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Previously expressed wishes of the patient from the point of view of pre-hospital care
OBŮRKOVÁ, Kateřina
The bachelor thesis entitled Previously Expressed Wishes from the perspective of pre-hospital care consists of two parts, a theoretical and a practical part. Three thesis objectives were chosen for the topic. The first objective was to find out the awareness of paramedics about the issue of Previously Expressed Wishes. The second objective was to find out the ethical perspective of paramedics on the issue of Previously Expressed Wishes. The third aim was to map the number of cases where a paramedic encounters a patient who has written down a Previously Expressed Wish in pre-hospital care. Based on the previous objectives, three research questions were subsequently established. The first research question focuses on the depth to which paramedics are aware of the issue of the Previously Expressed Wishes. The second question explores the paramedic's ethical perspective on the issue. Whether the predominant view is positive or rather negative. The third research question ascertains the amount of occurrence of patients in pre-hospital care. Whether one is more likely to encounter such a patient in hospital or pre-hospital care. In the theoretical part, concepts related to the issue of Previously Expressed Wishes are explained. The theoretical part deals with ethics, pre-hospital care, paramedic codes and the actual Previously Expressed Wish. The practical part of the study was prepared in the form of quantitative and qualitative research. In the quantitative research, responses were obtained through an online questionnaire. The questionnaire contained twenty closed questions and only one open question. The last open question included a request to leave a contact and a follow-up interview to enable qualitative research. Ten respondents participated in the qualitative research. The data collected was very positive. Many respondents knew a great deal of information regarding the issue of Previously Expressed Wishes. The prevailing attitude was positive. The whole research was conducted at the regional centres of the Vysočina region. The bachelor thesis can serve to provide insight and greater understanding of the concept of Earlier Expressed Wishes. Nowadays, the issue is not abundant in pre-hospital care, but over time things may change.
Dignity and ethics in the designated aspects of nursing applied in care homes for the elderly
This thesis deals with the dignity and ethical aspects in the areas of communication with the elderly; dignified approach towards the clients during the hygienic care; and dignified approach towards the clients when serving meals and drinks in a specific care home with nursing. There were three objectives chosen for the purpose of the qualitative research of this thesis. The first objective focuses on monitoring how the dignity is maintained in communication with the elderly; the second objective focuses on monitoring how the dignity is maintained when providing hygienic care for the elderly; and the final objective focuses on monitoring how the dignity is maintained when providing the nutrition and drink scheme care for the elderly. There were three research questions established to meet the objectives of the qualitative research of this thesis. The first research question: "What elements of dignified communication are used by nurses during communication with the elderly?" The second research question: "What elements of dignified care are used by nurses when providing hygienic care?" The final third question: "What elements of dignified care are used by nurses when providing nutrition care for the elderly?" The thesis consists of two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part defines the basis of dignity and ethics; as well as three other areas, such as the communication with the elderly, hygienic care and appropriate application of nourishment and drinking scheme. Data callected for the empirical part are based on the qualitative research using techniques of covert and overt observation followed by semi-structured interviews. Research respondent group consisted of five nurses previously chosen by the director of the care home with nursing. The research showed that the approach of nurses towards the clients was not always with dignity. The aim of the covert and overt observation was to understand whether the nurses were aware of their behaviour. The outcome of the empirical part show that nurses who did not treat the clients with dignity and ethically, were aware of their behaviour. The output of the diploma thesis is a forthcoming article describing particular issues and findings of the research in this thesis.
Etika novináře jako téma mediální výchovy
PEŠEK, Vojtěch
This bachelor's thesis deals with the ethics of journalism and its setting in the context of contemporary media education. The first part first defines the basic concepts and associated sub-chapters, which set the context for the whole thesis. Subsequently, the two central themes are brought together in suggestions on how to grasp and integrate the issue of journalistic ethics into the teaching of media education. The content of the bachelor's thesis also includes the opinions of teachers who, among other things, deal with media issues in their pedagogical work. The opinions of a media expert have not been omitted. In the conclusion of the thesis, the pros and possible cons of incorporating media education into the pupil's education are presented.
