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Methodology for creating SIP packages with focus on digitization of printed documents
Cubr, Ladislav, ; Ostráková, Natalie ; Kočišová, Pavlína
Metodika pro vytváření balíčku SIP pro digitalizáty tištěných dokumentů je dokument, který popisuje procedurální postup pro užití standardů NDK pro metadata, formáty a obrazová data užívaná při digitalizaci tištěných dokumentů v českých knihovnách. Standardy NDK jsou závazné pro Národní knihovnu ČR a Moravskou zemskou knihovnu pro digitalizaci v rámci projektu Vytvoření Národní digitální knihovny, a dále pro knihovny digitalizující na základě podpory získané z podprogramu VISK7, případně pro další organizace, které budou odevzdávat svoje digitalizáty do LTP úložiště NK ČR k dlouhodobému uchovávání. Metodika pro balíčky SIP obsahuje i některá obecnější doporučení, která lze vztahovat i na jiné typy dokumentů než digitalizáty tištěných dokumentů (monografií a periodik), primárně se však zaměřuje na tento typ dokumentu.
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Methodology of historical prints restoration or conservation before digitisation
Lehovec, Ondřej ; Dřevíkovská, Jana ; Křenek, Karel ; Vávrová, Petra
Metodika si klade za cíl popsat v jednotlivých chronologických krocích postup přípravy starých tisků pro proces digitalizace.
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Survey of Old Prints and Manuscripts Collections in Faculty Libraries of Charles University in Prague
Kafková, Ivana ; Drobíková, Barbora (advisor) ; Šípek, Richard (referee)
(in English): This study focuses on the faculty libraries of the Charles University in Prague. More precisely, it deals with their collections of manuscripts, old and rare books. The introductory chapters are dedicated to theoretical basis of protection and preservation of historical documents. The main body of the thesis is created by an analysis of historical collections in particular libraries. This analysis is based on a questionnaire survey, on study of sources and on a research carried out during an actual visit to these libraries. Each chapter includes a brief history of the faculty library, the origin of the collection, and other important features such as the size of the collection, its thematic focus and especially the details of the way it is stored and available to readers. Another important focus of this study is to express the needs, the aims and experience of these faculty libraries. A more detailed study is dedicated to the library of The Protestant Theological Faculty. It includes a report about my research into the actual physical condition of the collection. The concluding and summarizing part of this thesis consists of thematically structured chapters, diagrams and tables which try to give an overall perspective on the situation. It tries to define the common grounds and...
Application of System Dynamics in Documents Digitization
Rataj, Jan ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with system dynamics and its applications in the field of digitization of documents. This is an area whose importance is increasing. The need for the transfer and storage of digital documents at the present time there is a significant increase in the volume of data continues to grow. One of the appropriate tools of analysis digitization of documents is the system dynamics, which in the Czech Republic in the area of document digitization has not yet been used. The objective of this thesis is to create a system dynamics models for the area of document digitization, through the application of methods of system dynamics and then verify their applicability to specific data digitization projects acquired from practice. These models are universally applicable to virtually all types of projects to digitize documents. The main contribution of the thesis is the development of system dynamics models, which are universally applicable to a wide variety of projects to digitize documents and can be used to simulate the progress of digitization of documents. In practice, these models for companies dealing with digitization show the benefits of documents digitization to potential customers.
Access to the digitaze documents of Skanska company
Černý, Petr ; Maryška, Miloš (advisor) ; Svatoš, Oleg (referee)
The final thesis deals with access to digitize documents of Skanska company. Plot the current state and try to point out the benefits of the use of converting paper documents into the digital form. The theoretical part of the work is introduction to the theory described digitization. They is description distributed devices , content recognition methods , steps before start scanning documents , description of storage digitized documents. In the following part of the work is propose to the use of electronic invoicing. The work also shown two possible solutions using the given conditions . The process of receiving electronic invoicing documents shows which steps will fall off in comparision with receiving paper invoices . The main contribution of the practical part of the work consists in analyzing and pointing out the introduction and benefits of electronic invoicing in Skanska company.
