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Organic Farming with Regard to Sustainable Development
Procházková, Adéla ; Bartoš, Michael (advisor) ; Cudlínová, Eva (referee)
The focus of this diploma thesis is organic farming. Its goal is to evaluate the positives and the negatives of organic farming from the sustainable development point of view. Sustainable development is usually divided into three pillars - environmental, economic and social. However, this thesis uses the division into four pillars of sustainability, in which the social pillar is divided into socio-political and human pillar, which is more fitting in this case. This division allows a more detailed evaluation of organic farming. The thesis also deals with the question of sustainability of the researched farm in the future. The method chosen for the thesis is a case study, thanks to which a specific case was researched and answers for the stated questions could be found. Rainton farm in the South of Scotland serves as the case for the practical part of the thesis. Since the early 1990s Rainton has been in the process of conversion from the conventional to the organic way of farming. The business has been diversified and therefore the research could be focused also on the development of the visitor centre, ice-cream or cheese making. Thanks to the data from interviews, participant observation and other documents, a complex picture of the organic farm was created. The research has shown that the...
Vnímání spotřebitele a jeho ochota k nakupování biopotravin
Lozynska, Chrystyna
In my bachelor thesis I investigated how consumers perceive organic food while shopping. In the first part of the thesis I introduced the theoretical information about organic farming and organic food. The second part is devoted to research and its evaluation. In the discussion, I proposed a specific solution to increase the demand for organic food. In conclusion, I summed up all the most important suggestions for organic food producers and retailers.
Biopotraviny na Opavsku
Sukeníková, Jana
The Bachelor thesis deals with organic food in the Opava region. The aim of the thesis is to evaluate the status of organic farming, the production of organic food and their interest from the consumers point of view. In the first part, there is outlined the issue of organic farming and production of organic food. Then the socio-economic and natural conditions of the Opava district are described. The second part focuses on the comparison of ecological areas and the production of organic food among districts in the Moravian-Silesian Region. In the thesis, there was conducted a sociological survey, which found out the opinions of people living in Opava. The questionnaire survey method was selected to collect data. Respondents responses were processed and evaluated into charts form. The final part proposes recommendations for further growth of the organic food market in the region.
Podpora rozvoje regionálního odbytu biopotravin
Pojarová, Denisa
The diploma thesis is focused on the support of the development of regional sales of organic food. The main objective was to analyse the possibilities of supporting the development for sales of regional products of organic farming in the Olomouc Region. In the theoretical part, the basic aspects of organic farming and organic food and then the basic factors influencing the organic food market and the forms of sale were defined. Using a questionnaire survey and a personal questioning, a survey between consumers, sellers and the manufacturer were conducted. The obtained information was compared and the possibilities for the development of organic food sales were proposed.
Možnosti pěstování luskovin v různých systémech zemědělství ČR
Plchová, Radka
This diploma thesis is focused on the evaluation of the possibilities of legumes in various agricultural systems of the Czech Republic. In the literary research of this thesis are first introduced more and less known species of legumes and their growing conditions. There are also described agricultural systems - conventional, integrated and organic agriculture. Legumes are suitable for growing in all these systems, however in the case of organic farming is increased risk of harmful pathogens with reflection in reducing yield and quality. In the practical part of the thesis are presented results from the experiment with soybean, where yield and quality parametres were monitored in dependence of the environmental conditions.
Analýza druhů biopotravin ve specializovaných prodejnách "Zdravé výživy" v Olomouckém kraji
Illíková, Markéta
The bachelor thesis analyses the types of organic food available in specialised food chain Healthy Eating in the Olomouc region. The theoretical part discusses the concept of organic food and ecological farming. The analysis of the Czech organic food market is carried out. Including a comparison of the prices of organic and conventional foods. The practical part stuies the sales of organic food in specialised health food stores in the Olomouc region with the help of quantitative data gathered through two questionnaires. The aim of the first questionnaire, addressed to the owners / managers of specialised organic food stores is to find out what types of food are represented in the stores, what types of organic food are the most popular and what tactics they use to facilitate the sales of organic food. The aim of the second questionnaire, targeting the consumers of organic food is to determine the frequency of organic food purchases, the reasons driving the decision to buy organic food and the types of organic food which are most often purchased.
Povědomí o biodynamickém způsobu hospodaření a míra jeho uplatnění v ČR
Dyntarová, Kristýna
This diploma thesis deals with biodynamic agriculture in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part concerns the definition of organic and biodynamic farming, including the identification of their mutual differences, and also describes the development of biodynamics in the global and domestic context, including the analysis of the current state. The experimental part is made up of several outputs. The first is the characteristic of a selected biodynamic farm which includes a mapping of opinions about the farm activities among the locals. The second is the analysis of information from biodynamic farmers or otherwise interested parties about their experience and opinions on the given issue. The final output is the evaluation of the information obtained through the survey detecting the awareness about biodynamic farming among selected target groups.
Vliv vermikompostu na vybrané vlastnosti půdy a rostlin
Dvořáčková, Lucie
Soil is a fundamental source of terrestrial life. It will be more and more important source in the future. The soil is degradated, an organic matter is decreasing. The regular measure of quality humus, which is the basic factor of soil fertility is necessary for keeping quality properties of soil. One of the means of processing of biologically dissoluble wastes is the process of vermicomposting, when are earthworms used for the produce. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to broad the information about vermicomposting to the society, explain the diferences between composting and vermicomposting. Then is necessary to establish an experiment which has an important role in a comparising of selected physical and also chemical properties of soil and vermicompost and their consecutive combination. This experiment had to choose which of these enviroments would be more optimal for the plants and could provide them the best conditions for their growth and vegetation.
Problematika produkce bio osiv v České republice
Zbořilová, Markéta
The theoretical part of thesis defines the legislation of bio seeds and ecological farming. In thesis are described basic concepts used in the seed production and ecological farming. Thesis also describes current status of organic agriculture. It also defines the seed production for ecological farming. Attention is given to the use of conventional seeds in organic farming. The practical part refers to the average prices of selected bio seeds, as well as to the average prices of conventional seeds. Prices are described and the difference is significant. According to the assignment the SWOT analysis of the bio-seed production was processed. Furthermore the practical problems of bio-seed production and the profitability of the bio seed production. For evaluation of the problems of bio-seeds were used materials from the consultant of this thesis. Materials contained Recognition documents of plant breeder land, Recording lists of results of inspection and Recognition documents of seed. From these available documents was evaluated the situation of weeds during the cultivation of bio-seeds and the health condition of seeds. Thesis also represents the profitability of the cultivation of the organic production and compares it with the profitability of convectional farming.
Biopotraviny - vnímání kvalitativního rozdílu veřejností na Brněnsku
Zajíčková, Marcela
This thesis is focused on quality and production of organic food and the differences between organic products and conventional products. The aim of this work is focused on public perception of organic food, which was evaluated using a questionnaire survey in the Brno-city and Brno-country. The questionnaire survey consisted of 23 questions and 138 respondents completed it. The first six questions were to determine basic information about the respondent, the remaining issues were on the issue of organic food. The obtained values were evaluated by verbal expression and processing it into a graph. From the survey it became clear that the public is very little knowledgeable in this area, for example logo of European bioproduction never seen almost half of the respondents. In the quality and composition of foods are more interested women than men. Frequency of purchase of organic food is mostly once a month, in a hypermarket or a supermarket or in a specialty store with spending up to 500 CZK. The most desired range of organic quality are fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Purchase of organic food is limited mainly by higher price and lack of trust in organic food.

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