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Design of the Outer Junction Studenka - Sedlnice
Kubiszová, Pavla ; Pokorný, Ondřej (referee) ; Říha, Tomáš (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the technical solution of outer track junction Studénka – Sedlnice enabling direct connection between Hladké Životice and Sedlnice. The thesis also includes the design of drainage. The bachelor thesis consists of design of outer track junction named as “Pustějovská spojka” and design of connection to current tracks.
Rehabilitation of Santini water system in the Plasy monastery
Řehák, Jakub ; Burgetová, Eva
The article presents the process of restoration of the Baroque convent of the Cistercian Monastery in Plasy found on oak raft and piles. J. B. Santini designed a water system for the preservation of the foundation structure of the convent with pure spring water fed into clay basins under the monastery. This kept the oak foundation structure under water and thus ensured its preservation. In the 19th century, knowledge of the behaviour of the building was lost, all water pipes critical to the stability of the building were severed and many inappropriate interventions were made. Santini was mindful of this possibility and designed an emergency scheme that took into account the possibility of losing all water supplies. In the emergency mode, ambient water (runoff from the road and fields) is withdrawn into the foundation basins. However, this water source does not meet the requirements for conservation of the foundation structure. The structure was in emergency mode for approximately 70 years until 2021 when a suitable water supply was partially restored. This paper describes the restoration of the system, evaluates its impact on the building by comparing the indoor microclimate in the pre- and post-repair periods, and at the same time verifies the possibility of drying the indoor air in the convent by means of cold water spraying, which in the past was provided by a baroque fountain. Based on the results of the measurements, it can be concluded that the repair had a positive effect on the foundation structure of the convent and improved the indoor microclimate. A tracing test identified the mutual interconnection of parts of the water system.
Study of the Zajeci Railway Station Reconstruction
Nguyen, Trong Tan ; Mojžíšek, Dominik (referee) ; Dušek, Erik (advisor)
The master‘s thesis deals with the design of railway station Zajeci reconstruction . The aim of the thesis is to raise the line speed at the main tracks up to 200 kph and the design of full peronization of the railway station. The thesis also includes the design of railway substructure adjustments and drainage renewal.
Změny půdních vlastností a šíření původních rostlinných druhů v odvodněných rašeliništích po revitalizaci jejich vodního režimu
VÁVROVÁ, Magdaléna
This Bachelor Thesis summarizes the knowledge about peatlands, their drainage, mining and restoration. It is focused on changes of soil characteristics after peatland drainage and restoration, on the effect of changingsoil properties on the native peatland vegetation and its spreading after restoration. The thesis includes a project proposal which aim is to support the spreading of native plant species on the mined bog after restoration of its water regime.
Vliv drenážních systémů na odtokové charakteristiky vybraného povodí
This bachelor thesis deals with drainage, especially drainage by drainage systems and their impact on various aspects of nature. The introductory part explains what drainage systems are, what they are used for and what they look like. Furthermore, the history and occurrence of drainage systems in the world and also in the Czech Republic are described. Subsequently, several chapters are devoted to methods of drainage and then a description of drainage systems. The following are the impacts of drainage systems on the water regime of the river basin and on the environment. After processing and analyzing data on runoff and precipitation conditions to a selected catchment area of the Jenínský stream, their behavior during the hydrological years 1984-1985, 2005-2007 and 2011-2013 was compared. In these years, the runoff coefficient was calculated, and subsequently double sum lines were constructed, which show the purpose of identifying changes in the long-term balance of precipitation and runoff.
The Evaluation of Soil Data Usable in the Project of Land Adjustment
My diploma paper is targeted the evaluation of soil data usable in the project of land adjustment. A theoretical part of my work is particularly aimed at a complex soil survey (KPP), modern evaluation agricultural land resources, system value soil ecological troops (BPEJ), appraisement of agricultural soil and utilize BPEJ in land adjustment. Marginally they are mentioned dissimilarities of code BPEJ in Slovakia, appraisement of agricultural soil in Hunrgary and market-price confrontation of agricultural soil in some European Union countries. A practical part of my work devoted to the characteristics of special-interest territory, the evaluation of soil ratios according to bases KPP and BPEJ, the estimation of territory in the angle of waterlooging in particular periods and the propsal of up-dating BPEJ for the drainage made. They are state charted groundwork relatedt with given problems in enclosures.
Hypodermic and drainage runoff
Hubinger, Lukáš ; Datel, Josef (advisor) ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee)
The BSc thesis deals with hypodermic and drainage runoff, possibilities of its determination, with its place in the hydrologic cycle and impacts of anthropogenic activities. There are types of runoff, possibilities of its description one by one in the thesis. The thesis also includes information about agricultural drainage, its influence to the landscape as whole, types of drainage, about advantages and disadvantages of drainage systems and about actual situation of drainage systems in the Czech Republic. There are description in detail pluses and negatives drainage runoff in the thesis, there are description possibilities of its modernization, about actual situation of drainage systems and it is influence to the landscape.
Podivin Station Reconstruction
Veits, Lukáš ; Dohnal, Michal (referee) ; Říha, Tomáš (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with reconstruction of the Podivín railway station. As part of the work, a new railway solution for the station will be proposed to increase the speed to 200 km / h, including the design of the railway superstructure, substructure and overall drainage. Furthermore, a total peronization will be proposed using two island platforms with a boarding edge height of 550 mm above the top of the rail.
Reconstruction of Railway Station Svitavy
Marek, Josef ; Rotschein, Petr (referee) ; Valehrach, Jan (advisor)
The goal of this thesis was to design the reconstruction of the railway station Svitavy. The line speed was rised from the current value to 160 km·h-1. New platforms were designed, therefore the railway substructure and the drainage were adjusted accordingly. Also, the effective length of the main tracks was extended to 740 m.
Holesov Station Reconstruction
Ludvíková, Lilija ; Šmíd, Jaroslav (referee) ; Říha, Tomáš (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with upgrading of the Holešov railway station. The goal is to design a solution suitable for the capacity for a current traffic and valid legislation. Required are two boarding edges in the length of 130 meters enabling access to persons with reduced mobility and orientation, adjustments or renovation of a station throat triggered by insertion of platforms, maximizing line speed and design of railway superstructure and substructure design including drainage.

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