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Aspects of the disposal and recykling of photovoltaic panels in CR
Papírek, Jan ; Mikšík, František (referee) ; Kotlík, Josef (advisor)
This diploma thesis is focused on the assessment of the possibilities of disposal of photovoltaic panels installed in the Czech Republic. In addition to the basic theory of photovoltaic cells and panels, the theoretical parts describe legislation, subsidies in the field of photovoltaics and the development of photovoltaics in the Czech Republic. As part of recycling, their methods, work with the collective system, as well as the impact on the environment are analyzed. In the experimental part, using the data of the installed capacity and the average weights of the panels, various projections of the disposal of the panels over time are made, which take into account factors such as the life of the power plant or the capacity of the recycling line. Furthermore, according to the available literature, an analysis of the revenue from the sale of recycled materials contained in panels installed in our territory is performed. Subsequently, the needs of future implementers of proven estimates of labor and logical demands were assessed. Finally, an economic evaluation of the fundamental aspects of the FRELP recycling process was performed and the net prices of different recycling directions were determined.
Ecology in Manufacturing, Operation and Maintenance of Automobiles
Pelíšek, Vojtěch ; Zháňal, Lubor (referee) ; Hejtmánek, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with cars and their impact on the environment throughout their life. There are presented the most serious issues related to this topic, but also the problems that are not currently the focus of interest. Therefore, this thesis presents a comprehensive view of this issue and outlines some possible solutions that could be used in the future.
Methods of infectious waste management from hospital operations
Kovář, Lukáš ; Máša, Vítězslav (referee) ; Konečná, Eva (advisor)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is to provide a comprehensive overview of health–care waste and the possibilities of disposal. It focuses on infectious waste generated by hospital business. There are a lot of special rules for infectious waste. It is very important to apply them in handling and subsequent disposal. Proper management of hazardous waste is very important for health security. The bachelor thesis will provide an overview of the methods for the disposal of hazardous wastes as well as their mutual comparison. One of the latest devices for the decontamination and destruction of medical material is the Converter.
Waste management in selected city
MRÁZEK, Michal
The thesis is focused on the waste management in the town of Tábor. The main aim is to determine the inhabitant's satisfaction with collecting waste, identify main problems and give suggestions to improve the current situation. The theoretical part focuses on legislation and basic concepts of waste management. The practical part analyses the quantities of each type of waste, that were produced in Tábor in 2015. There are determined costs and revenues associated with waste management too. At the end of the thesis is made a research about inhabitant's satisfaction with waste management in the town of Tábor. There are given some suggestions, which help to improve current situation there.
Adsorption of radionuclides in granite pores and micropores
Šindelář, Jakub ; Mls, Jiří (advisor) ; Šantrůček, Jaromír (referee)
Adsorption of radionuclides in granite pores and micropores ABSTRACT This graduation thesis deals with laboratory determination of adsorption isotherms parameters. Granite from the central moldanubian pluton, site Panské Dubenky, Czech Republic, was chosen to the experiment. The place is one of the candidate sites to build a deep nuclear waste disposal. A batch experiment was performed in two modes, differing in the way of addition of radioactive nuclide 90 Sr. From this experiment, distribution coefficients for a linear isotherm or parameters for Langmuir isotherm were obtained. Beside this, a through-diffusion experiment was performed. The objective of this experiment was to identify whether some of the radionuclides used (137 Cs, 90 Sr, 125 I) is able to penetrate through the pores of a granite slice barrier between two solutions of different concentrations. During the period of the experiment no radionuclide was detected reliably.
Life cycle of wooden structures
Pavlíková, Šárka ; Aigel, Petr (referee) ; Výskala, Miloslav (advisor)
This thesis deals with comparing the costs of construction of the timber and classical walling system throughout their life cycle. The first part introduces the history of timber, wood as a building material, processing of wood for building purposes, construction of wooden buildings, durability, removal and recycling of wooden buildings. The second part evaluates the cost of building a family house from both types of material and also cost of living in both buildings since their creation until their licvidation.
