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Synergy between traditional sport and esport: motivation to start esport teams by traditional sports clubs
Dušek, Jakub ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Krause, Veronika (referee)
Title: Synergy of traditional sports and esports: Motivations for establishing esports teams by traditional sports clubs Objectives: The main goal of this master's thesis is to identify the motivational aspects of traditional sports clubs for founding esports teams and to evaluate the benefits of this step. This proposal will focus on the study of synergy between traditional sports and esports and examine what reasons lead sports clubs to invest in esports and create their esports teams. It aims to understand the economic, strategic, and fan-based aspects of the connection between these sectors and propose recommendations for clubs on how best to use the synergy between traditional sports and esports. Methods: Qualitative research is used in this thesis. Research is based on a carefully designed selection of respondents to obtain a representative sample of opinions from various environments and perspectives. A total of six key respondents participated in the research, each representing a recognized traditional football team or hockey club. Conclusion: The results of the thesis show that traditional sports clubs are deciding to establish esports teams primarily for the purpose of brand expansion and reaching younger demographic groups. This step also opens up new market opportunities and sources of...
Marketing Strategy Proposal
Krejčíčková, Lucie ; Linhartová, Babeta (referee) ; Chalupský, Vladimír (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the current marketing strategy of the professional hockey club HC Vítkovice Ridera with the aim of proposing changes in the marketing strategy that the club could use in the coming season. Based on theoretical knowledge, a situation analysis is developed, which evaluates the current state. This analysis is then supported by a questionnaire survey. The final part of the work is focused on recommendations for the club.
Analysis and Proposal of Marketing Strategy of PSG Zlín Hockey Club
Adamík, Karel ; Adamík, Karel (referee) ; Vyplašil, Michal (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis deals with an analysis and suggestions of marketing strategy for an ice hockey club. The theoretical part concerns itself with the general theory of marketing, specifics and trends of sports marketing. The practical part then analyses the current situation of the club and also results of a questionnaire, which serves as a basis for improving the marketing communications toward fans.
Fans Perception of the brand equity of the HC Sparta Praha
Tománek, Dominik ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Opelík, Daniel (referee)
Title: Fans' perception of the brand equity of the HC Sparta Praha Objectives: The primary aim of this thesis is to find out how the fans of HC Sparta Prague perceive the equity of this brand. The research will be conducted on the basis of quantitative research, which will be carried out specifically by means of electronic questioning. Methods: The thesis itself is based on theoretical knowledge related to the given topic, specifically the topic of brand equity, and to determine the perception of the brand value of HC Sparta Praha is used marketing research based on quantitative method of questioning, specifically electronic questioning. Results: The results of the research show that the fans of HC Sparta Prague are overwhelmingly men, a large part of whom have supported the club for more than 10 years. This group of fans is very loyal to the club, which is reflected in their frequent attendance at HC Sparta Praha home games, the purchase of merchandising items, and last but not least, the fact that being a fan of HC Sparta Praha is the most important reason for them to attend HC Sparta Praha home games. On the other hand, according to the results, the biggest current problem of HC Sparta Prague seems to be building its new younger fan base. Key words: brand equity, image, loyalty, merchandising,...
Perception of the sport product in the form of AC Sparta Praha home football match
Talácko, Václav ; Šíma, Jan (advisor) ; Veselý, Kamil (referee)
Title: Perception of the sport product in the form of AC Sparta Prague home football match. Objectives: Based on the research conducted, describe how the club's season ticket holders perceived their attendance at home games for the 2021/2022 season - because of factors such as the covid-19 pandemic, the increased cost of living associated with the economic crisis, how satisfied they were with the service during matches, how they perceived the club's communication and branding etc. Methods: The research was conducted by electronic questionnaire. It was therefore a quantitative research. Results: The main barrier for respondents in attending home games was the covid-19 pandemic. However, 92 % felt safe in terms of infection. Work commitments were a problem for only 22 % of them. 12 % of respondents saw the increasing cost of living as a problem. The club communication, ticket offer was rated very positively by the respondents. Certain reserves were found in the area of stadium services during matches (parking, refreshments, stadium security, etc.). However, a key finding was the willingness of season ticket holders to give up their seats if they were unable to attend a given match, to which the club was able to respond very well. According to the research, the demographic nature of the Spartan season...
