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Approaches to the Hungarian minority in Slovakia in issues of minority education and the possibility of subsequent application in the working process
Dlábik, Ľubomír ; Irmanová, Eva (advisor) ; Balla, Petr (referee)
This diploma thesis clarifies the issue of Triadic nexus among Slovakia, Hungary and the Hungarian minority concerning education and economic access to areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, which affect the graduates of minority schools in the Slovak labor market. At the same time it aspires to refer to this relationship as one of the factors that may impact on reduction in the number of members of the Hungarian minority in Slovakia. The main focus is on the trilateral approach to the issue of education in the Slovak minority schools in Hungarian language in case of teaching the state language. The consequences of the different trilateral relation approach to minority education can lead to inefficiency of minority schools teaching Slovak language, which can, in conjunction with the current economic approach of Slovakia to the areas inhabited by the Hungarian minority, lead to migratory pressures on graduates of minority schools as for the choice of university studies and their employability. The lack of language skills reduces their competitiveness and flexibility compared to linguistically better equipped individuals. The statistical data in education, employment and population movements that will be analyzed and compared, are freely available, and confirm this hypothesis.
Antiquity in history textbooks for secondary schools 1948-1989
Dubská, Hana
The thesis focuses on didactic and historical analysis of history textbooks used during the Communist totalitarian regime at secondary schools in Czechoslovakia republic between 1948-1989. Goal of this thesis was to find out if there were any changes of historical events interpretation of Classical antiquity in consideration of political development in the country. The theoretical part consists of brief political development and development of education in Czechoslovakia in observed period. The practical part deals with the analysis and the comparison of textbooks from totalitarian and present era with emphasis on didactics and content. I concluded that interpretative texts influenced by the communist ideology were more focused on social problems in contemporary society. Textbooks were also focused on slavery issue, especially their hard life and described passed slave rebellions. This is most obvious in textbooks published in the 1950s. Keywords: history textbooks, antiquity, secondary school, communism, Czechoslovakia, education, 20th century
The Alchemy and its Use in Chemistry Teaching
Nývlt, Petr
The dissertation deals with the usability of alchemy in chemistry education at secondary schools - especially grammar schools. In the research part it monitors the differences in educational outcomes for pupils who performed the same experiment with the alchemical approach and those who did it in the classical manner. The basic objective was to confirm or refute the benefits of a completely different approach to the experiment - an alchemical way. The starting point of the paper is alchemy itself. First, it was necessary to describe it and then find and define what is useful in teaching. I chose its spiritual dimension. This phenomenon is then transformed into the framework of pedagogical-psychological speech in order to set a certain didactic method on that basis that will be accessible to pupils, realizable at schools and efficient. The theoretical part focuses on the definition of alchemy in particular. It is based on the research available in Czech and world literature. It monitors the evolution of alchemy from its ancient beginnings to the 20th century because the development of this doctrine is as important as its foundations themselves for its definition. Given that there is currently no clear view of alchemy in terms of its true objectives, the paper watches both physical and contemplative...
The electronic portfolio as the main support tool for pupils' evaluation and self-assessment
Fuglík, Viktor
The focus of this dissertation is the pupil's portfolio, primarily in electronic portfolio form, and its use in education. The research study considers that the e-portfolio as a means of support for evaluation has considerable didactic potential and its implementation into learning and teaching could improve the effects of evaluation, as well as fostering pupil's self-assessment and self-reflection. The study deals with the definition of the pupil's portfolio as a didactic means of support for evaluation; the structure and functional specifications are identified, and there is verification of ways of using an electronic portfolio as a tool for pupil's self-assessment and self-reflection. Both practical and theoretical methods were used in this study in order to verify if and under what conditions an electronic portfolio can be used to enhance the quality of evaluation in schools and to support the processes and outcomes of pupil's evaluation, self-assessment and self-reflection within the school environment. By developing further the concept of a pupil's portfolio this thesis seeks to contribute to the development of pedagogy, specifically in the area of didactics and in evaluation in schools.
Didactic Aspects of Concept Mapping in Lower Secondary Education
Vaňková, Petra
TITLE: Didactic Aspects of Concept Mapping in Lower Secondary Education AUTHOR: Mgr. Petra Vaňková DEPARTMENT: Department of Information Technology and Technical Education SUPERVISOR: doc. PhDr. Vladimír Rambousek, CSc. ABSTRACT: This dissertation aims to examine the educational potential of concept maps in elementary schools and contribute to the expansion of pedagogic theory in the area of didactic resources, as well as develop a constructively oriented method of education. This work defines concept maps as didactic tools; describes them in terms of functional and didactic specifics; analyzes their theoretical results from psychological and pedagogical perspectives; and describes their potential usage in the educational process. This dissertation further focuses on the determinants that influence concept map implementation in teaching, analyzes potential assessment methods, and demonstrates several approaches for utilizing ICT to support work involving concept maps. Empirical research results are used to illuminate the didactic potential of concept maps and methods to incorporate them in teaching. This work represents a comprehensive study overview of concept maps that examines the topic from various angles and directions as they pertain to education. KEYWORDS: concept map, education, didactic tool,...
