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Kinship foster care in the context of contemporary times
Týnková, Michaela ; Krpálek, Pavel (advisor) ; Nová, Monika (referee)
In my master thesis, I focus on the topic "Kinship foster care in the context of contemporary times", and I concentrate on foster care provided by grandparents. The thesis aimed to explore the impact of recent legislative and economic changes on the quality and well-being of grandparent foster carers. In the theoretical part, I focused on the current legislative framework and financing of foster care, highlighting the specificities of the situation of grandparents as foster parents. The practical part includes semi-structured interviews with foster grandparents, conducted directly in their home environment, which revealed how legislative and financial changes affect their daily life and stability. These findings offer valuable insights into the challenges that foster grandparents face and provide important suggestions for future research and policy decision-making in foster care.
Legal position of a child and registered partners within the framework of foster care
Prchalová, Karolína ; Hendrychová, Michaela (advisor) ; Šustek, Petr (referee)
Legal position of a child and registered partners within the framework of foster care Abstract The aim of this diploma theses is to analyse the legal position of a child and registered partners within the framework of foster care and to reply to the question whether the current legal regulation of foster care ought to be altered in favour of registered partners. The first chapter of the theses provides with the explanation of terms family and parenthood and closely deals with legal duties and rights of parents and children. It defines the constitutionally guaranteed right to family life of a child and registered partners and development of judicature concerning this issue. And this chapter also defines the crucial term of the best interests of the child. The second chapter focuses on the legal institute of registered partnership. It deals with the legal regulation and its development, the development of the legal regulation in the European countries, especially in Germany. This chapter also analyses the issue of discrimination and unequal legal position of registered partners compared to spouses. Subsequently both institutes, registered partnership and matrimony, was compared. The third chapter is fundamental. It focuses on particular forms of foster care with respect to the purpose of the legal regulation....
Social Work within Foster Care
The bachelor thesis focuses on the implementation of social work within the provision of foster care. In the Czech Republic we have two forms of foster care, mediated and unmediated foster care. Both of these forms of foster care have their own specifics, they differ, for example, in the process that precedes placing a child in foster care. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to describe the social work provided by social workers to foster parents in accompanying organisations, focusing on possible differences according to the form of care provided. In order to achieve the stated goal, a qualitative form of research was chosen, data collection was carried out by the method of questioning, specifically in the form of a semi-structured interview. The interviews were conducted with social workers in accompanying organisations for foster parents in the South Bohemia region. The data obtained in this way were analysed using the clustering method. The results of the research show that the process of accompaniment implemented by the organisations or social workers of the accompanying organisations is different. Both forms of foster care have their specifics, both positive and negative. The bachelor's thesis can be used as a basis for improving the quality of social work with foster parents, and the results can be inspiring for social workers involved in foster family care. Last but not least, the results can serve the general public interested in this issue.
Social Work Students' Perception of the Role of a Social Worker in Substitute Family Care
Substitute family care focuses on children who cannot grow up with their biological parents and need to be provided with an alternative form of family background. There are forms of substitute family care for this purpose, which are: adoption, foster care, temporary foster care, guardianship with personal care and entrusting the child to the care of another person. The system of foster family care is undergoing or is planned to undergo changes as part of the forthcoming amendment to the Act on Social and Legal Protection of Children. In my bachelor thesis I deal with the issue of substitute family care, in which I focus on how students of social work at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice perceive the role of the social worker in foster family care. The bachelor thesis is divided into theoretical and research parts. In the theoretical part I define the concept of foster family care, then I present the basic legal regulation of this issue, I list and define the different forms of foster family care, and finally I define the social worker and describe his role in foster family care, whether it is a social worker in the OSPOD or in the accompanying organization. When compiling the research part, a quantitative research strategy was used and a questionnaire survey method was chosen, which was implemented using my own structured questionnaire. Two hypotheses for further evaluation of the results were set within the research. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out how social work students perceive the role of the social worker in substitute family care.
