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Gender-Responsive DDR: Social, Economic and Political Reincorporation of Women Ex-Combatants in Colombia
Ramljak, Antonela ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Kotvalová, Anna (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Political Studies Department of Security Studies Master's Thesis 2020 Antonela Ramljak CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Political Studies Department of Security Studies Gender - Responsive DDR: Social, Economic and Political Reincorporation of Women Ex-combatants in Colombia Master's Thesis Author: Antonela Ramljak Study program: Master in International Security Studies (MISS) Supervisor: doc. Dr. Emil Aslan, Ph.D. Year of project submission: 2020 Declaration 1. I hereby declare that I have compiled this thesis using the listed literature and resources only. 2. I hereby declare that my thesis has not been used to gain any other academic title. 3. I fully agree to my work being used for study and scientific purposes. In Prague on Antonela Ramljak References RAMLJAK, Antonela. Gender - Responsive DDR: Social, Economic and Political Reincorporation of Women Ex-combatants in Colombia. Praha, 2020. 81 pages. Master's thesis (Mgr.). Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies. Department of Security Studies. Supervisor doc. PhDr. Emil Aslan, Ph.D. Length of the thesis: 104.637 characters Abstract Discussions on women in wars have oftentimes been limited to their stories as survivors of conflict...
Gender and Law
Hájek, Adam ; Agha, Petr (advisor) ; Ondřejková, Jana (referee)
Gender and Law Abstract Currently, the terms sex and gender are the subject of much debate. Recently, the Czech courts have had the opportunity to comment on these terms in the case of a non-binary person who was assigned male sex at birth and whose application to change their birth number to neutral or female was denied because they did not meet the condition for undergoing a sex change under the current legislation - they did not undergo a surgical procedure that rendered her unreproductive. In other words, she has not undergone the castration required by law. In their decisions, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Constitutional Court provide an interpretation of gender, its conception, characteristics and its role in the Czech legal system. The opinions of these highest courts in the Czech Republic not only reflect the social understanding of the issue of gender reassignment, but also shape the social understanding through their authoritative interpretation of these concepts in the context of the legal order. Therefore, it is relevant and necessary to critically analyse these decisions, which is the aim of this paper. In the first part, critical tools and ideas are introduced, which in the second part serve as ideological resources for the critique of judicial decisions. First, Critical Legal...
From rhetoric to reality? Analyzing the gendered dimension in peace agreements
Gokarn, Nivedita ; Nisbet, Jolan (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
According to UNSCR 1325, the involvement of women in peace processes is evaluated in this article. It draws attention to the discrepancies between 'representation' in peace accords like the R-ARCCSS and JPA and 'participation' in the peace negotiations to determine the degree to which their perspectives were considered, and overall gender aspect was highlighted. This article contends that women's involvement in the peace talks in South Sudan was only a checklist activity. The social structure of the society and the absence of institutional mechanisms hindered the substantive representation of women. The paper goes on to say that since female negotiators must shoulder the burden of a peace deal, symbolic inclusiveness may even have unintended consequences. The investigation discovers a significant discrepancy between the peace accords and the whole process. It also makes note of the fact that Sudanese society tends to make it difficult for members to participate meaningfully, which has an effect on how long the peace will survive. Consequently, this research emphasizes how institutional processes are gendered by adopting a constructivist viewpoint.
