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Circumstaces that eliminate lawlessness of students from opted highschool
Truhlář, Filip ; Stich, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zdobinský, Adam (referee)
Title: Circumstances that eliminate lawlessness of students from opted highschool Objectives: The aim of this work is to find out awareness of students from opted highschool about curcumstances given that eliminate lawlessness and increase given awereness by educational intervention. Methods: This dissertation uses a quantitive method of research. The research was made by help of preexperiment design. This design works with one group whitch is exposed by intervention in that case with pretest and posttest. A questionaire survey is the method of the date collection. There were 43 individuals of 3 rd year of opted highschool (24 men and 19 women). Results: The survey showed that before educational intervention the respondents gave 48 % of correct answers on average about problems of circumstances that eliminace lawlessness. After the educational intervention there was an improvement of respondents' knowledge on average about 9,4 %. Gender didn't have an influence about awareness. The datas didn't prove relation between physical punishment during education and awareness about necessary defence. In the entrance questionaire there was higher awareness about necessary defence that in the case of an extreme emergency. Conclusion: The puspose of this dissertation was to find out the students' awareness...
Safe sport
Cvachová, Adéla ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Buriánková, Jitka (referee)
The final thesis Safe Sport summarizes scientific theoretical knowledge with references to other relevant literature and presents a didactic material draft that can be used as a base for raising awareness and developing education in the field of safe sport in the Czech Republic. Text of the thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a practical. The first, theoretical part defines the term safe sport by summarizing professional concepts and scientific knowledge using the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison and compilation. In order to put these concepts and knowledge into context and to analyze the state of the Czech sport environment, they are supplemented by available case reports from the Czech media. The subsequent practical part of the thesis presents a proposal for didactic material reflecting the current situation and needs of the Czech sports environment. In addition to the theoretical scientific knowledge, it also includes practical suggestions for prevention and possible procedures for dealing with specific examples of situations that cross the boundaries of a safe sport environment. Keywords: prevention, harassment, abuse, non-accidental violence, didactic material, education, youth
School as an integration partner. Project final research report
Leontiyeva, Yana ; Mikešová, Renáta ; Tollarová, Blanka ; Šimon, Martin ; Čermáková, Dita
The final research report presents the results of the project School as an Integration Partner, which aimed to analyze in detail the situation of pupils with insufficient knowledge of Czech as the language of instruction at primary schools in Prague in the years 2019-2021. The introductory chapter presents the project aims, as well as the employed methodology and the definitions of key terms. The second chapter focuses on the state of knowledge, particularly with regard to existing data sources and the data itself, as well as previous research targeting pupils with migration background. The key part of the research report is the third chapter presenting the results of three waves of questionnaire surveys conducted at primary schools in Prague. The research at primary schools focused on the number of pupils with insufficient knowledge of Czech as the language of instruction according to their level of Czech language proficiency, the forms of support provided by schools, as well as the funding of this support, its sufficiency, the existence of teachers specialized in teaching Czech as a second language and coordinators. The individual waves of monitoring also explored specific issues such as distance learning or the new system of language training. The fourth chapter of the report presents the results of the qualitative research – the case study and the analysis of in-depth interviews with various actors from school directors to teachers, coordinators and finally parents of pupils with migration background. The final chapter summarizes the findings. The research report is accompanied by questionnaires from the three waves of the survey and automated reports presenting the results of the survey for the whole of Prague and for the individual administrative districts of Prague 1-22.
Public Opinion on Education – Secondary Analysis
Tabery, Paulína ; Hanzlová, Radka ; Spurný, Martin
This final report is the first of seven research reports produced within the project Public(s), education and education policy: values, attitudes, reasoning, and experience (short title Public opinion on education). The project aims to map the views of different publics (actors) on education policy measures, assuming that these views are linked to broader attitudes towards education and the values held by actors in relation to education. The present report first introduces its objectives, followed by a review of research in the field of education that relates to the views of the public (important actors) on education and education policy, particularly those that are conducted on a regular basis, for which primary datasets can potentially be obtained for further analysis. This is followed by a presentation and summary of the substantive findings of the survey. In addition to the basic findings, which have already been presented in the original final reports, further analyses are also presented, primarily aimed at testing the questions used in more depth in terms of measuring particular theoretical concepts. The report includes two appendices: a list of variables and a tabular appendix. The list of variables serves as a practical guide for those who want to work further with the data, create questioning instruments, or commission or implement research. The tabular annex provides comprehensive information on the second-level classifications according to the basic socio-demographic variables and thus gives an overview of the distribution of responses in each subgroup, which it was not practical to describe in detail in the text of the final report.\n
Discussion post
Bednář, Miloslav
Internationalism, resp. supranationalism, must not be above individual nations.
