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Inquiry-based education focused on traffic noise pollution
Gonzálezová, Natálie ; Jelen, Jakub (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on teaching the impacts of traffic in grammar schools. Specifically, it addresses one of the leading negative impacts, namely noise pollution, which is a worsening problem as the volume of traffic continues to grow. The aim of the thesis is to create and implement a lesson on this topic using an inquiry-based teaching approach. Pupils will learn how to measure approximate noise levels, understand its impacts, and devise a plan to improve the situation. The lesson will be pilot tested by pupils from the Secondary School of Surveying and the Geographical Grammar School in Prague. The theoretical part introduces the issue of noise pollution in more detail, describes inquiry-based teaching and its integration into lessons. The practical part provides teaching materials and a thorough methodology, that serves as a guide for teachers who would like to apply the lesson in their classes. Subsequently, the course of the lesson at the Geographical Grammar School is described, along with reflections from both the teacher's and students' perspectives. Based on assessment of the students' knowledge before and after the lesson, they appeared to have a better understanding of the issue. In the feedback, the pupils especially appreciated the fieldwork, the formation and testing of...
Impacts of Digitization on Organisational Sustainability
Klementová, Kateřina ; Pavláková Dočekalová, Marie (referee) ; Kocmanová, Alena (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the connections between digitization and the sustainability of bussiness. It focuses on improving financial stability and reducing the carbon footprint by entering the digital world. It tries to design a plan for the selected company to reach the set goals. Based on a detailed calculation, the consequences of digitization on the sustainability of the company are deduced.
Building technology study of the revitalization of the Governor's Palace in Brno
Osladil, Martin ; Doubek, Rostislav (referee) ; Kantová, Radka (advisor)
The content of the bachelor's thesis is a construction-technology study of the revitalization of the Governor's Palace in Brno. It focuses on the main stage processes of the implementation of the repair of plasters, floors and paved area in the historically protected zone of the city of Brno. In this thesis, the traffic situation is addressed in detail with the design of routes from individual collection points and landfills to construction sites. There is also a technological study of the implementation of the main technological stages. Repairs of plasters in the exterior and interior of the building and all newly designed compositions of floor structures and reinforced surfaces with cutting works as well as making new constellations are dealt with. Based on the design documentation, I have produced a detailed statement of the acreage for all areas and the annex where the areas concerned are indicated. For both stage processes, a time and financial plan is developed using software that is an annex to the work, accompanied by a comment ary in the text section. The basic cockpit of construction traffic is also addressed with a proposal for the distribution of areas and resources for construction. For stage processes, there are 2 technological regulations in which there is a detailed procedure for all compositions and types of processes. In the chapter "Design of machinery assemblies" there is an assessment of the possible deployment of machinery with a focus on both economic and technological advantage. The work also deals in detail with safety measures at the construction site, with an emphasis on possible risks and the design of measures in the implementation of the main stage processes and behaviour at the construction site. In addition, details of the structures, continuities and protection of the monument-worthy structures are processed. This object is very special due to the preserved elements of Baroque architecture, and therefore the design of the solution is directed towards the highest level of preservation and preservation of the monument.
Design of a contemporary sustainable urban structure for a 21st century city
Bretterová, Anna ; Boulaz, Ivana (referee) ; Májek, Jan (advisor)
This work focuses on the design of a new urban structure in the Břeclav and the connection of separate parts of the city while respecting the protection zones. It also includes the design of new public spaces – streets, parks, squares. The proposed solution tries to support and further develop the character of the city - the close connection with nature and the frequent use of bicycle transport. The work also deals with the revitalization of the current course of the Dyje River - the re-meandering and restoration of the old river arm. Finally, space is also dedicated to improving the quality of transport in Břeclav.
Valdhans, Jan ; Urbášková, Hana (referee) ; Boháč, Ivo (advisor)
Abstract In the town of Kroměříž, in an attractive location near significant heritage-protected sites such as the Květná zahrada (Flower Garden) and the forest park area of the psychiatric hospital, as well as the popular excursion spot Barbořina, there is currently an unused, relatively large undeveloped area. The city council’s intention is to construct residential buildings with minor multifunctional features in this locality. The subject of my bachelor’s thesis was to find and develop a building solution that would offer a pleasant environment and comprehensive functions to support the lives of local residents, in line with current urban development trends. My work involved creating an overall conceptual solution, an urban layout proposal for the area, and developing a project for a new multifunctional building within the scope of architectural studies.