"MAKE THEM PAY YOU WHAT THEY WOULD PAY A WHITE MAN": intersectional feminist analysis of the book The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
Smolíková, Eva ; Knotková - Čapková, Blanka (advisor) ; Jiroutová Kynčlová, Tereza (referee)
In this diploma thesis I analyze the book The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo from intersectional feminist point of view. The author of this book is Taylor Jenkins Reid, 1st edition came out in 2017 and became popular thanks to not only social media. In the first part of my thesis I focus on overview of theory and methodology, which I work with later, such as intersectionality, gender, race, sexuality. In this context I am interested in theorizing the concepts of male gaze, female gaze and toxic and healthy masculinity. I also focus on literature and feminism and the portrayal of femininity in literature. In the analytical part of my diploma thesis, I analyze characters chronologically using the original structure of the book. My interest in analysis is in the construction of gender, race and sexuality. I focus on how the author constructs sexual and gender identity in concrete historical as well as social context and how are relationships of the main heroine constructed in this context. Key words: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, stereotypes, gender, race, sexuality, power, resistant reading
Gender stereotypes women face in business in the Czech Republic
Rollová, Elisabeth ; Teichman, Klaudia (advisor) ; Grygar, Jakub (referee)
This thesis deals with gender stereotypes that women face in business in the Czech Republic. Although it may seem that men and women are equal in society, women still face gender biases that place them in the roles of mothers. Entrepreneurship is then perceived as a male domain. These gender roles and other stereotypes make it difficult for women to integrate into the labor market. Because of this binary perception of roles in society, women often do not even consider entrepreneurship as a career choice for fear of not having a chance to succeed. The main objectives of this thesis are to find out what stereotypes women encounter in entrepreneurship and how they cope with them. The thesis analyses qualitative data obtained through semi-structured interviews with six Czech female entrepreneurs.
Appearance of Czech Women Politicans through the Eyes of Social Network Users
Michálková, Kristýna ; Reifová, Irena (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis explores the connection of three areas: political communication, social networks and gender. The thesis focuses on the perception of appearance of contemporary Czech female politicians in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The aim of the thesis is to analyse user comments on the social network Facebook concerning the physical appearance of female politicians. In the theoretical part of the thesis, concepts related to representation, the role of women in political representation, the gender difference in access to politics and the history of gaining the right to vote for women are presented. Furthermore, attention is paid to political communication, its definition, transformation over time and temporal distribution. Media portrayals of female politicians in traditional media and on social media are also presented. The results of the elections held on 8. - 9. October 2021 are also presented here. The analytical part is devoted to the actual implementation of the research and its methodological background. Sampling, data collection and the procedure for coding comments are described. Subsequently, the final research findings and the answers to the research questions, which were achieved through quantitative frequency analysis and qualitative frame...
US War reporting: American media evolution through a comparative analysis of the depiction of Middle Eastern women
Mlatečková, Marie ; Hornát, Jan (advisor) ; Fiřtová, Magdalena (referee)
This study delves into the portrayal of Arab women in American mass media (the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal) and uncovers the continued presence of Orientalism in such reporting. The study examines the War in Iraq and Syria as case studies and finds that more has stayed the same between the two. The study employs three frameworks to support its findings: Orientalism, post-colonial feminism, and peace journalism. The thesis extensively reviews existing literature on the topic and includes a chapter on the definition of mass media, with specific examples of its power in the United States. Another chapter focuses on the Middle Eastern context of gender and the context of the two wars. Finally, the study provides an in-depth analysis of representative samples from three journals and their articles during the first year of both conflicts, which are then presented and discussed.
Journalists' approach to representing female politicians in the media
Kvitová, Alžběta ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Křeček, Jan (referee)
The thesis focuses on gender aspects of the journalistic profession and their professional discourse. Specifically, it focuses on how people in the media approach representations of female politicians. Women in politics are gender stereotyped in the media, and they also tend to be portrayed differently and in different contexts compared to male politicians. This is manifested, for example, by the fact that people in the media pay more attention to the private lives of female politicians, focusing more on their physical appearance or their age. Therefore, the aim of this paper was to investigate how these different representations of women in politics may be contributed to by journalists themselves. As part of the research part, semi-structured interviews were conducted with eleven female and male journalists working in different Czech media. The collected data were analysed qualitatively using the grounded theory method. The research shows that journalists attach low importance to gender in political reporting. Therefore, the gender of female and male politicians does not influence the way they themselves are reported in the media. However, the results of the analysis suggest that they view society through the lens of a gender dichotomy and also think of female politicians in gender stereotyped...

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