Evaluation of Some Social Conditions - June 2021
Tuček, Milan
In June 2021 Public Opinion Research Centre's survey investigated views of Czech citizens on some social conditions. From all specific social conditions included in the survey people evaluate mostly positively the accessibility of education (89% positively, 8% critically), the health care (79% : 20%), and a chance to get a job (72% : 24%). All other monitored areas of social conditions - i.e. a chance to get a flat (23% positively, 72% critically), to buy a flat or house (19% : 77%), financial situation to start a family with children (33% : 62%), social security for the elderly (28% : 66%), and life conditions for the handicapped (34% : 50%) - are evaluated mostly critically.
Simulation of an ARM Processor for the Education of Programming in Assembler
Ondryáš, Ondřej ; Goldmann, Tomáš (referee) ; Orság, Filip (advisor)
This thesis aims to implement a didactic tool for simulation of an Arm-based processor integrated into the Visual Studio Code editor. The tool facilitates learning about the machine-level programming of these processors. It implements a service that provides an assembler and a simulator for the A32 instruction set. The service is built using the Unicorn emulation framework and other open-source tools. The editor extension uses the service to add support for the development and debugging of programs written in the assembly language. It shows descriptions of used instructions and helps the programmer understand their function. When debugging, it enables stepping through the code and provides various views of the state of the simulated processor, its registers and memory. The solution can be used in the Advanced Assembly Languages course at FIT BUT. It could be further improved in the future to support other architectures and provide an easy learning environment in other courses related to machine-level programming.
Information Society in Figures - 2020: Czech Republic and EU
Český statistický úřad
Publication provides up-to-date information about the development of information and digital society in the Czech Republic in the way of official statistical figures related to the usage of modern information and communication technologies (ICT) in the main areas of our society. Publication in seven main chapters includes indicators about the penetration and usage of the internet and other ICTs amongst individuals, in households, in enterprises, in public authorities, schools or health institutions. The data here is breakdown in accordance with various criteria, such as the type of monitored households, sex, age, and educational background of the individuals or the industry and size with respect to enterprises.
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The Current Form of School Rules and Regulations on Elementary Schools in the Czech Republic and its pedagogically-psychological connotations
Richterová, Magdalena
Richterová Many of us not look for a long answer when asking ourselves what exactly school rules and regulations are. We all have met it, so we consider it to be an already established and known term. To define it, however, is not as easy. Not even pedagogical theory offers us the support needed. Through the eyes of history i tis seen as an integral and necessary tool, as the historical part of this paper illustrates. It will also shed light upon why there is growing pressure concerning the creation of a central template of school rules and regulations. We can approach it as we would approach an all-encompassing social set of norms that guide the inner workings of schools, or through the perspective of history, where it was more of a set of rules for students, teachers, and parents. Presently, we can consider it a wide norm concerning many fields, schooling systems, inner functionality, grading, rights, responsibilities and so on. If we emphasize rules and regulations as one of the first written set of norms that a child should abide by, we are presented with a pedagogically psychological connection. This connection is focused on by this thesis in the description part of contemporary school rules and regulations in Czech elementary schools. This analysis was four years in the making and had a set...
The Fight against Doping in Sport in Interaction with European Union Law: Proportionality of Ineligibility and Anti-Doping Education
Exner, Jan ; Tomášek, Michal (advisor) ; Ondřejek, Pavel (referee) ; Kornbeck, Klaus Jacob (referee) ; Viret, Marjolaine (referee)
Dissertation: The Fight against Doping in Sport in Interaction with European Union Law: Proportionality of Ineligibility and Anti-Doping Education Author: JUDr. Jan Exner This dissertation researches the interaction between the fight against doping in sport and the law of the European Union. It particularly analyses whether the World Anti-Doping Agency and other anti-doping organizations respect the proportionality of ineligibility for doping and related role of anti-doping education. The findings of this dissertation demonstrate that anti-doping organizations have crossed the borders of their conditional autonomy and good governance under European Union law through breach of the proportionality of ineligibility in interaction with anti-doping education. In particular, it concludes that they underestimate the role of education as an anti-doping element, which interacts with proportionality of ineligibility. Anti-doping education raises awareness, informs, communicates, instills values, and develops life skills and decision-making capability to prevent intentional and unintentional doping and its consequences, including a potentially disproportionate ineligibility. As such, it also enables the deterrence effect of anti-doping rules and sanctions. On top of that, the level of anti-doping education is...

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