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Process and rate of disability among seniors
Malá, Marcela ; Tomeš, Igor (advisor) ; Šťastná, Jaroslava (referee)
The most characteristic feature of the demographic development in the Czech Republic and other developed countries is population ageing. The aim of the thesis "The process and rate of disability among seniors" was to determine the extent to which disability interferes with the lives of the seniors and to map the development, progress and conditions of the pension system. After an introductory overview of basic concepts, a part of the thesis deals with a theoretical analysis of the European framework of social security of seniors and another part is concerned with the reform of disability pensions in the Czech Republic. The focus is also on the forms of care for disabled pensioners. The last chapter of a theoretical part deals with deinstitutionalization. The empirical part analyzes the areas related to the development of population structure, administrative agenda, overview of pensions according to the WHO diagnosis groups, total overview of disability pensions, the development of the structure of pensions, financing of pension administration, and the average age of retired people. The economic side is also included, where pensions are compared with average salary and also the economic activity of seniors, housing, health and social services. The research is quantitative and confirms the current global...
Early intervention. Comparative study of the early intervention system of Czech Republic and the federal state of Styria
Barlová, Jitka
TITLE: Early intervention. Comparative study of the early intervention system of the Czech Republic and the federal state of Styria. AUTHOR: Jitka Barlová DEPARTMENT: Department of Special Education The topic of the Work is the early intervention. Provision of timely assistance to a family in a difficult life situation is the primary goal of early intervention. Theoretical possibilities of early intervention are outlined in the introduction of the work. The study offers a view of early intervention not only in the context of disability but also focuses on the issue of threat to the development of a child with psychosocial risks. The theoretical knowledge is based on foreign experience, confirming the importance and necessity of early intervention in socially disadvantaged families. Results of a comparative analytical study are presented in the research part. We have opted for a qualitative approach to data treatment, with the aim to understand the phenomena of early intervention in the context of the given country. The early intervention system of the Czech Republic is compared to that of Styria, Austria. Within Europe, Styria is considered one of the countries with the most sophisticated and integrated system of early intervention. Based on a research, both common and different phenomena are...
The Prohibition of Discrimination Based on Disability in the Field of Employment Relationships
Kreiža, Vladimír ; Tomšej, Jakub (advisor) ; Lang, Roman (referee)
The Prohibition of Discrimination Based on Disability in the Field of Employment Relationships Abstract The aim of this master's thesis is to evaluate the standard of the protection of people with disabilities from discrimination in the field of employment relationships in the Czech Republic, to identify the reasons of this state and especially to provide de lege ferenda proposals, that could lead to the increase of the standard of the prohibition of discrimination based on disability in the field of employment relationships. The used research methods are mainly analytical and empirical methods. The master's thesis starts with the legislative regulation of the prohibition of discrimination based on disability in the field of employment relationships on the international law level, where the Convention is crucial, and continues toward the level of EU and national law. Czech anti-discrimination law embodied especially in the Antidiscrimination Code and regulating the prohibition of discrimination based on disability in the field of employment relationships, is based on the Framework Directive. Therefore, a significant part of this thesis is devoted to the Framework Directive and the relevant Court of Justice of the EU's decisions, within the CJEU interpreted the Framework Directive and filled many white...
Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Otýpková, Laura ; Hofmannová, Helena (advisor) ; Kindlová, Miluše (referee) ; Bartoň, Michal (referee)
Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities The thesis deals with the current development of human rights of persons with disabilities from the perspective of constitutional law. The work first maps the historical changes of the legal status of persons with disabilities - from antiquity to the tragic experience of denying human dignity in the first half of the 20th century. Furthermore, the thesis shows the development of the human rights of persons with disabilities in the second half of the 20th century. A key driver of this process is the value of human dignity, which, following the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, has become the main starting point for the protection of human rights (not only) persons with disabilities. The changes in the concept of human rights of people with disabilities are related to the shift from the medical to the social concept of disability, on the basis of which the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) was adopted in 2006. This convention embodies a new approach to human rights of persons with disabilities, who should no longer be subject only to charity and social security regulations, but above all they should be recognized as they are - as an equal legal subjects and full members of the society. The Czech Republic is a...