Design of Sludge Disintegration Unit
Brtna, Filip ; Beňo, Zdeněk (referee) ; Boráň, Jaroslav (advisor)
The target of the first part of this diploma thesis is focused on the problems relating to the sludge production from the wastewater treatment plant and subsequent sludge treatment. In this thesis complete process of the wastewater treatment is described. Predominantingly is described the process in digestion tanks, therefore stabilization process, whereas the paper is focused on sludge pre-treatment (disintegration) of waste activated sludge before stabilization. The second part of this thesis is focused on the design of the disintegration unit for the wastewater treatment sludge in assist with experimental data. According to measured and fixed parameters the unfired pressure vessel has been designed. On the vessel has been further realized the strength calculation, the heat balance and the economic balance.
Methods of environmentally friendly carcass disposal
Blažek, Pavel ; Kropáč, Jiří (referee) ; Novotný, Pavel (advisor)
In the thesis we deal with a summary of all available methods of disposal of environmentally friendly vehicles that are currently available. Addressing this problem is to find appropriate procedure, thereby simplifying and reducing the cost of processing vehicles. We also deal with this issue in terms of legislative, therefore a summary of the law on dealing with waste vehicles. The aim of this work is to introduce the methods of processing whole vehicles as well as various parts of cars and find the most appropriate methods of disposal
Illegal storage of chemicals and hazardous waste as a source of possible accidents
HRON, Pavel
This thesis presents a comprehensive view on the issue of illegal storage of hazardous substances and waste in the Czech Republic. The work is highly relevant, by the fact that illegal warehouses, or buildings where there is unlawful storage, the Czech Republic can find countless and their discovery is only a matter of time. In the theoretical part of the thesis deals with the legal definition of waste management, the topic of chemical substances and mixtures and their development at international and national level, so as to issues concerning these areas seen over the years. We describe the specific laws that serve as the theoretical basis for understanding the definition of waste and themes chemicals or mixtures. Another part is a statistical look at the amount of waste produced in the Czech Republic, the Czech Republic 's production with other countries of the European Union and the historical perspective. Results section is largely concerned with the detailed analysis of cases that the issues of illegal storage in the Czech Republic opened, that is, cases of illegal storage communities Libcany, Chvaletice and Nalžovice. Interestingly a certain comparison was analyzed other events associated with such dealings, and in 2010 in the village of Bela nad Svitavou . This case was very specific and publicized in the media, with regard to the fact that the property owner had a mental disorder. There is also outlined what motives leading operators of these stores for their operation. Great time and especially financial cost of illegal disposal of stores is devoted to the next chapter. In connection with this chapter builds on the measures taken immediately for further such objects as identifying and initiating a control action called " brownfields". Part of the work dealing with the simulation of a potential hazard in the event that occurred some of these accident scenarios is very alarming. Terex program to simulate leakage of hydrogen cyanide in a specific amount, which was formed by the reaction of potassium cyanide and inorganic acids. Given that the placement of substances in the warehouse disregarded, and the material rather than with expertise stored with the need to save the maximum space, this reaction actually could occur. Simulated the escape of a former factory in the village Vertex Libcany. Indeed, the alarming fact is that at a distance of one hundred meters from the house was situated kindergarten and elementary school, where the daily ranges to three hundred people. In conclusion the author's position is defined and assessment solutions to the operators concerned in the event of liquidation of illegal warehouse Libčany a definition of the fundamental weaknesses associated with the solution in these cases. Further proposals are discussed, especially legislative, methodological and organizational aspects that must be incorporated into the legislation of our country, so that in the future establishment of such a warehouse avoided. The final section describes the recommended procedures for what to do in the event of a chemical accident.
Projekt problematiky s použitými žvýkačkami pro Ministerstvo životního prostředí
Marketing House s.r.o., Praha ; Foldynová, Lucie
Vypracování Projektu problematiky odstraňování použitých žvýkaček pro MŽP v roce 2005 zahrnuje tyto součásti: Zpracování výsledků výzkumů spotřebitelů a důsledků jejich chování, Alternativy řešení této problematiky, Dodání a vyhodnocení zahraničních projektových dokumentací. Hlavní činností společnosti je produkce papírků na použité žvýkačky Pinkg, jejichž patent má chráněný ve 103 zemích. Papírky šetří životní prostředí a současně je lze používat jako vizitky, jako určitý druh reklamního nosiče.

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