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Improvised tools in physics teaching
FIDLER, Ondřej
The thesis deals with methods of working with pupils using improvised experiments. At the beginning of the thesis, the theoretical background of teaching physics with teaching aids is presented. These theoretical principles are then tested by pupils in school practice with specific experiments. These experiments are included in the practical part, which is complemented by audiovisual documentation, detailed analysis and final self-reflection on the experiment. The conclusion discusses the results of these experiments and the methods used. Additionally, a questionnaire survey focused on the teacher's approach to physics teaching and the use of improvised aids before, during and after distance learning during the Covid-19 epidemic complements the thesis.
The problematics of the false beginner in French as a foreign language learning/teaching
Markalousová, Barbora ; Klinka, Tomáš (advisor) ; Biegel, Madeleine (referee)
This thesis will address the special problem of learning and teaching at the level of a false beginner in French. The text will be divided into two parts, a theoretical part and a practical part. In the theoretical part, we will define the specific term of false beginner, furthermore, we will classify it according to the language level in the European Framework of Reference and I will focus on several points of view on this issue. In the theoretical part we will also describe the learning process from the didactic perspective, from the psycholinguistic perspective and from the perspective of the functioning of the two hemispheres of our brain, in other words, from the neurolinguistic perspective. According to these perspectives, we suggest several types of exercises, games and various other activities that could be beneficial for a false beginner. In the practical part, I then analyse data from my survey, which focuses on students of French language courses at the "false beginner" level in the Czech Republic. The aim of the work was to define the false beginner with his/her characteristics, to classify him/her within the European Framework of Reference, and to find out how to work with him/her from a didactic point of view, and whether the work is similar to that with a real beginner or not, and...
Water in physics and physics in water
Breburdová, H. (2022): Water in physics and physics in water. Diploma thesis. České Budějovice: University of South Bohemiain České Budějovice, Faculty of Education. This diploma thesis focuses on research-based teaching and the creation of physics experiments fit for teaching physics at the lower-secondary level of education. The primary goal of this thesis is to suggest certain physics experiments that, while allowing the use of water, also explain the basic behaviour of liquids in physics. Furthermore, it aims to create a worksheet for realised research-based. The outputs of this are selected experiments and a worksheet of research-based teaching.
Alternativní metody a formy ve výuce zeměpisu 2. stupně základní školy na příkladu tematického celku "Přírodní sféry Země"
The main aim of the thesis is the practical realization of the educational activities within the curriculum of geography at the secondary school created by the author and based on methods that can be considered less frequent or alternative. The thematic units in question are mainly the physico-geographical spheres of the Earth, which are usually part of "RVP ZV" and most "SVP's" documents created for the 6th grade of secondary schools. In the theoretical part the selected alternative methods from metodology literature are compiled, described and evaluated and then transferred into practice and reflected in the practical part by SWOT analys method. The concrete designed teaching units are realized by the author in the 6th grade of the secondary school in Pribyslav. In the thesis there is also a study about the classifying of the topic of "the physico-geographical spheres of the Earth" in curricular documents and a survey of implementation of geography teaching at the secondary school.
Problém zvaný "Automobil"
The aim of the work is to process the methodological and didactic preparation of the topic for teaching within the subject Citizenship Education at elementary school against the background of problems related to the cars. The methods used in this work will be: heuristics, comparisons and compilations from professional literature and data sources, an attempt to analyze problems. In the methodological-didactic (practical) part, the observance of methodical and didactic principles of teaching. During the evaluation, the author will assess the issue of the cars in the FEP ZV (Framework Education Programme for Primary Schools). The diploma thesis will be usable as a supplementary material for teaching the topic within the OV at the elementary school. This will be helped by a brief presentation of the work in PowerPoint, which will be part of the work in its Attachments.
Critical Points in Teaching German
This diploma thesis deals with critical points of German language teaching in primary and secondary schools. The first part of the thesis is focused on the researched issues from a theoretical point of view and presents the foreign languages didactics. It further describes the German language framework educational program and related concepts that can help to understand and facilitate the solution of critical points in German language teaching. The second part presents the evaluation and analysis of 25 questionnaires obtained from the IPUP KA7 project (Innovation of teacher training for practice, CZ.02.3.68 / 0.0 / 0.0 / 16_038 / 0006960). This survey was focused on the identification of critical points from the perspective of German language teachers at primary and secondary schools. Four of these critical points are analyzed in more detail and accompanied by motivational exercises that can simplify them for teachers and students as well.
Finding out the level of pupils' gymnastic movement skills at the second level of primary school
This graduation thesis deals with the research, which determines the level of gymnastic skills of pupils of the elementary school. The first part of the thesis deals with theoretical knowledge about gymnastics, physical abilities and skills, physical education, didactics of gymnastics in physical education at schools and gymnastics in the education system. In the second part of the thesis, the author focuses on empirical research. Four grammar schools in Tábor and one hundred pupils evaluated were included in the survey. The research sample consists of the ninght year male students. The level of gymnastics of the pupils at selected elementary schools was measured by the level of performace of six gymnastic elements, selected by the author of this paper. The performance was evaluated using a five-step rating scale. The data were further processed using descriptive statistics and they were compared with the results of another paper on the same topic in the town of Písek.
To the methodology of teaching history of Holocaust at Primary schools with didactically modified text and iconographic sources
HOŠKOVÁ, Michaela
This thesis called "To the methodology of teaching history of Holocaust at Primary schools with didactically modified text and iconographic sources" is taking into account the relationships between the newest history findings considering the holocaust topic. It is dealing with their topic range and reflexion in the school materials for the secondary school students in the context of the Framework Education Programme. The thesis gives detailed didactic analyses of the topic including the options of the excursion education and compilation of the particular selection of the didactically modified texts and iconographic sources with methodic commentary.
Examining the quality of teaching psychology in secondary schools based on the method 3A
The diploma thesis is focused on the issue of the quality of teaching psychology at secondary schools. The work is devided into two parts. The introduction to the theoretical part of the work is devoted to the introduction of didactics of psychology and it's basic principles, on which is based as constructivism and communication concept of didactics. Other chapters focus on the characteristics of teaching psychology at secondary schools only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia. The content of the practical part includes two teaching situations, from which two didactic case studies where created by using 3A procedure. The result of the application of this qualitative method is an insight into the teaching of psychology, which can evaluate its quality on the basis of integrity three layers (thematic, conceptual, competence) within the so-called model of in-depth structure of teaching. Alternative approaches are possible to improve the quality of teaching. Focus on fulfilling the goals of teaching psychology, psychological literacy.
Lower secondary school media education: Reflections on available programs and design of new lessons
Čechová, Daniela ; Dvořáková, Michaela (advisor) ; Samek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the present diploma thesis is to focus on teaching aspects of media education. In the first chapter it defines the term media literacy, presents the conception of this concept by different educational institutions in the international context and compares them with each other. In the next chapter, the Czech concept is introduced and compared with the previous ones. Space is also devoted to the topic of media education, media pedagogy and media andragogy. It is followed by a section dealing with the situation of media literacy in Czech schools in the light of surveys conducted, which focuses on their conclusions. In the next part, the thesis maps the didactic foundations for teaching media education, focusing on two projects dedicated to it. It presents their introduction and compares two specific programmes. It also presents an overview of several other projects that offer didactic support to teachers in teaching media education. On the basis of the identified gaps in the Czech concept of media education, a lesson designed for upper elementary pupils is proposed. The theme of the proposed teaching approach is based on the broader international concept of UNESCO and deals with news values. Thus, it complements the presented didactic materials for teaching media education. The designed...

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