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The Effectiveness of Mass Media Instrumentalization in Offensive Foreign Policy Strategies
Mareš, Tomáš ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Mölder, Holger (referee) ; Sazonov, Vladimir (referee)
The dissertation thesis focuses on the issue of the effectiveness of mass media instrumentalization on the information-psychological level in offensive foreign policy strategies. Despite an increased interest in both the offensive potential of mass media assets as well as particular strategies enabling to employ these assets to assertively decide political and military conflicts in the course of the last two decades, there is still a crucial lack of understanding of how the effectiveness of these strategic approaches is produced or could be appraised. Therefore, this dissertation thesis aims to construct a comprehensive definition of effectiveness in the given context and use it to generate a new and unparalleled analytical model that can be applied to proceed with a qualitative assessment of the 'efficiency potential' of (real or prospective) offensive foreign mass media campaigns led on the information-psychological level. Such a kind of tool (or similar) is still desperately missing. In the last step, a purposefully selected case study framework - Russian mass media in Ukraine in 2013 (but referencing to both: the period of building up the Russian media network starting from the first presidential term of Vladimir Putin and its utilization during the latent and escalation phases of the Russian-...
Strategic Narratives in Sino-European Relations
Webrová, Nina ; Karmazin, Aleš (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse the presentation of strategic narratives by various European Union (EU) institutions towards the People's Republic of China (PRC), with a particular focus on developments between 2012 and 2022. The core of the research was an analysis of EU strategy and foreign policy documents on China. The aim is not only to identify different EU strategic narratives towards the PRC, but also to analyse how these narratives envisage EU-China strategic engagement, how they evolve over time, how they differ across institutions, and what the dynamics of different narratives within EU institutions are. The first part of the thesis provides the context of current Chinese and European narratives and explains the theoretical and methodological framework used. The second (main) part of the thesis is an analysis of EU policy communications on China. The key finding is that there are inconsistencies and sometimes even contradictions between the narratives used by different EU institutions, and that there is no single vision for EU-China strategic engagement. The evolution of each narrative over time has also been very different. Such inconsistency hampers the EU's efforts to present a coherent strategic approach vis-à-vis China. This, in turn, can arguably weaken the EU's ability to...
The German Arctic Policy
Nguyenová, Thi Khanh Ly ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hornát, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with Germany's Arctic policy in the last decade and focuses on its security dimension. The Arctic region has undergone many changes in recent years due to climate change and the new geopolitical situation, including a change in the security situation. Based on the concepts of civilian power and securitization, the thesis examines whether Germany approaches the Arctic as a multilateral actor or whether the Arctic has gained importance in German foreign and security policy and become a recognized security issue for Germany. The introductory part of the thesis is devoted to a general introduction of the Arctic region, its definition and a presentation of the global security, environmental and economic aspects and challenges associated with it. The thesis then briefly outlines the history of German involvement in the Arctic, its activities and Germany's relevance to the region. The main research part of the thesis is divided into the bilateral and multilateral dimensions of German Arctic policy, thus reflecting the nature of German multilateralism. The results of the examination of German Arctic policy have shown that Germany is aware of the various aspects of Arctic security and its global dimension, however, the focus is on the climate and economic security issues of the region. Even...
Scholz-Wende by the perspective of CDU
Řežábková, Kateřina ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Nigrin, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis examines the transformation of German foreign and security policy after the Russian invasion of Ukraine specifically during the period from February 2022 until June 2023 and the perspective of the oppositional CDU party during this time. The introductory part presents the historical context of the development of German foreign and security policy, the institutional framework for its formation, and the character of German in foreign policy culture. The theoretical framework presents three concepts for interpreting Germany as an actor in international relations: civil power, geo-economic power, and divided power. In the practical part, the fulfillment of the goals of Chancellor Olaf Scholz is being examined. Namely in the supply of weapons to Ukraine, in the anti-Russian sanctions, in the deepening of Germany's involvement in NATO missions, in the reformation and modernization of the Bundeswehr, and in the new quality of German diplomacy. The results of the research showed Germany's willingness to abandon some of its previous taboos, to bear the economic costs of its policy towards Russia and even at the cost of debt, to invest more in its own armed forces and in supporting Ukraine. However, the German government had to face both structural and institutional limits as well as the limits of...