Analysis and comparison of processes of physical and digital document processing in office administration
Křivanec, Oto ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Kasner, Jiří (referee)
The aim of this work is to analyze the processes of physical and digital document processing in the Czech telecommunication officeat the headquarters in Prague. After that process physical and digital document processing compare. Subsequently, some physicalprocesses and digital processing to measure. Data obtained from measurements for the evaluation and describe where it is possible to improve the processing of documents. Czech Telecommunication Office uses in its activities both forms of processing documents. It would be good to focus on comparing the processes of both forms of processing documents. And then measure where and in what ways, brings the digital document processing improvement over a physical handling of documents. The work is divided into six parts. The first part contains an introduction to the topic of work, job description of the structure and description of information resources. The second part deals with the description of the Czech Telecommunications Office and the description of physical processes and digital document processing in the Czech Telecommunication Office. The third part describes the theoretical work of processing documents and adds access to the Czech Telecommunication Office. The fourth part deals with the comparison process. The fifth section contains some measurement processes and their evaluation. The sixth part is concluded with a summary of the whole work and then describing the possibilities for improvement of processing documents.
Digitization of documents in non-profit organization
Gühl, Tomáš ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Žid, Norbert (referee)
This thesis deals with the digitization and sharing of documents in the non-profit organization Liga proti rakovině. Its aim is to approximate the action of this organization to readers and to suggest solutions of digitization and sharing their digital documents. The preparation of work consists of reading literature, online resources, and especially personal consultations in the organization office at the hospital Na Bulovce. The work gives the reasons for the digitized documents and design solutions. Finally, the procedure for actual implementation is recommended. The document is structured so that in the first part the reader is familiar with the activities of the oranization Liga proti rakovině. That is followed by analysis of the current situation regarding the documents, which shows demand for digitization. The next section describes the digitization, suggested solutions and introduces the following resolution for storage of digitized documents.
Document digitalization in the financial institution
Píša, Luděk ; Kunstová, Renáta (advisor) ; Žižková, Veronika (referee)
The goal of the thesis is description of document digitalization in one of the big financial institution in the Czech Republic, discovery of disadvantages of current state and suggestion of measures and recommendations for improvement. Since 2008 I'm employed in this financial institution so I can use the point of view either of employee or student of applied informatics. I can use theoretical knowledge and practical experience in one person this view should be one of the benefits of the thesis. As the next benefit we can include an option of use of mentioned measures and recommendations for the management of financial institution. These measures and recommendations can improve labor productivity not just in process of digitalization. The thesis is divided into eight chapters in which I deal with the common facts about digitalization, reasons for implementation, risks, means of realization and recognition technologies used for digitalization. Then I introduce the financial institution, I point to disadvantages of current state, I mention reasons for digitalization, it's schedule, desired state, accepted measures and practical examples. In the end I recommend measures either for digitalization or enterprise content management and informational technologies.
Approaches to document digitalization solutions.
Novotný, Vladimír ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Benáčanová, Helena (referee)
The objective of this thesis is to provide a survey of document digitalization and to analyse the market of companies outsourcing the document digitalization. The first part of the thesis decribes the technology of scannig and the methods of document recognition and data minig. It also decribes the systems of barcodes used to identify documents. Furthermore, this thesis includes the principles of document saving and electronic (digital) signature issues from the viewpoint of Czech legislation. Its contribution lies in analysing the companies dealing with outsourcing of the document digitalization and in the view of a company using these services. A brief outlook to the future regarding this topic is included as well.
Approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems
Kapicová, Eva ; Šedivá, Zuzana (advisor) ; Vondrouš, Martin (referee)
This thesis is focused on document imaging and describes different approaches to the implementation of document imaging systems. In the first part there is the theoretical background of the document imaging that is supplemented by current statistics. In the first part there are also some remarks on the situation on the Czech market. The second part is based on examinations of different approaches to document imaging systems that were made by Czech companies. The main objective of this thesis is a practical example of selecting an appropriate solution of the document imaging. There are considered three types of approaches to the document imaging: complete outsourcing, in-house outsourcing or a solution of their own. To achieve this goal there is an adequate theoretical basis for the document imaging and an overview of hardware and software support for digitization in the first part of the thesis. TEI method by Forrester Research is used for comparison of the economic impact of the different approaches. The contribution of this thesis is primarily in the description of the state of document imaging in the Czech Republic and also examination of different solutions and approaches to the document imaging. There is also a completion of the theoretical part by a data from current surveys.

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