Dilemmas of social workers working with people in material distress
The chosen topic of this thesis is "dilemmas of social workers in working with people in material need." The thesis is divided into several chapters that primarily focus on an introduction to the issues of social policy and social work; further presentation of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic and the system of assistance benefits in material need; introduction to ethical issues and presentation of basic ethical theories. Last but not least, it also focuses on the dilemmas that a social worker may encounter when working with a client in material need and the application of ethical theories to solve them. The goal of the thesis is to find out what dilemmas social workers may face when working with people in material need, how they react to them and solve them.
Philosophical basis for ethical treatment of animals
VRANKA, Matouš
The thesis deals with the conditions for rational thinking of the basic level of the ethical approach to non-human reality, especially to animals. The first part describes the concept of being/existence as discussed by three important scholastic teachings (Thomas Aquinas, Ian Duns Scotus and Frantisek Suárez), as well as the development of thinking about the good and the First Cause. In the second part, the issue of Hume's thesis and its possible overcoming through the thesis of supervenience is mentioned. Subsequently, knowledge from the metaphysical part is used as the basis for the formulation of a basic ethical attitude towards animals.
The Concept of Social Justice According to Thomas Aquinas
ŠÁDEK, Kryštof
This thesis deals with a concept of social justice in the works of Thomas Aquinas. First, the notion of the social justice is defined based on the writings of authors John Rawls and Robert Nozick. Next follows analysis of relevant passages from the texts of Thomas Aquinas to show such a concept. The last part focuses on the analysis of gained results and uses the hypothesis of Alasdair MacIntyre to put forward an argument that the current concept of social justice falls short of robust concept of virtue ethics expanded by Thomas Aquinas.
The Experience of the meaning of life as a part of the life experience of homeless people
The aim of this thesis is to analyze how homeless people include in their life experiences the experience of the meaning of life. Focus is placed on homelessness and significant aspects related to this phenomenon. Ethical dilemmas in the context of existentialism and existential psychology in accordance with the principles of learning V.E. Frankl. Knowledge from the field of social work is used. Questions of the meaning of life from the perspective of homeless people are presented. Experience from the specific work of one of the organizations dedicated to homeless people is presented. The research is focused on finding out how homeless people themselves experience and evaluate the experience the meaning of life. The experience of the meaning of life as part of the life experience of homeless people.
Virtue Ethics in P. Foot
LEVÁ, Barbara
This bachelor thesis deals with the virtue ethics of Philippa Foot. The work is divided into four chapters. In the first chapter, I introduce Foot's philosophy, her life, and the significance of her work for the field of ethics. The second chapter explains in general what virtue ethics is and introduces the virtues themselves. In the third chapter, I describe what ethical education looks like in the Czech Republic and in European countries, and I introduce foreign projects for the development of ethical education. The last chapter is about various methods and goals of ethical education.
Application of the principle of autonomy in the field of death and dying of seniors in the Czech Republic
D´mello, Petra ; Fošum, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, David (referee)
Diploma thesis "Application of the principle of autonomy in the field of death and dying of seniors in the Czech Republic" primaly deals with issues related to the right to self-determination, human dignity and desires associated with the end of life. It seeks to answer the question of the extent to which the autonomy of the individual can be respected and to participate in end-of-life healthcare decisions through the legal concept of living will, even if the person is in a position that does not allow to express the will. Although this institute is firmly rooted in the legal order of the Czech Republic, awareness of this legal concept is insufficient among the public and rarely used, unlike the Federal Republic of Germany, where the institute is usually applied by seniors. The aim of the work is to reflect the current issues of dying and death from an ethical point of view and provide comprehensive information on the current possibilities of exercising the right to self-determination, which can significantly support the quality of human care in the terminal phase of life.

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