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Preconditions of the genesis of the Přemyslid realm
Kalhous, David
In the following study we analyse the validity of the nowgenerally-accepted view of the beginnings of the Přemyslid realm. Those who established this viewpoint emphasisethe income from selling slaves (and distance trade in general) as the main source the dynasties in Central Europeused to strengthen their economic power, which, in the next stage, enabled them to build powerful cavalry armiesas their “iron fist”. With these armies they were supposed to have built their “states”. In this article, not only is theautomatism of this mechanism brought into question (the prevalence of the cavalry), but also the idea that a statecan be built with an army. The author, on the one hand, points out the predatory character of such a system, and onthe other hand draws attention to the building of hillforts as a mechanism that not only enhanced the protection ofa given area, but also, due to the need for construction and repairs, brought large groups of people together, and thusformed a common identity for them.

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