Travel behaviour of Czech football clubs' fans
Dvořák, Filip ; Marada, Miroslav (advisor) ; Burda, Tomáš (referee)
In this paper we describe the travel behaviour of football fans based on a literature search and a questionnaire survey. The aim of this thesis is to describe what drives fans to visit football stadiums. We know that there are many fans of football clubs in the Czech Republic, but also that their behaviour is often very heterogeneous. Starting, for example, with the frequency of visits supporting their favourite club during home and away matches. We expect the support at the home stadium to be much higher. But more interesting for us will be mainly the outings of football fans. Whether to support their favourite team at away games in the Czech Republic or on long cross-border trips. It is not uncommon for an individual to support their club that is located a long distance from their home. We expect that large Prague clubs will have a fan base spread more widely across the country, while provincial clubs such as Viktoria Plzeň or Sigma Olomouc will have fans more concentrated in their region. Therefore, we want to find out the frequency of trips, what means of transport they choose, who they travel with, etc. But also how much time they spend in the city and whether they visit any sights or shops together with the match. A very specific group will be the European Cup matches, which Czech clubs play...
Sport vs. eSport: motives of viewership from the fans' point of view
Hampel, Jiří ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Jarošík, Richard (referee)
Title: Sport vs. eSport: viewership motives from the fans' perspective Objectives: The main aim of this bachelor thesis is to find common or different elements of sport and esports that motivate fans to watch it. The fulfillment of the main objective is preceded by the selection of appropriate motives. Subsequently, through proper and targeted exposure to individual motives, officials and individual managers can expand and manage the membership base. Methods: The research was carried out using a quantitative method of electronic questioning. An electronic questionnaire distributed through social networks was used to collect data, which enabled responses from 144 respondents. The research sample was composed of fans of sports and esports. Results: The research has provided a closer look at the motives that drive fans to watch sports and esports. The research also revealed the similarities between sports and esports industries, which will make it possible to apply marketing methods from sports to the emerging esports environment. The results of the research can also be used by marketers to select the most applicable themes and create targeted marketing messages. Keywords: fan, themes, tracking, player, games, claim
Punk: History, main features and subculture
Šimková, Anna ; Vít, Radek (advisor) ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with music history of punk and the main participants of the first punk generation, especially with the band the Sex Pistols, it provides comparison of the contemporary and the former punk followers, it creates the overview of the main features and activities related to punk, it examines definitions of the word 'punk' and describes how members of punk subculture act. The thesis is also concerned with connection of punk and political opinions, which is crucial for this music genre. The beliefs of the literary authors are contrasted with experience of the author of the thesis. The content of the thesis is comprehensive; it covers the most essential attributes of the punk movement. Key words: punk, the Sex Pistols, band, music, fan, subculture
Subculture of football fans in Czech Republic
Vršecká, Michala ; Kubišová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Stracený, Josef (referee)
TITLE: The subculture of football fans in Czech Republic AUTHOR: Michala Vršecká DEPARTMENT: Social Sciences & Philosophy Dept. SUPERVISOR: PhDr. Zuzana Kubišová ABSTRACT: This thesis focuses on the analysis of football fans Bohemians Praha 1905th. It is divided into two main parts. In the theoretical part of the basic concepts, such as identity, ritual, play, football and club Bohemians Praha, 1905. Additionally, there are specified theoretical concepts such as the concept of we and they, or the concept of mob behavior. In the empirical part was first described research strategy, a strategy of qualitative research, data collection method, the selection of the research sample and maybe critique research. Subsequent data analysis has helped us to answer the research question and to find out the basic characteristics of football fans Bohemians Praha 1905. KEYWORDS: subculture - identity - football - fan - Bohemians Praha 1905

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