Skills of Chemistry Pupils during the Period of Curricular Reform
Bayerová, Anna
Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Přírodovědecká fakulta Katedra učitelství a didaktiky chemie Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Science Department of Teaching and Didactics of Chemistry Doktorský studijní program: Vzdělávání v chemii Ph.D. study program: Education in Chemistry Autoreferát disertační práce Summary of the Ph.D. Thesis Mgr. Anna Bayerová Dovednosti žáků v chemii v období kurikulární reformy Skills of Chemistry Pupils during the Period of Curricular Reform Školitel/Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Hana Cídlová, Dr. Školitel-konzultant/Supervisor-consultant: prof. RNDr. Hana Čtrnáctová, CSc. Praha 2015 SUMMARY The dissertation deals with the issue of skills of lower secondary school pupils. First, the system of recommended general (universal) and specific (special) skills of the pupils was suggested that the pupils should acquire in the course of Chemistry at the level of lower secondary school education. This system was tested and subsequently adjusted according to survey results of a questionnaire survey among a total of 121 teachers of Chemistry at all school levels (upper level of elementary school, eight years grammar school, four years grammar school, university). Consequently pupils (7th , 8th and 9th grades of elementary school and the 1st , 2nd and 4th year of the eight years grammar school)...
Education in Austrian aristocratic families from the beginning of 19th century to the 1st half of 20th century
Vašáková, Zuzana ; Županič, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with the education in austrian aristocratic families in the 19th century and in the 1st half of 20th century. The education and upbringing of children had been influented by plenty of factors. The most important factors, which influenced education, were the environment (home or boarding school), specialization of education, the selection of schools and universities and the language of education, too. Parents, nannys and private teachers also had some influence on the upbringing of the children. In the 19th century we can find some common characteristic in some of the noble families (The Schwarzenbergs, the Sternbergs, the Mensdorffs and some others). The 1st half of the 20th century is an essential period for the history of aristocracy. Political changes reflected in its lifestyle and partially in the upbringing and education of the children of the aristocrats. These changes are illustrated on the education of children in the family of prince Johann Schönburg-Hartenstein. Keywords: aristocracy, childhood, education, languages, parents, nannys, teachers, schools, the Schwarzenbergs, the Schönburgs, the Mensdorffs.
Educational specifics of the spatial visualization
Prokýšek, Miloš
TITLE: Educational specifics of the spatial visualization AUTHOR: Mgr. Miloš Prokýšek DEPARTMENT: Department of information technology and technology education SUPERVISOR: doc. PhDr. Vladimír Rambousek, CSc. ABSTRACT: This thesis deals with phenomena of spatial visualization, application of spatial visualization in instruction and its educational specifics. The present thesis addresses the questions of definition of spatial visualization in instruction, specification of educational specifics and exploration of the relations between spatial visualization and cognitive processes. The experimental part of the thesis is focused on relations between the form of presentation of subject matter (planar visualization and spatial visualization), spatial intelligence, or the ability of mental rotation and the results of learning at students of lower secondary (ISCED 2) school. Elaboration of the theory given field of educational means, the thesis seeks to contribute to the development of theoretical bases of pedagogy with the context of increasing importance of technology for support education. KEYWORDS: education, educational tools, spatial visualization, spatial intelligence, mental rotation ability, educational specifics
Study of gender stereotypes of students (both girls and boys) of the selected basic schools
Zemková, Jana ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor)
The thesis is aimed at finding if the ninth-year students (both girls and boys) of selected basic schools have been affected by gender stereotypes, and if the gender stereotypes approach their ideas, perception and decision making. Besides gender concept, the theoretical part also includes chapters related to gender theories, attitudes, gender stereotypes, equal opportunities for men and women in occupation, and the role of men and women in a family. The central chapter deals with topics of gender and education. The practical part of the thesis is focused on determining students'attitudes towards gender area. Using questionnaire inquiry, the author has got data from 204 students (both girls and boys). The obtained data were faced with finding from the relevant literature.
Proposal for optimalization of organization of teaching staff education to the state graduation examx in Prague and Central Bohemia.
Šlechtová, Ilona
1 ABSTRACT This thesis deals with the educational management of the teaching staff supervising the state graduation exams. The theoretical part explains the concept of educational management and focuses in detail on the managerial function of organization. It describes the current form of the state graduation exams, related legislation and institutions involved. The thesis explains the staffing of graduation exams and individual training programs for teachers, and clarifies the role of further education of teachers. The aim of the work is to optimize the organization surrounding the education of teachers supervising the state graduation exams in Prague and Central Bohemia. The data in the presented research were collected via a survey among participants of the education related to the state graduation exams in Prague and Central Bohemia in the school year of 2015/2016 and interviews with lecturers of relevant training programs. KEYWORDS Management, education management, organization, optimization, education, teaching staff, further education of teachers, state graduation exam.

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