"The Invention" of Intelligence and its Reflection in Czech Pedagogical and Social-pedagogical Discourse, Based on Selected Academic Journals from 1888 to 1944.
Čechová, Anežka ; Kolářová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Herza, Filip (referee)
The thesis deals with intelligence, as a socio-cultural concept that has its own history and development. It thus deconstructs the naturalized notions of a biological "essence" of intelligence, which has not been proved to this day. The scientific and philosophical modes of thinking, that participated in both "inventing" intelligence and its forming, are introduced. The analysis of the primary sources enables to compass the reflection of these dominant scientific approaches towards intelligence in the Czech expert discourses. The thesis also reflects on the important role intelligence has in the assessment of mental norm and disability, and it thus analyses the perception of disability during the defined historical period, including the discourse analysis of the different representations of disability. Key words Intelligence, disability, craniometry, eugenics, pedagogy, medicine, biopower.
The perception of athletes with a disability, mainly Paralympians, by TV viewers
Macková, Veronika ; Němcová Tejkalová, Alice (advisor) ; Světlík, Jaroslav (referee) ; Válková, Hana (referee)
The dissertation focuses on the research of the audience and the perception of athletes with a disability, mainly Paralympians, in the Czech Television (Česká televize), which regularly broadcasts a program about disabled athletes called Paralympic Magazine. The topic also appears in other news programs (ČT24 and ČT sport). The research aims at showing the media image perception of the disabled sports by the television viewers. The theoretical level emphasises mainly the audience and athletes with a disability. The dissertation posed the following research questions: How do television viewers perceive athletes with a disability? Does the audience admire or regret them? What do viewers say about the presentation of disabled sports? Can we identify any differences between the presentation of athletes with and without a disability? Are life stories of athletes with a disability important in the reports? Does the Paralympic sport make sense? The focus group interviews were set to get an answer to the questions above. The audience (50 television viewers) was divided into five groups of ten. The first group consisted of people without a disability who had been watching the Paralympic Magazine and had no disabled person in their family. The second group was composed of people without a disability who did...
Taboo subjects in French Childern's Literature
Mrázková, Jana ; Fučíková, Milena (advisor) ; Ébert-Zeminová, Catherine (referee)
The thesis entitled Sensitive topics in childhood and youth literature deals with one of the main tendencies of contemporary Francophone literature for children and youth, which is the inclusion of sensitive topics in children's books. The thesis tries to find answers to these questions: Since when did these topics start to appear in children's and youth's literature? Which topics do we consider sensitive? How do the authors handle these difficult topics and what is their place and objective in children's literature? The introduction of the thesis generally outlines the specifics and functions of literature for children and youth and subsequently tries to answer the defined questions. As such, the introduction is followed by the chapters examining the history of the children and youth genre, taboo and sensitive topics in children's literature, which will help answer these questions. The thesis carefully focuses on the topics of death, illness and disability, racism and diversity and difficult family situations such as divorce, adoption or homoparentality.
People with disabilities entering university
Osúchová, Veronika ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Kotrusová, Miriam (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on people with disabilities entering university at a specific stage of the life cycle. This particular stage of the life cycle is called emerging adulthood and includes the age range from 18 to 25. These young adults are experiencing an important milestone in their lives. In this case, this life milestone is entering university. This group of people has to deal not only with their disability but also with the pressure associated with this life stage. This the pressure is mainly from their family and college, but also from the whole society. The main goal of this bachelor thesis was to find out the conditions of people with sensory and physical disabilities at Charles University when they are entering the university and during their subsequent studies at this university. I tried to map the stage of emerging adulthood in these people and reveal some common features. The other goal was to reveal the most common obstacles that these students may encounter on their journey to obtain a university degree. I also wanted to find out how help and support both from the state and from Charles University work for students with disabilities in this particular stage of the life cycle. The thesis also aimed at suggesting some possible help and support provided through social and higher...

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