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Specifika ocenění nemovitostí pro účely hypotéky
This diploma thesis deals with the issue of property valuation for the purpose of providing a mortgage loan. The work deals with the specifics and risks that are conditional for securing a mortgage loan. The main topics also include pricing usual under the Valuation Act. The literary part of the thesis is devoted to basic concepts in real estate valuation and other aspects important for valuation. The literature was used for the elaboration and from the legislative sources mainly the new Civil Code, the Property Valuation Act, the Building Act and others. The practical part describes the conditions for securing a mortgage loan from the perspective of individual banks. Programs used to estimate and evaluate current interest rates. An estimation of the family house was prepared in the practical part.
Multidimensional Credibility
Zhuravova, Nadezda ; Mazurová, Lucie (advisor) ; Pešta, Michal (referee)
The aim of this graduation work is theoretically describe and also demonstrate the practical application of the theory of credibility in the multidimensional case. This theory is one of the most frequently used methods for calculating premiums, expected claims frequency or the expected average amount of damage. In this work we describe multidimensional Bühlmann-Straub credibility model and two- dimensional model with a known distribution. For each of these models we derive credibility estimate and examples of using these estimates in practice. Both models are compared on simulated data. Powered by TCPDF (
Nonlinear nonparametric models for financial time series
Klačanská, Júlia ; Zichová, Jitka (advisor) ; Cipra, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis studies nonlinear nonparametric models used in time series analy- sis. It gives basic introduction to the time series and states different nonlinear nonparametric models including their estimates. Special attention is paid to three of them, CHARN, FAR and AFAR model. Their properties and esti- mation techniques are presented. We also show techniques that select values of the parametres used further in estimation methods. The properties of time series models are investigated in simulation and real data studies. 1
Analysis of budget detail differences depending on the level of documentation
Hrstka, Lukáš ; Biolek, Vojtěch (referee) ; Tuscher, Martin (advisor)
This thesis is dedicated to comparing overall prices as well as the creation of budget indicators in individual phases of documentation for buildings belonging among public orders. The thesis primarily determines fundamental terms and definitions regarding this issue. The creation of a new database for the buildings that is compiled of twenty subjects projected in the last four years is described in the second more detailed part. Objects in this database are indexed by temporal indexes for the sake of future more accurate comparisons and the creation of indicators. The comparison of the objects' prices in different phases of documentation can be found in this part along with two calculated specific budget indicators corresponding to unit price per one cubic meter of building volume and to the price per one meter squared of floor area. The average indicator for informative price based on previous indicators is then created for faster evaluation of similar types of objects in their study phase. Performed research has revealed significant differences between study phase prices and the prices of more detailed phases of documentation that can negatively affect the future of a specific project. The main conclusion of this thesis are average overall unit prices for civil constructions, production and service buildings as well as other specific buildings. In the final part I have created methods of a more accurate calculation for the unit price of buildings in the study phase of documentation.
Risk Management inside Construction Company
Titzová, Eva ; Galia, Jakub (referee) ; Nováková, Jana (advisor)
The thesis aims to describe risk management in the construction company. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part presenst the classification of risks, describes the various stages of this complex process, including methods and techniques. The practical part is solved on a particular project, it summarises and completes the whole issue of risk.
Ocenění rozestavěného objektu cenou obvyklou
LOPATA, Ondřej
The estimate I finished the normal family house. The work was at least partial understanding of valuation and its pitfalls. In part we had to copy the object to us experts in construction. Both these objectives we have in particular the use of literature in the practical part of the program then NEMExpress AC, in which we drafted the estimate. The test version of the program we have a test. The results showed that, for the estimation of selected is spatially excess capacity and will contain also above average (heat pump). This may be because the customer of the business areas in the house. Benefits of this work for me personally in the acquisition of basic knowledge, and really the assessment activity. I appreciate this experience because of the continuation of efforts in this direction in the future.
Cost Analysis of the family houses
Novotná, Lenka ; Aigel, Petr (referee) ; Výskala, Miloslav (advisor)
This thesis has been written for the purpose of acquiring results which would help a builder with choosing material and construction method with respect to price. The thesis deals with comparison of construction costs when utilizing contemporary materials and using various possibilities of construction itself.
Statistical inference in multivariate distributions based on copula models
Kika, Vojtěch ; Omelka, Marek (advisor) ; Hlubinka, Daniel (referee)
Diploma thesis abstract Thesis title: Statistical inference in multivariate distributions based on copula models Author: Vojtěch Kika This diploma thesis aims for statistical inference in copula based models. Ba- sics of copula theory are described, followed by methods for statistical inference. These are divided into three main groups. First of them are parametric methods for copula parameter estimation which assume fully parametric structure, thus for both joint and marginal distributions. The second group consists of semi- parametric methods for copula parameter estimation which, unlike parametric methods, do not require parametric structure for marginal distributions. The last group describes goodness-of-fit tests used for testing the hypothesis that consi- dered copula belongs to some specific copula family. The thesis is accompanied by a simulation study that investigates the dependence of the observed coverage of the asymptotic confidence intervals for copula parameter on the sample size. Pseudolikelihood method was chosen for the simulation study since it is one of the most popular semiparametric methods. It is shown that sample size of 50 seems to be sufficient for the observed coverage to be close to the theoretical one. For Frank and Gumbel-Hougaard copula families even sample size of 30 gives us...
Fractional moments of random variables
Brisudová, Katarína ; Pawlas, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Dvořák, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to formulate issues regarding fractional mo- ments of random variables. Fractional moments are calculated for basic discrete and continuous distributions. These calculations are performed analytically or numerically using an appropriate software if a simple form does not exist. The thesis also formulates the principle of method of moments and its variations using fractional moments instead of integers and the effectiveness of this variation is also discussed. 1

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