Changes in the composition of the company's fleet in relation to the EU's "green deal" objectives
Tobiášová, Eliška ; Jandová, Kristýna (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
The purpose of this master thesis is to examine the so-called Green Deal and the related directives and regulations that are intended to help achieve the objectives set out in the Green Deal, as well as to analyse the fleets of the Member States of the European Union and the company with which cooperation has been established as part of this work. The thesis describes the Green Deal and its objectives. The European Union directives and plans with the aim of reducing CO2 that are currently approved or are yet to come into force are also mentioned, while at the same time they are compared with the directives and targets in force in the EU Member States, including the Czech Republic. In the following chapters, a brief description of the cars by type of fuel is given in order to follow a detailed analysis of the fleets of Germany, Sweden, Spain, Slovakia, France, Poland and the Czech Republic. This analysis is carried out using graphs and official statistics available from government institutions. Furthermore, an analysis of the company's fleet is made, summarising in tables the parameters of the vehicles available to the company. The results of the fleet analysis are also summarised in graphs based on the year of vehicle manufacture, emissions, and fuel type. In addition, an analysis of hybrids and electric vehicles currently in the company's fleet is also provided. This analysis works with data provided by the company and examines the cost of driving these vehicles, consumption, and battery usage ratio. Finally, a suggestion is made for the replacement of the current vehicles with the aim of saving emissions.
Tax Burden on Road Transport in the Czech Republic
ZOBALOVÁ, Kristýna
The diploma thesis provides an overview of the tax burden in the field of road transport in the Czech Republic. Initially, it broadly outlines the topic of taxes in road transport, identifying issues related to the taxation of time- based and performance-based fees. Subsequently, a detailed comparison of fees and tax burdens on freight vehicle operators in the Czech Republic is conducted, comparing them with selected EU member states. This comparative approach includes an analysis of time-based taxation, income taxes, road tax, excise taxes, performance-based fees, and value-added tax. A comparative analysis of tax burdens was conducted using cluster analysis. The aim was to evaluate the values of individual taxes and fees among selected EU member states. The findings suggest that the Czech Republic exhibits specific characteristics of tax burden in road transport, such as higher road tax compared to the EU average. Conversely, in terms of personal income tax, it has a lower level compared to the EU average, whereas the situation is opposite for corporate income tax. This analysis offers a comprehensive view of the tax policy of the Czech Republic compared to other EU member states. The results indicate that the tax burden in road transport in the Czech Republic significantly differs from the EU average and other observed countries, particularly showing relatively higher levels of road tax and value-added tax. These specific characteristics underscore the need for a thorough evaluation of the Czech tax system in road transport in the context of future development. They present both a challenge and an opportunity for future adjustments and optimization aimed at more efficient and fairer taxation, thereby supporting sustainable development of transportation in the country.
LNG palivo ve vozidlech - porovonání s konvenčním diselovým motorem v nákladním vozidle
This bachelor thesis deals with the comparison of a liquid natural gas (LNG) engine with a diesel engine in the context of freight transport. The aim of the thesis is to analyse the economic, enviromental and technical aspects of both engine types and provide recommendations for potential investments in vehicle fleets and infrastructure. The study analysed the operating costs, greenhouse gas emissions and technical parameters of LNG and diesel engines. It was found that the LNG engine has the potentional to reduce operating costs and greenhouse gases emissions compared to a diesel engine. The results of this work provide a comprehensive view of the issues and use of LNG and diesel as fuels in freight transport and offer recommendations for investment decision making and trategic planning.
Rationalisation of manipulation shop
Vičar, Miroslav ; Neužil, Karel (referee) ; Hlavenka, Bohumil (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is to reach a distinctive rationalization of the production and assembling plant of Cargo Van Brno company. In the project of new lay-out of the production area were all restrictions given by management of the company and by owner of the property strictly met. Technological changes of the process plan and investments suggestions are determined by the company's strategic plan.

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