CESTI), with state support of the Czech Technology Agency within the Centre of Competence Program. This methodology is intended primarily for the transport infrastructure owners and administrators, designers and contractors of transport infrastructure objects.
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Properties of reinforcing glass-fiber geogrids in pavement structure
Maláník, Stanislav ; Šperka, Pavel (referee) ; Dašek, Ondřej (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with the use of glass fiber reinforcement geogrids in road construction. Bachelor's thesis is focused on basic knowledge of reinforcing geosynthetics and on summary of existing regulations concerning the use of geogrids in roadway. The influence of the construction of the road layers on the change of the geogrid properties is evaluated by suitable tests. In particular, the effects of the impact of the movement of the construction technique on the geogrid and the effects of the compaction of the overlying layer on the geogrid properties were simulated in the laboratory.
The geosynthetics for roads
Kolková, Nela ; Hýzl,, Petr (referee) ; Stehlík, Dušan (advisor)
Bachelor thesis presents the material used for production of geosynthetics, the various types of commonly used geosynthetics and describes their specific functions and properties. It shows the processes of applications of geosynthetics and typical errors in these processes, foreign experience with the use of geotextiles and products of domestic manufacturers. In the practical section thesis compares the various proposals of geotextiles for various bedrocks. Including financial evaluation of individual proposals.

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