Bilateral relations between Bavaria and Russian Federation. Between Außenbeziehungen and Nebenaußenpolitik
Zavadilová, Zuzana ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
defining the modality of subnational entities' - rhetorical level, it shows that Bavaria's relationship with force behind Bavaria's foreign policy going beyond the level of coordinated foreign policy with the Federation and the Länder and coming into conflict with the Federation in 2016. On the strengthened after the accession of Markus Söder, who wanted to differentiate himself from his
Posuny v turecké zahraniční politice v éře R. T. Erdoğana a její dopady na vztahy s USA a Izraelem
Ikizgül, Varol
My bachelor's thesis deals with the shape and development of Turkish-American and Turkish-Israeli foreign relations, especially in the era of R. T. Erdoğan. The aim of the thesis is to answer the question of how Turkey's foreign policy has changed after the accession of R. T. Erdoğan and how significantly these changes have affected the gradual development of foreign relations with the United States and Israel. Turkish, Israeli, and American interests, particularly in the Middle East, often overlap, which is why their foreign relations are very dynamic. The thesis points out that although Turkey remains one of the United States' main partners in NATO, Erdoğan's foreign policy has repeatedly come into conflict with the foreign policies of the Biden administration, the Trump administration, or the Obama administration before that. In particular, I see the Kurdish issue, or the issue of acquiring military technology outside NATO structures, as a fundamental core of the conflicts. Also central to the strengthening of Russia and Iran's positions of power is the position of Israel, which is an important strategic ally of both the United States and Turkey. Despite the fact that Turkish-Israeli relations have been in very good shape most of the time, the Gaza Strip was, especially in the first half of the 2010s, a bone of contention between the two countries.
Gustáv Husák´s visit to the Federal Republic of Germany in April 1978
OLIWA, Lukáš
The aim of this bachelor thesis lies in exploring a significant event in the history of Czechoslovak-West German relations. It focuses on the detailed analysis of the visit of the Czechoslovak delegation led by Gustáv Husák to the Federal Republic of Germany in April 1978. The thesis will present the course of the visit both from the perspective of the surviving unpublished documents of a diplomatic nature, preserved in the Archive of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic in addition to the materials stored in the National Archive in Prague as well as from the perspective of the contemporary media response, especially in the party press Rudé právo and in the daily newspapers such as Svobodné slovo and Lidová demokracie.
Attitudes of Citizens to the Presidential Office – June/July 2023
Čadová, Naděžda
Summer survey of CVVM asked questions regarding the attitudes towards the office of president of the Czech Republic. Questions focused on the mechanism of presidential election, president's relation to the government and government appointment, on the position of president in the foreign policy and on the problems president should pay attention in his or her office.
The impact of the Turkish economic crisis on Turkey's foreign policy and the Turkish-Israeli relations
Rodrigues Soares Barbosa Silva, Pedro Gonçalo ; Kazharski, Aliaksei (advisor) ; Aslan, Emil (referee)
This thesis aims to evaluate the impact of Turkey's economic crisis on its foreign policy and analyse the subsequent developments in the relationship between Turkey and Israel. Supporting the analysis, a theoretical framework based on Economic Realism was utilised, wherein the analytical portion of the thesis will focus first on Economic dimension of the Turkish-Israeli relationship, and later its Security dimension. The Economic Analysis section focuses mainly on the 2018 economic crisis in Turkey, and the characteristics of the Turkish economy, as well as the trade/economic relationship between Ankara and related recent regional developments. The thesis delves into the Turkish-Israeli rapprochement of 2022, combining a political analysis of recent developments with a historical study of the bilateral relationship. The security dimension of the relationship is also explored, particularly in relation to the shared concern of Iran. The thesis analyses more deeply the Turco-Iranian, as well as Israeli-Iranian rivalry in Syria and Iraq, in order to evaluate the potential Security-driven calculations in the Turkish foreign policy shift. The thesis concludes that Turkey's post-crisis foreign policy shift aligns with Economic Realism. The Turkish-Israeli rapprochement is positive but not unique in the...
The Foreign Policy of Sweden and Finland in Relation to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation: The Analysis from the Perspective of Neoclassical Realism
Hložková, Veronika ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Karásek, Tomáš (referee)
The following thesis maps the development of the attitude of Sweden and Finland towards membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from the end of the Cold War to their decision to join the Alliance in 2022. The first aim is to identify the factors that led to the refusal of both countries to join NATO and instead to the preference for close cooperation. Subsequently, these factors are monitored over time to capture their transformation after the start of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Neoclassical realism is used as the theoretical and analytical framework, which combines independent variables at the level of the international system with intervening variables at the level of a state. The effects of these variables form a specific reaction of foreign policy - the dependent variable - in this case, the Swedish and Finnish decision to join NATO.

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