Experiences of Foster Parents with the Contact of Entrusted Children with their Biological Relatives
ZEMAN, Přemysl
This bachelor's thesis focuses on experiences of foster parents with the contact of entrusted children with their biological relatives. It consists of a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part is devoted to a description of the history of foster care in the Czech Republic, the arising and termination of foster care, types of foster care, rights and duties of foster parents, doses of foster care, foster Parents support and Contact with the biological family. In the practical part, qualitative research was conducted using semi-structured interviews in which the research sample was represented by 7 informants from among foster parents. The interviews were analysed using an open coding method and on this basis 7 categories were created, which were divided into 13 subcategories. The aim of the study was to describe foster parents experiences of their foster children's contact with their biological family, to find out how foster parents perceive the benefits of their foster children's contact with their biological family and how foster children prepare for this contact. The research shows that the law does not pay much attention to the feelings and perceptions of foster parents, it also found that foster children are closely attached to their foster families, it also found that uncooperative and pathological biological parent can be a source of problems in foster care. This thesis could be used to further research of foster care issues. It could also potentially be used as a source of information for interested social workers and lay people.
Monitoring of the Activities of Individual Regional Governments for Substitute Family Care.
The bachelor thesis focuses on substitute family care and the activities of regional governments in the process of its mediation. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to map the activities of individual regional governments for the promotion of substitute family care, then to find out how they bring this issue to the public and how they support and educate potential applicants for substitute family care. Two research questions were set in the bachelor thesis: "How do the regional governments promote substitute family care?" and "What activities do the different regional governments carry out to educate applicants for foster care?" The thesis is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part includes a definition of the terms family, substitute family care together with a description of its various forms, an explanation of the topic of social and legal protection of children and the activities of regional governments in the process of mediation of substitute family care. In the practical part, a qualitative research strategy, a semi-structured interview technique and a questionnaire method were used to achieve the stated goal. The research sample consisted of social workers of regional authorities from the departments of social and legal protection of children who oversee substitute family care. The results were evaluated using open coding. The results of the interviews show that the methods of promoting substitute family care are mostly the same in the regional authorities surveyed. At the same time, it was found that the education of applicants for foster care is in most cases not carried out directly by the regional governments. This role is played by the contributory organisations that are mandated to carry out social and legal protection of children. This bachelor thesis can be used as a comprehensive study material for students, the public or those interested in substitute family care. Based on the data, the thesis can be used as a study material for strategic planning seeking to improve the promotion of substitute family care.
Risk behaviour of children in foster care
VLČKOVÁ, Dominika
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of risky behavior of children in foster care with a focus on the causes and consequences of risky behavior. The first part of the thesis is focused on the characteristics of substitute family care, and in more detail it is explained in foster care, then the thesis deals with the definition of risky behavior, where I explain in more detail the different types of risky behavior, the causes of the emergence and prevention of risky behavior, the role of the accompanying organization and the authority of social and legal protection of children. The second part of the thesis is focused on research, where the main goal was to map risky behavior in children in foster care by focusing on the consequences of their actions.
Psychological impact on the child when leaving alternative family care
The work deals with the issue of reasons why children have to leave foster families. The work is divided into six parts. The thesis describes the individual types of substitute family care, where it mostly deals with foster care and guardianship care. It also focuses on problems that may occur at the beginning, during and after the child leaves. The thesis contains categories of child trauma that can play a role in substitute care and that have an impact on various areas of the child's development. The work also deals with the types of children who react to trauma and also describes selected influences that affect children in difficult situations of their development. Furthermore, the thesis discusses the principles of therapeutic care and the effects they have on children in foster care and guardianship. Another part of the work distinguishes different types of reasons for which children have to leave foster families. The last chapter of the thesis connects all aspects of the previous chapters and looks at the problem of children leaving foster care from multiple perspectives. The last part of the thesis deals with mediated and unmediated care, when their problems are caused by different situations, and also different psychological effects on the child.
Forms of caring for the unprovided children
Velková, Soňa ; Kyselka, Mojmír (referee) ; Budkeová, Branislava (referee) ; Špačková, Eva (referee) ; Glosová, Dagmar (advisor)
This paper deals with forms of compensatory care of unprovided children, taking in consideration their specific needs from the architecture-type point of view. The target group is that of big foster families, evaluation of their life requirements and defining their requirements of the living space, preparing the ground for legislative introduction of professional foster care.
Analysis of Applicants for Substitute Family Care in the South Moravian Region from 2002 to 2009
Moder, Patrik ; Špalek,, Jiří (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is an analysis of applicants for foster care who participated in the preparation of mediated by civic associations Trialog in the years 2002 – 2009. The theoretical part contains the theory of foster care, time series and regression analysis. The practical part will focus on the analysis of indicators relating to applicants for foster care, find forecasts of further development of these indicators. Further evaluate the impact of the development indicators of the number of applicants on the financial situation of the civic association. The practical part will summarize and explain the conclusion and suggestions based on findings from the practical part.

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