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The Iberian Peninsula's role on the European energy networks as a gateway to the global market
Mineiro Gonçalves, João Pedro ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee)
Bibliographic note GONÇALVES, João P. M. (2023). The Iberian Peninsula's Role in the European Energy Networks as a Gateway to the Global Market. 98 p. Master thesis. Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies, Supervisor Mgr. Bohumil Doboš, Ph.D. Abstract This thesis examines the role that the Iberian Peninsula might play within the European Union's efforts for energy integration, while also analysing the potential of this region to produce and export energy from renewable sources and renewable gases through the development of renewable industrial capacities. The research looked at official documents and legislation from the EU, as well as reports from expert groups and international institutions to collect and analyse data regarding energy consumption, production capacity and interconnectivity in Iberia and its neighbouring region. The research showed promising data for a largely untapped renewable potential across Portugal and Spain, accompanied by optimal conditions for a large-scale production of green hydrogen, which allowed us to conclude that the Iberian Peninsula can become one of the main hydrogen corridors in the world in the near future, contributing to the clean energy transition in Europe and the European neighborhood. Keywords: Energy, Renewables,...
Waste as source of raw material and energy
Krtička, Josef ; Němec, Karel (referee) ; Molliková, Eva (advisor)
Wastes. inceneration plant, dump, recycling, energy, secondary materials, resources, biomass, raw materials resources, energy sources.
Optimizing experimental parameters for LIBS analysis of hard tissues
Fazlić, Aida ; Kuchynka,, Michaela (referee) ; Pořízka, Pavel (advisor)
Tato diplomová práce se zaměřuje na detekci a analýzu těžkých kovů, zejména olova (Pb), v tvrdých tkáních pomocí hydroxyapatitových standardů a spektroskopie laserem buzeného plazmatu (LIBS). Studie využívala různé vlnové délky laseru 1064 nm, 532 nm a 266 nm, stejně jako různé konfigurace laseru, včetně jednopulzní (SP, z angl. single-pulse) LIBS a dvojpulzní (DP, z angl. double-pulse) LIBS v ortogonálním a kolineárním uspořádání. Byla provedena optimalizace parametrů laseru, jako jsou vlnová délka, defokus, doba zpoždění, mezipulzní doba zpoždění a energie. Poměr signál-ke-šumu (SBR), limit detekce a rozlišení odpovídající průměru ablačního kráteru sloužily jako základní parametry pro určení optimální kombinace parametrů. Výsledky této studie poskytují důležité poznatky o optimálních parametrech LIBS pro detekci a analýzu těžkých kovů v tvrdých tkáních, což může mít potenciálně významné dopady pro lékařský výzkum.
System for remote readings of gas, electricity and water consumption
Paulech, Matúš ; Číž, Radim (referee) ; Krajsa, Ondřej (advisor)
This thesis includes a system design for remote reading of gas, electricity, water and heat consumption. The thesis deals with the issue of remote meter reading. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the description of technologies and protocols, their advantages and disadvantages, the selection of the most suitable one and its applications. The thesis also deals with the design of hardware components, their construction and subsequent commissioning. The management of these components is ensured by the software that was created for this system.
Energy use of the facade
Salajka, Radek ; Rubinová, Olga (referee) ; Rubina, Aleš (advisor)
The main motive of this master's thesis is expanding awareness of ventilated facades and their use and comparison with external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). I mention this in theoretical research. As an expansion to theory and a key theme of this thesis is a description of individual physical events present on the facade and in it's ventilated gap based on data output from measurement. The data gathering was made by a group of professionals who have done an on-point facade measurement on a real ventilated facade throughout a year - more detail in text. I personally have been a part of a research team and I describe my work and research in detail in the third part of this master's thesis - experimental part. In practical part I devote myself to use our new knowledge on a given building. More precisely - I use numerical calculations to present energy use of of given facade in comparison with ETICS on the same building with the same boundary conditions.
