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Stack of outdoor games for teambuilding events
Ludlová, Monika ; Psohlavec, Lukáš (advisor) ; Bačáková, Radka (referee)
Title: Stack of outdoor games for cooperation development Goals: The goal of this work is create stack of outdoor games for teambuilding events and tourist courses of universities for immediate use. Methods: Based on the literature search and personal experience, the criteria for selecting games were determined and processed into a well-arranged stack. Individual games were created on the basis of the following criteria: selection of games focused primarily on team cooperation and development of group processes (communication, team management), environment (outdoor, nature), number of players (5-10), time consuming of the game itself (10-20 minutes). Results: Creating a stack of ten different types of games aimed at developing teams useful for teambuilding events. The result is a presentation and specification of games and activities suitable for this type of events. Conclusion: The contribution of this work is a stack of games usable especially for instructors and organizers of teambuilding and other events focused on team development. Key wodrs: game, cooperation, communication, firm, course, outdoor, experience, relationships
Business Plan - Starting a New Company
Baručák, Marek ; Mikloško, Palo (referee) ; Heralecký, Tomáš (advisor)
My bachelor work is dealing with business planning and crating methods of business planning. The work is devided into three chapters. In the first chapter I will focus on theoretical analysis of business plan. The second chapter is focused on practical design of business plan. The third chapter evaluates the business plan.
Analysis of Business Environment
Stískalová, Radka ; Kubajura, Pavel (referee) ; Breinek, Pavel (advisor)
This bachelor's theses deals with analysis of the entrepreneurial environment of the company ALBO okna - dveře, s.r.o. . With the help of SWOT analysis, passportisation and Porter's analysis of five rival companies an analysis of the entrepreneurial environment, in which the company ALBO okna - dveře, s.r.o. is situated, will be carried out. This theses also comprises the evaluation of opportunities and risks resulting from the given entrepreneurial environment.
Ronald Coase by rád Bitcoin? Jak Blockchain snižuje náklady na transakci a mění koasijskou firmu
Kaid, Amira ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Prokop, Jaromír (referee)
The rising popularity of blockchain technology otherwise known as the technology that underlies the Bitcoin protocol has been the subject of a lot of investigation and enthusiasm among financial organizations for its potentially revolutionary properties that will likely change how the economy works in the future. The blockchain is a decentralized open source ledger that records bitcoin transactions and is maintained by a distributed network of miners. Blockchain technology however has many applications beyond currency and can be applied in various areas including the firm organizational structure and law. This thesis examines how blockchain technology would lower the transaction costs involved in organizing the firm and how it would thus change the role of the firm. Coase (1937) in his article (The Nature of the Firm) explained that firms exist and continue to operate in a hierarchal manner because of the transaction costs that are involved in using the market mechanism. This paper also examines how the blockchain would lower the transaction costs of resolving disputes through carrying out market transactions that were mentioned by Coase (1960) in (The Problem of Social Cost). In order to achieve this aim Coases framework is used to theoretically model a future firm and legal system which are blockchain-based and that use bitcoin in their transactions. The results indicate that blockchain technology would reduce the transaction costs pointed out by Coase in such a way that it would cause the firm to become less hierarchal in nature and would allow it to adopt a more inclusive and distributed management system. Similarly in the case of law the transaction costs would fall making it easier for parties to resolve their disputes using the market mechanism instead of having to rely on a central authority.
Fiala, Marek ; Chromý, Pavel (advisor) ; Heřmanová, Eva (referee)
The thesis deals with the topic of corporate social responsibility emphasizing especially its spatial aspects and the impact on regional development. It aims to discover the spatial pattern of the so-called socially responsible firm activities in Czechia including the motivations for choosing this pattern, and to assess the importance of these activities for regional development. Particularly, it aims to present the concept of corporate social responsibility from a geographical point of view. The empirical research using the case of Czechia is structured into two phases. The first phase, based on an extensive research of internet-based sources and a questionnaire survey among selected corporations, explores the institutional context of corporate social responsibility in Czechia and follows the activities of particular firms including their spatial strategies. The second phase, using intensive research in two Czech micro- regions (Broumovsko and Červenokostelecko), particularly in-depth interviews with representatives of selected firms, provides deeper insight into the topic, reveals the motivations of firm behavior regarding social responsibility and sheds light upon the importance of these activities for development of the respective region. The thesis proved direct connection between geography and...
Risk Evaluation of Additional Investments of KOVOLIT Česká, spol. s.r.o.
Popolanský, Tomáš ; Macura,, Michal (referee) ; Ptáček, Roman (advisor)
The aim of this diploma theses is to identify business risks, which threaten the firm KOVOLIT Česká spol. s r.o.. in the case of its other planned investments. They are proposed recommendations for reduction of its identified risks.
The Determinants of Innovation: Empirical analysis based on European country-level data
Stacho, Miroslav ; Pertold-Gebicka, Barbara (advisor) ; Netuka, Martin (referee)
The thesis summarizes current state of art for the most recent research capabilities of innovation activities analysis. Its main goal is to assess the factors influencing pace and volume of technological innovativeness throughout the European industry and services sectors considering time span 2002-2008 using country-level Community Innovation Surveys and R&D data. It also attempts to evaluate trends in innovation policy instruments targeted to close the gap between Europe and world innovation leaders such as USA. Complex literature overview, basic empirical and extended instruments' analyses lead to recommendations of optimal governments' policy approaches towards different groups of countries divided by level of innovative performance.
Proposal of Marketing Mix for company STAMPI MOBIL, s.r.o.
Smeták, Daniel ; Dufek, Tomáš (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
The subject od thesis: „Marketing mix of STAMPI MOBIL LTD company“. Its aimed to analyse contemporary status of the company and its valution. The theoretical part dealswiith specific ideas to improve situation of company in its scope, witch leads to better competitveness and higher financial prosperity.

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