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Apartment building in Bučovice - construction technology project
Kovalčíková, Barbora ; Brandtner, Michal (referee) ; Venkrbec, Václav (advisor)
The subject of the diploma thesis is the elaboration of a building technology project for an apartment building in Bučovice, specifically focusing on the "Apartment House Z". The thesis deals with the technical report for the construction-technological project, the study of the implementation of the main technological stages of the building object, the solution of the broader relations of transport routes and the design of the building supply, the object time and financial plan, the time plan of the main building object, the project of the construction site equipment, the design of the main machines and mechanisms, the plan of providing material resources for the rough construction, roofing and hole filling, technological prescription for the implementation of the monolithic floor structure and flat single-skin vegetated roof, inspection and testing plan for selected prescriptions, balance of personnel and deployment of main machines throughout the implementation period, safety risk solutions and measures for selected processes, selected LEED certification points. In addition, a THU construction calculation, an itemized budget for the rough-in, roofing and infill openings, an economic analysis of the selling prices of the apartments and non-residential space, and other appendices were prepared.
Latitudinal effect on mosquitoes' microbiota
The aim of this thesis was to find environmental influences on the microbiota of Cx. pipiens mosquito, while investigating the 16S ribosomal RNA composition of the samples, collected over different latitudes in Europe.
The Assessmentof of Environmental Impacts of Representative Renewable Eenergy Technologies in the Czech Republic
Pavlica, Jaroslav ; Přibil, Rudolf (advisor) ; Kočí, Vladimír (referee) ; Matějíček, Luboš (referee)
The Abstract The main objectives of the presented thesis - The Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Representative Renewable Energy Technologies in the Czech Republic were complex assessment of representative renewable energy technologies within different criterions, assessment of their greenhouse gas mitigation effectiveness and evaluation of usefulness of financial incentives aimed on renewable electricity in the Czech Republic in the period 2005-2010. Thereafter representative technologies were compared with nuclear and best available techniques coal-fired power plants in order to determine the best convenient electricity generating technology. Wind, photovoltaic, small hydro-electricity and geothermal power plants were appraised in particular. The thesis was based on partial analysis and meta-analysis aiming on particular aspects and the entire life cycles of the technologies was taken under consideration. The basic methodology framework of life-cycle assessment, which was useful for a comparison of different electricity-generating technologies, was applied within the thesis. The key input data were gathered via meta-analysis. The database GEMIS 4.81, reports by Energy regulatory office, European statistics office, International energy agency and Czech hydrometeorology institute were used to acquire...
Environmental migration and legal instruments of its prevention in the Czech Republic
Chaloupková, Alena ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of environmental migration and with possible legal instruments of its prevention in the Czech Republic. Based on an analysis of the extent of the issue, it identifies three areas of environmental migration causes that are relevant in the conditions of the Czech Republic: (1) climate change and its impacts, (2) implementation of development projects, and (3) industrial accidents and pollution. It analyses and evaluates important legal instruments of prevention and protection of the inhabitants in these areas. In particular, climate protection, adaptation to climate change impacts (floods and droughts), protection against excessive resettlement due to development projects (mining, water reservoirs and building of roads), protection against industrial accidents and air protection are assessed. In conclusion, the findings are summarized and the most important legal deficiencies are formulated, eventually some modifications de lege ferenda are proposed.
Měření a porovnání emisí z chovů skotu
The diploma thesis deals with environmental pollution and offers measures how to reduce it. It also deals with greenhouse gasses and load gasses such as ammonia, methane and others which are produced in agricultural livestock production. The thesis deals with the determination and measurement of concentrations of load gases such as ammonia and methane. Subsequently, the production specific emission is calculated, which is discussed at the end of the work and a measure for its reduction is proposed. A winter bed with deep litter was provided for the whole 24-hour measurement. The Innova measuring instrument was used for correct microclimate measurement and other special instruments were used to evaluate the results. Means for reducing gas emissions are proposed in the thesis.
Financing of Brownfield Regeneration in the EU (Germany)
GOURAUD, Emmanuel
Based on qualitative, case study and the analysis of Europacity project in Berlin, this study aims at assessing the important criteria in order to evaluate the economic dimensions and development potential of a brownfield and a brownfield project. In the literature, more contextual information is given by making an updated state of the arts of brownfield regeneration financing and framework in the European Union with a particular focus on Germany. Furthermore, tools to evaluate the development potential of particular brownfield regeneration projects in particular brownfields and costs-benefits analysis in this field are reviewed. Using a compilation of official and informal data acquired through the interview of one main institutional actor in the development of the Europacity project, the author tried to assess the factors influencing the successful completion of the project in this area, the impacts of the project on eight selected items (stakeholders involvement and following values: economic, social, environmental, historical, psychological, spatial and technological) and the costs-benefits analysis for three of the main stakeholders of the project. The main finding is that all items studied were relevant to some extent in the economic evaluation of a brownfield regeneration project.
Attitudes and Activities of Czech Society Regarding the Environment - May 2018
Hanzlová, Radka
In May 2018, the Centre for Public Opinion Research asked questions regarding the environment.The first question identified an interest of respondents in information related to environmentally friendly behaviour. In the second question, the respondents expressed their subjective feeling of awareness about environmentally friendly behaviour. The third question mapped own practices of respondents household in the context of the environment and the fourth question examined the civic activities of the respondents in relation to the protection of the environment.
Zhodnocení "Správné zemědělské praxe" ve vybraném provozu s chovem skotu a zhodnocení produkce zátěžových plynů z ustájení
This bachelor thesis is focused on solution the issue of environmental pollution, which falls within the sphere of the Earth. Furthermore, this work deals with the greenhouse gases and ammonia and other gases produced from agricultural livestock production. Agriculture is globally considered to be clearly the largest producer of ammonia. Further the work deals with good agricultural practice, the measurement and reduction solutions of stable microclimate and overal welfare. Custom work is focused on determining and measuring the concentration of gaseous emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, nitrous oxide primarily ammonia. The measurement was carried out in the barn with a meat breed Aberdeen Angus on family farm Angus farma Rančice from Kamenný Újezd near České Budějovice. For the measurement of exhaust gas was used special device. Main measuring device was from the company INNOVA. Further, there are proposals include funds for reducing gas emissions
Environmental Impact Assessment for Chosen Plastic Molding Technology
Dufková, Hana ; Kotek, Luboš (referee) ; Krbalová, Maria (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with assessment of environmental load by selected plastic molding technology. The first part is focused on the ecological legislation in the field of mechanical engineering, which also includes the production of plastics, and describes various methodologies for assessing the environmental load. Another chapter is an overview of polymers and their properties as well as the possibilities of plastics processing with description of individual types of production methods. The practical part of this work describes the composition of the produced piece and the injection molding process of plastic production. Its two methods (direct gating and hot sprue method) are analyzed and then the environmental load evaluation is performed using the LCA method – product life cycle assessment. The environmental load of both production methods is assessed.

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