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Marketing Campaign Proposal for a Selected Non-Profit Company
Terschová, Daniela ; Vaňková, Markéta (referee) ; Kaňovská, Lucie (advisor)
The thesis deals with the topic of marketing and its use in the field of non-profit organizations. In the first part, the theoretical background is defined, focusing on the broad and nowadays very topical topic of marketing, services and last but not least, the thesis focuses on the topic of non-profit organizations. In the second part of the thesis a selected non-profit company is described and the necessary analyses are made. In the last part of the thesis, based on the obtained data, suggestions for improving the marketing activities of the selected company are elaborated.
Support for students with mental health disorders at a selected high school
Hejhalová, Tereza ; Machovcová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Zicha, Zbyněk (referee)
1 ABSTRACT The thesis focuses on the occurrence of mental disorders in adolescents and the provision of support through school counseling services. This topic is current and requires extensive discussion and increased public attention due to the growing issue of mental health problems among young people. The aim of the thesis is not only to clarify but also to describe in detail the issue of mental disorders in adolescents, with a special focus on school counseling centers and their staff. The theoretical part of the thesis presents an analysis of basic concepts related to health, adolescence, and mental disorders. It also includes a list of the most common mental disorders occurring in this age group. In addition, it provides a detailed analysis of the school counseling system, which provides a deeper insight into the structure and organization of the support provided. The practical part of the thesis utilizes qualitative research, which includes observations of the school environment, analysis of school documents, and interviews with school counseling center staff. These methods allow for an insight into the practical aspect of providing help and support to students with mental disorders in the selected school environment. The research section focuses on a detailed analysis of the counseling services...
Psychohygiene of a paramedic
This study focuses on the psychohygiene of emergency medical responders, aiming to understand the professional demands on their mental health and well-being. The work analyzed stress factors, burnout syndrome, and mental health, examining the influence of stress on individuals and the importance of mental hygiene and self-care. The main objective was to ascertain the perception of psychological demands among emergency medical responders in prehospital care. The theoretical part of the study addresses issues of mental disorders, the influence of stress, and its effects on emergency medical responders. The practical section sought answers to predetermined hypotheses through research. The research was based on a questionnaire survey distributed among emergency medical responders. Based on the findings, it was observed that many responders experience stressful situations related to their work, which can have a negative impact on their mental health and well-being. We found no significant difference in the perception of psychological demands between genders. There was no difference in the perception of psychological demands based on length of practice. We also identified various activities that emergency medical responders engage in for their mental hygiene. The results indicate that providing support for stress management and mental health care is crucial for emergency medical responders in their professional lives. The conclusions of this study may contribute to a better understanding of responders' needs and the support of their mental health and well-being in the workplace. In the conclusion of the bachelor's thesis, in addition to summarizing the research results and evaluating the fulfillment of objectives, recommendations for current practice among emergency medical responders are provided. These recommendations are derived from the findings and can serve as a practical guide for improving the care of mental health among emergency medical responders in their professional environment.
How people with mental health problems perceive the conditions that make it easier or harder for them to participate in organised leisure activities?
The master's thesis presents the results of a qualitative research interviewing five respondents with mental health issues or psychiatric disorders. Respondents share their experiences with organized leisure activities, both past and ongoing. The research aims to describe how respondents perceive the conditions of organized leisure activities that facilitate or hinder their participation. Five main themes were identified in the respondents' statements: educators' approach, activity organisation and rules, evaluation or criticism, the environment, and parental attitudes. The research findings can assist leisure educators in understanding the experiences of individuals with mental health challenges. This understanding, coupled with empathy and a willingness to adopt an individualized approach, provides people with mental health issues a better chance to experience meaningful leisure time.
The impact of the approach and language of a social worker in working with individuals facing mental health challenges
The work examines the impact of the approach and language of a social worker on individuals with mental health difficulties, focusing on a recovery-oriented approach. It describes the principles of recovery-oriented approach, the theoretical basis of the influence of interaction with another person and language used on an individual, and provides practical recommendations for recovery-oriented language.
Mental health of educators in the after school club
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of mental health of female educators working in after school clubs. The aim of this thesis is to find out how educators take care of their mental health, what helps them, how they deal with stress and whether they have personal experience with burnout syndrome. The work is structured into a theoretical and a practical part. In the theoretical part, I focus on the basic characteristics of after school club and the profession of an educator. Then I examine in more detail the area of mental health and mental hygiene. I also deal with stress and burnout syndrome. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of qualitative research, which was conducted using semi-structured interviews. The grounded theory method was used for data analysis. In the conclusion of the thesis, the main results obtained from the qualitative investigation are presented and summarized.
Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Health of Pregnant Women in the Czech Republic
Venclů, Viktorie ; Pařízek, Antonín (advisor) ; Richtárová, Adéla (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on the mental health of pregnant women in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part includes the fundamental information essential for understanding the context of the topic. It focuses on the disease itself, the emergence and development of its pandemic in the Czech Republic, and its course in pregnant women. Additionally, it delves into the psychology of pregnant women and into mental health in general. The thesis also summarizes the results of some Czech studies investigating the impact of the pandemic on the mental health of the Czech population. The research section investigates the influence of the pandemic on the mental health of pregnant women through regression analysis. The numbers of births among women who required a certain form of psychiatric intervention during pregnancy, or within six months after childbirth are examined. The analysed dataset was obtained from the national registers NRRZ and NRHZS and includes records from January 2015 to December 2021. A regression log- log model was created for analysis, which did not show a statistically significant impact of the pandemic on the number of births for these women. Possible reasons for the different results between this research and mentioned studies are discussed...
Management of Personality Development
Krejčířová, Alena ; Ondrušová, Denisa (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
Diploma thesis „Management of personality development“ is focused on analysis of issues in case of managers of the company Advantage Consulting s.r.o. Theoretical analysis is focused on time management, stress management, personality development and then issue of personality types follows. The analysis of individual managers in all mentioned fields is given and recommendations for increasing level of management of personality development are for-mulated.
Comparison of the effects of marijuana legalization on mental health in selected countries
Stránecký, Jakub ; Nekola, Martin (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
The topic of legalizing marijuana for recreational use is becoming increasingly relevant over time, not only worldwide but also in the Czech Republic. This trend began with the legalization of recreational marijuana in the United States, specifically in the states of Colorado and Washington in 2012. Subsequently in 2013 Uruguay became the first country to legalize marijuana throughout its entire territory. Since then, other U.S. states and countries such as Canada and Malta have joined the legalization movement. The most interesting development from the perspective of the Czech Republic is in Germany, where the legalization of cultivation and possession of marijuana for recreational use is planned from the year 2024. This, coupled with the growing support from experts and politicians advocating for marijuana legalization in the Czech Republic, could lead to the adoption of similar legislation. The legalization of marijuana raises a series of questions that need to be addressed before such a step is taken. Among the most common concerns associated with marijuana legalization are its impact on mental health and the potential increase in marijuana use among adolescents due to easier access to the drug. To answer these questions, it is essential to compare existing models of marijuana legalization...

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