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The Iberian Peninsula's role on the European energy networks as a gateway to the global market
Mineiro Gonçalves, João Pedro ; Doboš, Bohumil (advisor) ; Romancov, Michael (referee)
Bibliographic note GONÇALVES, João P. M. (2023). The Iberian Peninsula's Role in the European Energy Networks as a Gateway to the Global Market. 98 p. Master thesis. Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Political Studies, Supervisor Mgr. Bohumil Doboš, Ph.D. Abstract This thesis examines the role that the Iberian Peninsula might play within the European Union's efforts for energy integration, while also analysing the potential of this region to produce and export energy from renewable sources and renewable gases through the development of renewable industrial capacities. The research looked at official documents and legislation from the EU, as well as reports from expert groups and international institutions to collect and analyse data regarding energy consumption, production capacity and interconnectivity in Iberia and its neighbouring region. The research showed promising data for a largely untapped renewable potential across Portugal and Spain, accompanied by optimal conditions for a large-scale production of green hydrogen, which allowed us to conclude that the Iberian Peninsula can become one of the main hydrogen corridors in the world in the near future, contributing to the clean energy transition in Europe and the European neighborhood. Keywords: Energy, Renewables,...
Short-term Electric Load Forecasting Using Czech Data
Řanda, Martin ; Krištoufek, Ladislav (advisor) ; Čech, František (referee)
Forecasting electric load accurately is a critical prerequisite to dependable power grid operation. It is thus in the best interests of the responsible institutions to develop and maintain performant models for predicting load. In this thesis, we analyze Czech electric load data and execute three pseudo-out-of-sample forecasting exercises. We employ standard econometric as well as machine learning methods and compare the results to benchmarks, including the predictions published by the Czech transmission system operator. The results of the first task examining the predictability of minute loads using 11 years of data indicate that the high-frequency load series is predictable. In the second and third exercises, we utilize hourly loads with additional explanatory variables. We generate one-step-ahead and 48-hours-ahead forecasts on the 2021 out- of-sample set and evaluate the performance of several methods. In both exercises, the most accurate results are produced by averaging forecasts of our specified recurrent neural network and the seasonal autoregressive integrated moving average model, achieving a mean absolute percentage error of less than 0.5% on the out-of-sample set in the one-step-ahead analysis and 2.3% in the 48-hours-ahead exercise, outperforming the operator's predictions.
Long-term Sustainability of Combined Production of Heat and Electricity in Small and Medium-sized Heatplants Areas
Main goal of this work is to determine the factors having the greatest impact on the long-term sustainability of small and medium-sized heat plant systems by using financial analysis tools and applying technical-economic indicators. Heat plant systems are characterized as network monopolies, so in the financial analysis the individual indicators are evaluated with regard to the specific characteristics of this energy sector. The technical-economic analysis focuses on the method of electricity and heat production primarily in order to find out trends in profitability of both of these business activities. The way of using emission allowances of the EU ETS system is also examined, together with its impact on the economy of a company. The long-term sustainability assessment of heat plant systems is based on the ability to generate profit while selling heat for a competitive price. The price competitiveness is determined by comparison with average prices issued by the national market regulator.
Conceptual design of the conversion of an electric motorcycle
Roman, David ; Zeizinger, Lukáš (referee) ; Böhm, Michael (advisor)
The work is about the study of the current offer of electric motorcycles, individual structural elements, and the concept of using an electric motor and battery. Furthermore, the work compares the operating costs of conventional internal combustion engines and electric motors. The main part of the work is the calculation of the battery capacity for the motorcycle, which is converted from a conventional internal combustion engine to an electric motor and the selection of a suitable engine and battery storage concept, so that the dynamics of the motorcycle is not significantly affected.
An Econometric Model of Electricity Demand in the Czech Republic - a Comparative Study of the Relationship between Retail and Commercial Prices in EU
Franěk, Martin ; Pavláková Dočekalová, Marie (referee) ; Luňáček, Jiří (advisor)
The subject of this master´s thesis is to create an econometric models explaining the formation of electricity prices with a focus on comparing the environment of retail and wholesale prices between years 2010 and 2020. The model will be created for the environment of the Czech Republic and another chosed EU member country. The partial goals of the work are the research of professional literature, the creation of a database for the computational part, the creation of the model in the appropriate statistical software (GRETL and IBM SPSS Statistics 25), testing the stability of the model and the discussion and evaluation of results.