The Influence of Individual Factors on the Selling Price of Real Estate in Selected Localities
Škrabanová, Monika ; Oblouková, Aneta (referee) ; Vítková, Eva (advisor)
The work is focused on changing the price while including criteria that are a priority for people who plan to buy an apartment. The main intention was to find out how the price will change compared to the analysis carried out in the bachelor's thesis, where the price was determined only according to dispositions. The work is therefore focused on four localities, which are the cities of Olomouc, Zlín, Liberec and Hradec Králové. Two on the territory of Moravia and two on the territory of Bohemia. The entire work is divided into 8 parts. The first 5 parts include the theoretical part. In the first part, basic concepts are discussed in detail. In the second real estate valuation. In the third, basic activities and subjects of the real estate market. The fourth segments of the real estate market and the fifth briefly the relationship with the financial sector. The others then represent the practical part, where the solved localities are presented in detail in the sixth chapter. In the seventh is a marketing survey and in the eighth is the aforementioned analysis of the real estate market itself.
Compliment to Karel Malich (theoretical-practical thesis)
The bachelor's thesis Tribute to Karel Malich consists of two parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part deals mainly with the personality, life and work of Karel Malich. It also outlines the historical and social context of Malich's work and, last but not least, deals with energy as an inspirational element in Malich's work. The practical part of this thesis extends the theoretical part by realization of paintings. It also aims to understand Malich's work and sources of inspiration.
Výživa a krmení sportovních koní
This bachelor thesis' elaboration literary part is focused on the horse digestive system anatomy and physiology, basic nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, water, vitamins and mineral substances. It analyse basic types of feedstuffs used in horse nutrition and feeding principles and technologies of sport horse feeding. The analysis is done on group of 5 sport horses focused on showjumping. Composition and energy value of feed ration, feeding technology and energy needed for training are evaluated at the end.
Touha po cukru; fyziologické procesy klíštěte \kur{Ixodes ricinus} v závislosti na hostitelské glukóze
Blood-feeding arthropods, Ixodes ricinus acquire and digest vast amounts of the host blood meal, which often exceeds their body volume up to 100 times. It seems to be an only source of energy which they need for the reproduction. I identified homologues of six sugar transporters genes encoding sugar transporters in the I. ricinus tick. Transcripts encoding sugar transporters were found in digestive tract of I. ricinus. The results of RT PCR analysis characterised tissue expression profiles of the sugar transporters while fed by blood. The sugar transporters were determined as a drug target by RNAi. In this master thesis, the use of RNAi and available sugar inhibitors did not confirm glucose importance in physiology of ticks. Membrane feeding showed that blood meal with 2-deoxy-D-glucose had a significant impact on the reproduction and viability of the ticks.
The History of 20th Century Philosophy (Science and its Applications in Philosophy)
KALUSOVÁ, Kristýna
This diploma thesis is a free continuation of my year work in philosophy from 2003 on the topic of "Relativity", which is available for inspection at the Department of Social Sciences at the Faculty of Education, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. I also draw from my work from the same year, which was prepared at the same faculty, at the Department of Art Education, under the guidance of Mgr. Zdeněk Hosman, and from the work from 2004 also prepared at this department, which is entitled "Interpretation of the image Hypnotist". Now to present the diploma thesis itself. Albert Einstein has written a number of commendable and less flattering literature on the esteemed physicist. It goes without saying that he was a unique man with an overly clever head, and his views became the pearl of our planet. When reading his works, one has such interesting thoughts that are hard to resist. I couldn't resist this summer of 2002, when one day I read his laws of relativity. Relativity became a liberation for me from my mental states and made me think about the problem of birth, life and death. The idea that came to my mind in this study means for me the opportunity to admit that our lives are not meaningless. In my work, I would first like to begin with Einstein's life itself and work, so that the reader can get to the issues I am opening here more easily and quickly. I will try to ensure that the part of my work that deals with the mere interpretation of what has already been explained does not become boring. I will present the author's life here not only from the well-known media side, but I will also choose interesting things that will surely surprise readers many times. Of course, I will present the special and general theory of relativity (both of these beautiful ladies) not only from a complex physical point of view, but I will try to move the focus to a philosophical interpretation that is much closer to me and which also becomes the culmination of my thoughts. I am still writing this introduction in a situation where my thoughts on paper are not completely complete and I am still groping for verbal expressions. What is my intention? Which way do I want to go?

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