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Power and Effectiveness of Photojournalism in the Digital Age
Topinková, Martina ; Láb, Filip (advisor) ; Pospěch, Tomáš (referee) ; Prokop, Jaroslav (referee)
This dissertation thesis deals with the emotional power and effectiveness of photojournalism in the digital age. It focuses on journalistic photographs in the context of their emotional impact and examines the effects of the emotional response on media recipients. At the theoretical level, the work characterizes the origin and development of modern photojournalism and how it has established itself within media as a separate discipline; the digital age and its specifics in relation to modern photojournalism; and the emotional power of photojournalism itself and theories of emotion. It also briefly introduces the concept of visual literacy and defines ethical standards in the work of photojournalists. The analytical part of the work names specific features of the emotional power of photojournalism and the relationship between emotionality and journalistic photography. It also deals with the similarities between journalistic photography and reality and how mediation of reality through journalistic images has an effect on media recipients, again with regard to emotional aspects. Finally it touches on whether journalistic photographs have the potential to mobilize society through their exposure to the sensitivity and internal attitudes of media consumers, or on the contrary they cause numbness and...
Institute of Permanent Establishment in Tax Law
Ngo, The Vinh ; Kotáb, Petr (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
This master's thesis conducts the legal analysis of the concept of a permanent establishment and its individual characteristics. The first chapter of this master's thesis provides a brief introduction to the issue of international taxation and introduces the basic ideas behind the concept of a permanent establishment. The theoretical introduction is followed by a historical excursion into the development of this concept from its beginnings to its current modern form in the twenty-first century. The second chapter deals with the very essence and construction of the concept of a permanent establishment which is enshrined in bilateral tax agreements and the OECD and the UN Model Tax Conventions. Hence, the introduction of this chapter focuses on explanation of the essence and binding nature of these international sources of law. Subsequently, a detailed analysis of the concept of a permanent establishment and its components is conducted. At the end of this chapter a comparative analysis of the definitions of a permanent establishment in the OECD and the UN Model Tax Conventions is conducted. The third chapter briefly describes the relationship between various definitions of a permanent establishment which may be found in international and national legal instruments. The following sections of this...
Video art and public space
Shcherbak, Viktoriia ; Pfeiffer, Jan (advisor) ; Magidová, Markéta (referee)
The work deals with video art and issues related to the presentation of video art in gallery and non-gallery spaces. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts such as new media, analog and digital video and video art, and then examines the polymorphism of video as a medium influenced and modified by other media. The final section is devoted to spatial forms of video art, such as video performance and video installation, and explores the special aspects of video in three-dimensional space. In the practical part, I carry out a survey (N = 65) of viewers' attitudes to space and video art. Respondents preferred experiencing video art in a dark, "cinema-like" room over other given options (in order of popularity: spatial video installation in a gallery, YouTube and video projection in a public square). The most important characteristics of video art spaces for respondents were: good acoustics, high video resolution projection and affordability of access.In the final section of the practical part, I describe and realize a series of video installations and performances, working with experimental ambient music, video installations and non-gallery spaces. The didactic part of the work summarizes the advantages of using video art in school, specifically in art lessons, and presents a design for a...
Opportunities and challenges: the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China
Xing, Zhao
Purpose: This study aims to explore and articulate the copyright problems of document supply resulting from changes in the digital age in China, introducing current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” in library services and exploring the challenges and opportunities of copyright protection for document supply in China. Design: From statistical analysis of the changes to document delivery services in the digital age based on the professional experiences of National Library of China (NLC), copyright problems are presented. Current Chinese Copyright Law and “fair use” are introduced. The measures NLC has taken to protect copyright in document supply are summarized. Findings: With increasing digital document delivery, the potential risks of copyright infringement in document supply have become more and more serious; we must take proper steps to protect copyright, especially in the digital age in China. Value: This is the first article in English to describe the current situation of copyright protection for document supply in China. It also presents the problems based on the professional experiences of NLC and recommends solutions for the digital age today.
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Marketing Communication of Company Preciosa Lighting
Surá, Barbora ; Shavit, Anna (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
The thesis is focused on marketing communication of the company Preciosa Lighting. Its aim is to find out how such traditional established company responds to the current trends of marketing communication in the Internet environment. The theoretical part explains the terms of marketing, Internet marketing, Integrated marketing communication and its tools in off-line but especially in on-line environment. For better understading the context of the topic the Czech glass industry is presented and the reader is apprized with the situation of the company Preciosa Lighting. In the practical part there are research questions asked and the research method which is a case study, is explained. Qualitative research techniques were used for collecting data which were then analysed. Interviews with Preciosa Lighting's marketing department have provided key information that has been complemented by the observation of digital media and the materials provided by the company. Based on the analysis of these materials, the research questions were answered. In conclusion, the author comes up with a summary of the data obtained and a recommendation to improve some elements of marketing communication of Preciosa Lighting.

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