Solved Problems in Electromagnetism for Electronic Collection
Pošta, Petr ; Koupilová, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Ledvinka, Tomáš (referee)
This thesis is a follow-up to several bachelor and diploma theses which were dedicated to creating solved problems for Electronic Collection of Solved Problems in Electromagnetism. The first goal of this thesis was to make a short survey about electronic resources in electromagnetism, especially those which contain solved problems and provide open access to their contents. The second goal was to make a small collection of solved problems in this area which would be suitable for undergraduate students and which would fill in chapters with little amount of problems in the Electronic Collection. This Electronic Collection is openly accesible on the website of Department of Physics Education. Total of 30 solved problems have been made in this thesis, including hints, detailed solutions and suitable pictures. Methodical comments are also available for almost all problems.
The Perspectives and Risks of Electricity Supply in the Czech Republic by 2030
Vinklerová, Tereza ; Průša, Jan (advisor) ; Kracík, Jiří (referee)
The thesis will focus on outlooks of the Czech energy system, especially with respect to supply-demand balance and generation adequacy. The current situation in the electricity market will be used as a starting point for projections of future scenarios. The scenarios will look at possible issues and challenges as well as further developments that the Czech energy system will be facing in the near future. These problems and challenges can be defined as the mid-term and long-term ability to balance supply and demand for electricity in the Czech Republic. The increase in production of electricity from renewable resources and the subsequent loss of flexibility of power sources go hand in hand with adverse economic conditions, together worsening the overall risk in the electricity system. At the same time we must take into account changes in EU energy policy and its effect on member countries, such as the planned shutdown of nuclear power plants in Germany, increased taxation of carbon dioxide production, supported production of electricity from renewable resources, and integration of energy markets. We must consider the harmonization of methods that are used to evaluate the adequacy and security of a production portfolio, known as a generation adequacy, while meeting the requirements of the given system and...
A Common European Energy Policy: Perspectives and Limits of Cooperation
Kupka, Jiří ; Jireš, Jan (advisor) ; Polášek, Martin (referee)
A Common European Energy Policy: Perspectives and Limits of Cooperation ABSTRACT (Jiří Kupka) The aim of the work is to assess the prospects and limits of cooperation in the area of European Union Energy Policy and it primarily from the perspective of the Member States. To this purpose, there is a research of an evolution of integration in the energy field (pointed contemporary development - i.e. mainly the last twelve years), approach of the European Commission and in particular there are attitudes and the energy policies of the two EU Member States - France and Germany. The whole work is divided into two main parts - a theoretical section and an empirical analysis. In the first part, the author seeks to define the terms "Energy security" and "Energy Policy" from the perspective of several authors. Subsequently, it is carried out the examination of the development of Energy policy of EU - the European Commission initiatives are researched in particular. Besides, it is examined and evaluated the current status of the implementation of the Union's actions (policy) - especially in area of the individual systems of energy markets of the aforementioned states.
"Fiat lux!" Public Lighting in Czech Towns in 19th and the Beginning of 20th Century
Jelínek, David ; Himl, Pavel (advisor) ; Pokludová, Andrea (referee)
The phenomenon of introducing public lighting in Czech cities is mainly associated with the increase in population in regionally important centres of industry, trade, craft, or administration. Unlike classical historiographical monographs, this work aims to investigate how the introduction of public lighting took place, who was involved in it, and what was at stake. Through the analysis of literary sources, particularly newspaper articles (both national and local) and archival records, the thesis seeks to highlight the attributes of light not only as a purely practical urban element, but also as a carrier of symbolic levels of security and progress. It is shown that light played an important role as a maintainer of security and prevented criminal behaviour by its presence. It is further revealed that light was a manifestation of civilization, education, and progress. Having public lighting on the streets was therefore not only a practical but also a symbolic issue. It was also reflected in the electoral programs of local political parties. It was not, however, the municipalities that incurred considerable costs in upgrading the lighting infrastructure (setting up gas plants, power stations, laying pipes); it was private entities that entered into contracts with municipalities for decades. However,...
Energy supply for greenhouse production
Najbrtová, Zuzana ; Poláčik, Ján (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
The import of the vegetable has prevailed in the long run over the own production. In connection with this reality and increasing demand for the food with higher quality the production greenhouse is more often built. The providing heat, cold and electricity for the year-round operation is related to the construction and working of these objects. The theoretical part of this theses describes possible ways how to cover energy consumption for the model greenhouse in Kožichovice, Třebíč region. The heat losses and the year-round heat consumption were stated for the selected model and compared with the exact values from Kožichovice. The following method of energy supply was selected based on the calculated energy consumption - the separate cogeneration unit, cooperation of several cogeneration units, a biogas station, a heat pump and central heating system. These methods of energy supply were subjected to technical and economical comparison.

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